Emily's Story

Emily before.



Emily, one month later.



Emily had baby eczema on her cheeks and neck. In the first picture to the right you can see angry red bumps on her cheeks. My wife and I were desperate to help her and I put my training in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to use. In the second picture, one month later, after using our inspired creation, her skin is clear. The rest is history.


Before & After Gallery




Baby Acne in Newborn Soothed

“I wanted to write to let you know how happy we are with your product. Our newborn son Camden had flawless skin when he was born. At about 5 weeks he began to develop some baby acne on his face. Soon thereafter the acne began to dry out and his skin became extremely dry and flaky (with almost a crust forming in some areas). In addition, he would suck on his hands and rub them on his face, making his cheeks and chin very chapped and red. I grew very concerned because I knew that because he was a newborn I was limited to what products I could use (products with harmful chemicals, fragrance, etc). I was worried that the condition was uncomfortable for him, and we were desperate to correct it. I was introduced to “Emily” and was relieved that the product was all natural. Within a week of twice daily applications, his skin improved dramatically. Everyone who had seen him before commented on how much it had improved. Because he was born in winter, and the air is so dry in our home, I continue to apply it as a preventative measure. Camden also seems to find the application soothing! As a new parent, I didn’t think I had an option to safely treat a skin condition on our infant son. I had been advised by other mothers that because their (babies’) skin is so sensitive, you have to let a condition like his run its course. I am extremely grateful that we discovered “Emily” and would highly recommend it to others!”

-- Patricia M., Project Manager

Toddler Eczema Unresponsive to Many Products

“My son has had eczema since birth, it covered about 70% of his body. As he grew into a toddler he was constantly itchy. We used products to help control the itch and try to give him some relief. Every product we use did little for him. We had tried ...(4 big brand creams) ..., Petroleum jelly, hydrocortisone and ...(OTC allergy medicine)... daily. We began using Emily’s Skin Soother Salve and soap and instantly (within 2 days) noticed results. The eczema we were trying to clear up for 18 months was gone in 2 weeks. We now monitor his skin, we use the soap daily and salve when areas begin to reappear. Our son is much happier now-what a difference!”

– Amy G., Software Consultant

Extremely Awful Case of Eczema--Such a Difference!!

“My daughter from birth had a extremely awful case of eczema. Olivia's face was extremely sensitive, it was constantly red and raw. I tried many different products that didn't seem to have much effect. My mother was watching the news one night and heard about "Emily's Cream". We decided to give it a try. Four years later we are still using the cream, ( both the regular and lavender). It has made such a difference in our lives and i would recommend this product to any one! I recently got a tattoo and have been using myself on the tattoo. It is an amazing product and i am so thankful for it!!!!!!............... Thanks Again A Very Happy Mom!”

– Shannon Burke

Toddler's Painful Itchy Eczema Clear After Emily

“My son has had eczema since he was a small baby. It was pretty bad for his first year or so and then seemed to go away. Soon after his second birthday, he started cutting his two year molars and the eczema came back full force on the back of his legs, and a little on his arms and face. It was bad enough that I had people asking him if he had been injured. We went on a trip out of the country for a few weeks and by the time we got back he was in horrible condition. I didn't expect anything to get rid of it, but I just wanted some relief for his dry, itchy, painful skin and nothing seemed to be working.

I went onto a message board where moms discuss natural solutions to ailments and things around the home. I saw a post where someone asking about solutions to childhood eczema and they suggested Emily Skin Soothers products and told a bit about the background of your company. I knew I had to try it and ordered some that night.

Within a few days of using the product, my son's skin was much smoother and he was not constantly scratching behind his leg. He was also no longer getting up in the middle of the night from the discomfort. I was so happy to see that my baby was no longer in pain! It stayed red for a while, only because the skin was healing, but after about a month his skin was normal again!

I can't thank you enough for creating this product and helping my child!”

– Chantal R.

Emily Helps baby Acne in Just 4 Days (not weeks or months)

“My 7-wk old daughter developed baby acne. Her doctor told me that there is nothing that we could do but to just wait until it goes away (which could take weeks or even months). I wasn't just going to sit at home and do nothing about it. So I went online and searched for baby acne treatment. I came across Emily's product review. I thought I should give it a try and see it if works. And I am thankful because it really works. It's a miracle! I've only been using it for 4 days and my daughter's face has cleared up. I already recommended it to family and friends.”

– Maureen C.

Lesion and Rash Helped by Furry Friend in Days

“I used the product for a skin rash on my Labrador's front leg. The rash started as a small lesion and spread to about 2 inches around. The fur in the area had fallen out and the rash looked open and sore. I applied antibacterial ointment to prevent infection, but it did not assist in healing. My vet had recommended this product and gave me a sample to try. Within 3 or 4 days of 2 apps/day, results were noticed. The rash began to shrink and heal. about 4 days after that, the fur began to grow back. Now approximately 4 weeks later it is just about fully healed. I must admit, however, I have reduced applications to once every other day for the last week or so. Overall, the product seemed to work great and it contained no harmful ingredients, which gave me piece of mind when my dog tried to lick it off. I probably would have had even better results if I wrapped it also. ”

– Mike DeLisio

6 Wk Old with Severe Itchy Eczema Better in 3 Days with Emily

“I just want to say how impressed I am with your product. My son Dex developed both baby acne and eczema due to formula intolerance at 6 weeks old. His whole face broke out in a rash, it looked and felt like sandpaper. He would scratch his face at night in his crib and was miserable. A friend of mine suggested your Emily cream, having used it on her daughter. I bought the cream and used it twice a day and Im not kidding within 3 days it was completely gone! I can not believe how fast and how amazing this product works. If any moms out there need something for their little ones, this is the only thing you will ever need! Thank you so much.”

– Julie F.

Infant with Seborrhea — 80–90% Improvement in Just 4 Days — Amazing.

“Our newborn infant son developed what we thought was baby acne at around day 10. When his skin condition developed pussiness and scabs and moved from his forehead to his eyelids and the area under his eyes and on the bridge of his nose, we became concerned and went to see the pediatrician. The physician's assistant diagnosed it as "seborrhea dermatitis"; the pediatrician concurred. The prescribed cure was "time" ("a few weeks and it should get better") and a daily gentle cleansing with Selsun Blue (for its active ingredient of Selenium Sulfate). Our son looked really bad but we were concerned with the detergents and chemicals in Selsun Blue so we sought out some other gentler, more "natural" product. We contacted the folks at Emily's and had a long conversation about the likelihood that something in the breast milk was causing an adverse reaction resulting in the skin condition. We decided that my wife would eliminate wheat to see if that would help. After hearing their reasoned view, we also opted to try Emily's Diaper Skin Soother Plus. We tried it at first on a tiny thumb-sized spot on his forehead. After a day, it seemed improved on that small area. The next day we slightly expanded the area; amazingly, as the photos attest, there was an 80-90% overall improvement within four days. Just amazing. Within a week it was virtually gone. At this point, as our son is 23 days young, my wife has gone back to eating some wheat while we have continued an every other day application of Emily's. It is obvious to us that the ingredients in the Emily's product helped restore a natural ph balance or something to the skin. We are very grateful for the time they spent talking with us but especially for the great product. It is sunflower oil, beeswax and four herbs. Nothing else. Amazing. We are so glad we didn't go the Selsun Blue route and have to wait weeks for possible results while subjecting our son's still developing organs to too many chemicals and detergents. This was a great experience for us. I've already gone back to Cambridge Naturals and told the general manager the story and plan to let the pediatrician's office at Harvard Vanguard know, as well. I hope lots of families get to hear this story and can find great, safe relief for their baby with Emily's.”

– Steve Bzomowski

Emily Soothes and Smooths Dry, Red, Itchy Bumps on 5 Month Old's Skin


“My 5 month old son had very dry skin. His face would get very dry, red and itchy. He also had redness behind both knees. He had very dry bumps all over his body. I had tried various types of creams/powders and nothing seemed to help. I started using emily baby & adult skin soother several times a day on his skin and I noticed a huge difference. The redness disappeared and he doesn't scratch at it as much. His skin is much smoother. I am so happy to find an all natural product that works so well on babies. Thank you so much! ”

– Stephanie Ulinski

Severe Neck Eczema Due to Teething Much Better in 4 Days

“My son had quite bad eczema under his chin and on his neck due to teething. I had been using 1% cortisone cream with little success so i started looking online for natural products that help with eczema and I came across Emily Skin Soother. I'm so glad I ordered some, after two days my sons eczema had gone from angry red to light pink and by day four the eczema was almost gone! He still gets a flair up when he is cutting a tooth but the Emily Skin Soother stops him from scratching and as soon as it's thru the eczema goes again. He has even started sleeping thru the night! What a fantastic product! Thanks so so much. I have attached a before photo and a photo taken four days after using Emily Skin Soother. Thanks again. ”

– Olivia Gregor (South Australia)

Hot, Itchy Rash in Elbow Clears in Just 5 Days

“My arm broke out in a rash that was very red and itchy. I was pretty sure it wasn't poison ivy. A friend of mine is a nurse, knowledgeable about rashes, and supports holistic healing so I asked her about it. This was on a Friday. She said, you probably need a steroid cream and that comes from a doctor. Rather than go to a doctor, I went to People's Pharmacy, one of my favorite stores because of their offerings and FABULOUS customer service. The person who helped me asked if I had seen a doctor and probably needed a cortisone cream. Don't you have anything that could maybe help it, Iasked? She said, you can try this stuff that works like a miracle. It was Emily's Skin Soother. I started using Emily's on Saturday. It had already started improving by Monday and I was so impressed with my progress, I decided to take the picture. The before picture was taken on a Monday. The after picture was taken ONE WEEK after I started using Emily's Skin Soother! It IS like a miracle!! I am grateful and very excited about what this cream can do for people. Thank you Emily and Emily's dad for this wonderful "miracle-like" cream and People's Pharmacy! ”

– Kim P.

3 month old with severe eczema better with diaper plus

“I wasn't sure how to submit my story on your website so I am writing you to say thank you. My 3 month old little boy has had severe, I mean severe, eczema for about a month now. I have spent so much money on products and nothing has worked. I am a very organic and natural product person but it was so bad that I even tried Aquaphor and a cream from his pediatrician, I was desperate. He has it all over his body, in his scalp, his cheeks (they almost look like they would be bleeding), ears, arms, legs, chest, just everywhere. He used to sleep through the night, until the eczema flared. He used to nap great during the day, until the ezcema flared. At night, he would just be itching his scalp and couldn't fall asleep.....it was truly so hard to see a little baby go through that and feel so helpless! I went to Native Sun in Jacksonville, FL and asked for help. I purchased the diaper cream, amoungst other products they had, and thought it was a little strange they recommended diaper cream but again, I was desperate so I purchased it. I am writing you because I feel it is a miracle cream!!!! He looks like a totally different baby! It is truly shocking! I have only used it on him for a day (multiple applications) and it is amazing how it has disappeared. His scalp is completely cleared and his cheeks are barely pink. If you want to use my testimony for your website, I can also email you pictures for the before and after. Thank you for taking the time to create this wonderful product and do so by using NATURAL items! I could hug you!!!!

I will be that person on babycenter.com today spreading the word about my experience. I know how helpless I felt with his ezcema and want to help any other mothers who don't know about your products. THANK YOU!!!”

– Nikki O.

Buster's Story--Dry, Itchy Yeasty Skin on Dog Much Better with Furry Friend Soother

“My Dog Buster suffers from a skin condition. I have been told that it's yeast. We have spent so much money on vet visits and prescription shampoos. It works for a while then he gets the dry itchy patches all over his body again. I had purchased a jar of the lavender Emily Skin Soother a while ago and started using it on him. I figured it couldn't hurt him. Buster would just lay there when I was rubbing it onto his skin. I'm sure it felt really good. His skin was looking so much better. I was running out of the lavender so I purchased the Furry Friends and the Liquid soap. Since I started bathing him with the soap and applying the Furry friends his skin has been doing so much better. Thank you for making this for animals. ”

– Michele Edelstein

Red, Itchy Painful Eczema in 6 Month Old Dramatically Better in One Week

“My 6 months old daughter started having eczema, itchy skin and red rash when she was only 2 months. It started on her face and rapidly spreaded to mainly all her little body, arms, back, torso, armpits, legs, shoulders... She was in pain and so uncomfortable. She started scratching at the age of 3 months. Her dermatologist was astonished! For that momento, her body was red, itchy and so painful to see for a mother. I had to do something! I started appling on her all the stuffs you can imagine. From the typical emollients for atopic dermatitis and dry skin to margarine! Yes, I applied margarine to her body. I was desperate... so I started looking for something, I didn't know exactly what, on the internet, and I found a blog where a mother had written about all the creams she had bought for her daugther. She said Emily Skin Soother was the only cream that had improved her daughter's skin so I decided to give a try and I ordered some Baby & Adult Skin Soother jars, a bottle of liquid soap and a jar of Diaper Skin Soother. By the way, it arrived soooo fast! And it was a transocenic order!
The first thing I noticed was its special smell. I LOVE IT. It's just special, marvellous and addictive. I hate the parfums and fragances they put on all the stuffs, shampoos, shower gels, cosmetic creams... Even the products labelled as "No fragance" have a chemical smell that I hate. So this natural and fresh smell is like see breeze for me.

Afterwards, a week since I started using the creams (I started applying only the Baby & Adult Skin Soother and some days after I started to combine both in some parts of her body as her armpits, back and her double chin) I noticed it was improving a lot. It wasn't red any more and her skin was starting to look much better. She was sleeping better too. I was so happy!! Also my baby. I use the liquid soap for the bath also, I think it smooths her skin a lot. My other daughter, who is 4 years, uses it too. I like to use natural and effective products on my daughters. Today I have started applying the Baby & Adult Skin Soother in her too (I have noticed that she has some eczema behind her knees, she was free from this disease till she was a baby but she's perhaps jealous in some way and her body expreses it in a strange way)
Yesterday I reorder some more jars. I think these products are one of the best creams I have ever tried, both for my kids and for me.”

– Naiara L.

Infant with Eczema and Baby Acne Better in Just a Few Weeks

“My month-old daughter was born in the frigid Boston winter and developed a really nasty case of both baby acne and baby eczema. Her skin was bumpy, flaky and very red and dry. I found out about the Emily line of skin balms through research and reviews online, and decided to try it out, since it seemed to be the most natural remedy available. The redness cleared up almost immediately, and about a week later her skin was much less bumpy and rough. After three weeks, her skin is porcelain-like again. I highly recommend the Baby & Adult Skin Soother for babies during the winter months, and for parents with dry hands, elbows and other susceptible bits! I am looking forward to trying out the rest of the Emily line. Thank you for an amazing product”

– D.M.

8 Week Old With Eczema and Baby Acne Better Overnight

“For the past 3 weeks my 8 week old daughter has been suffering from a combination of severe baby acne as well as patches of eczema covering her entire face. It wws heartbreaking to see her like this. Doctors advice was to wait it out and if needed, he would perscribe steroid cream. I was not going to subject her beautiful baby skin to such harsh chemicals. So began my internet search. I came across MANY products that claimed to be the miracle cure. But something about Emily Skin Soothers drew me in. It seemed like an honest business and I had seen many testitimonials on various forums that raved about the products. I ordered the adult and baby skin soother (unscented) and recieved my order in 5 business days (in canada). Very impressive. I applied the product approx 5-6 times on Tuesday and woke up Thursday morning to a new baby.. my baby. The one with the beautiful porcelin skin. What a relief!! And I did not have to feel guilty about it since the product is truely all natural. I am so thrilled that I managed to find your website in my search and plan to spread the word amongst other moms who I know are desperate to find a remedy for skin conditions such as these. Especially one that really works!! Thank you for doing what you do and sharing your invention and love with world. You are my daughters hero!! Happy Mom! :)”

– Tara M., Mom of 2

Eczema Since Birth, Gets Unimagineable Results from Emily Diaper Plus

“My son has battled excema since he... was born. Mostly getting it on the bend of his knees and elbows. He also gets it on his stomach when it's hot. Doctors prescribed different steroids which only got rid of the itching. I hated hearing my baby cry because his legs hurt from the inflammation. After only three applications of the diaper soothing cream the results were far more than I could have ever imagined!!! I am so happy I found your product and will never use anything else to sooth my babies skin. Please post these so people can see how your product is changing lives.”

– Lindsay Jackson

Baby Acne Better in 1 Day with Emily

“Thank you so much for your product!! My daughter developed baby acne at 3wks old and I googled what would help I saw your product and decided to try it. Glad I did because she was acne free after 1 day. I was so impressed I ordered the soap and diaper soother!!I would highly recommend Emily skin soother!”

– Andrea C.

UK Acupuncturist Uses Hot and Unscented Soother on Her Own Prickly Heat Rash

“I developed a prickly heat rash during a hot couple of weeks in July in the UK. This was not unusual as I'm prone to developing rashes during hot weather. I had recently received the new HOT ESS and tried it out. I used the HOT for 2/3 days which immediately stopped the itching and calmed the rash down. The rash then became quite dry and I then switched to the Adult/Baby skin soother which I had used in the past for my ezcema which cleared the rash up completely.”

– C.S., Acupuncturist

Dry, Itching Doggy Better with Furry Friend

“This is my dog, Cricket, she had a tough time this summer with dry skin, this soother is just what she needed. I apply it every night and the itching has ceased. She's smoother than ever now!! It's been great on my own elbows too. Thanks so much!!”

– Emily Craven

Extremely Cracked Hands Better with Emily Soap

“After birth in 2012 I started to develop a rash on my hands which doctor said it was eczema since I have asthma, I was treated with steroid creams, the itching didn't stop it actually got worse than my fingers tips were getting cracked breaking my skin to the point I bleed, it was the worse time of my life as I was trying to deal with my first child and I wasn't able to use my hands. I went to specialist to dermatology, I did the allgery test the patch testing I did everything to help myself I won't mention all the creams and home remedy treatment I used because I won't finish today but I will tell you what helped me a lot. So than I went to Whole Food and ask someone to help get the best soap for my hands they looked at my hands and recommended me the Emily Soap, the employee was very well inform of the soap which gave me HOPE that it would work. When I got home I tried the soap right away, and I have to say the FIRST day after washing my hands I felt a relief and I notice right away that the redness wasn't that red, as days pass I continue doing what my doctor told me and using the soap for my shower too, the redness went away in a week it started to fade away, I LOVE this soap!! Am so happy I came across this soap, thank you for making it work!!!”

– Evelyn S.

Toddler with 23 Months Facial Eczema Noticeably Better in 3 Days

“My 23 month old son had facial eczema from birth. It would be red,bumpy, and itchy. We used all sorts of creams, cut his nails, saw many doctors, found out food allergies but it still persisted. I used the Emily's diaper soother on his cheek for three days and now besides a few previous scratches his eczema is barely noticeable. I apply it two to three times when at times I was applying other lotion 10-15 times a day. I'm impressed! ”

– Jessica S.

Emily Heals a Mom's Broken Heart After Months of MDs and Medicines

“I found Emily's Skin Soothers online after months of doctors appointments and medicines. I was desperate. I couldn't find a store here where I lived, and ordering it online would have taken more time so me and my family drove 3hours to L.A. where an Acupuncturist had 3 left. We got them that day and saw results within 30 minutes. Its been one year and my daughter is 100% better. I thank God for this product everyday. It healed my broken heart after a pretty rough time!”

– Sylvia Garcia

Facial Wart Disappears Using Diaper and Lavender Soothers

“My facial wart disappeared with the Emily Cream!I don't know where to start, but I have to say that this Emily Cream is amazing!! For some reason, I started to get a wart on middle of my forehead one day and it started to get bigger and bigger. It was so ugly and embarrassing, and makeup couldn't cover it. I guessed that I'd have to go to a doctor and surgically remove the wart. Then at the same time, my daughter was getting a bad itch on her back every night, and I was looking for a remedy. This is when I met Chi and she introduced me with the Emily Cream. I applied it to my daughter's back every night and the itch and redness got better and better steadily.
Then I tried the cream on my facial wart and next morning I noticed that it is little flatter to my surprise. I continued to apply the cream for the next few weeks as an experiment because each day I could tell it is smaller and smaller! It only took about a month to completely disappear. This cream avoided me to have an expensive surgery and more importantly naturally killed my wart without scar. I am very pleased and since then recommending this cream to everyone to any kind of skin condition. I am more than thankful. Thanks so much!!”

– Chiaki Tomii

Sensitive Skinned Dogs Don't Itch with Furry Friend Shampoo

“My two dogs Mochi and Mocha have very sensitive skins, and I've been looking for the right shampoos for them. As a doctor of oriental medicine, I want to find something as natural as possible. Lucky I've found this "Furry Friend Pet Shampoo" from Emily Skin Soothers. Because we have tried so many different ones (like baby shampoos, oatmeal shampoos, or hypoallergenic ones, and etc.), as soon as the first time they used this shampoo, the groomer and I noticed the differences right away. Before they scratched and licking all over their bodies for quite a few days after shower, but this time they came back so calm and happy. They didn't scratch, and didn't seem to have any itchiness like before. They are just happy campers!! Their hair/fur feels so soft and silky, and the smell is very natural and gentle (no artificial or chemical smells). My groomer is also very impressed with this shampoo, so she asked me to order some more for her. I'm so happy I've found the perfect shampoo for my furry babies! Thank you Mike for creating all of your wonderful and amazing products!!!”

– Charlie Chuang, DAOM, L.AC.

Years of Psoriasis Untouched by Meds, Less Itchy, Smoother and Wearing Shorts in 3 Days with Emily

“My husband has suffered with psoriasis for many years. He has gone through his share of chemical medications that have never given him any relief. I came across Emily's site in my search for something that would help. I asked a few questions and placed an order for 3 samples. We saw an immediate difference in his skin. Day 2 his skin was not as itchy and felt smoother to the touch. Day three redness and scaly skin has diminished so much he is wearing shorts again! finally! We found what works and it's not full of chemicals. I am an Emily lifer! Thanks for creating a natural product that is life changing!!!!!! ”

– Theresa Nichols, Business banker

Scratching and Bleeding in Sleep from Eczema--Finally Relief


“I rarely recommend any product, but I can not rave enough about how wonderful this all natural product is! Poor Clay's eczema was getting worse...nothing was working. He was scratching his head in his sleep to the point of bleeding. The pediatrician suggested ...two OTC creams..., neither worked. I researched products on line and this one came highly recommended on many mommy blogs! I placed my order after many hours of reading several positive reviews on google, amazon, and personal blog pages. Not even 15 minutes later I received an email letting me know my order had shipped. I told my friends then that if the product was as good as the customer service, I would be completely satisfied. Well, the pictures speak for themselves and the before doesn't show how bad the patches really were! This product and company is a God send! Thank you Mike for being a concerned parent and creating something that works. Also, thank you for the friendly personal customer service! If you or anyone you know suffers from any skin ailments, visit them and give them a chance, you won't be sorry!”

– Rachelle Henderson Dennis

Infant with Facial Eczema, Red, Dry Scales Better in Hours with Emily


“I bought the I scented baby and adult skin soother. I am so happy about this product. My baby is 5 weeks old and had terrible eczema all over her face. Extremely red and dry scales all over. Within 3 hours of putting the soother on her face the redness was completely gone! Her face is getting softer and some of the dry scales are falling off. I can imagine that her face will be completely healed within the next couple of days! I will definitely recommend this product!”

– Tammy Souphanthong

Eczema Bumps and Marks Disappearing After Years of Steroids Didn't Work

“My daughter was born with eczema some days where better then others but as she kept getting older and started playing soccer it kept getting worst the Dr's would give her steroid's but nothing seem to work. I was on Facebook one day and ran across Emily's page when I saw all the good feed back I thought that I would give it a try. When I received Emily's skin soother and the bar soap it took just 2 days to notice the difference in my daughters skin, her skin is now smoother and bump free and as we keep apply the product her marks are starting to disappear.”

– Barbara Thomas, Branch Manager

Infant with Facial Rash Better in Days with Lavender and Bar Soap

“When my daughter was 2 months old she had a really bad rash all over her face and I tried A------r and A----o recommended by her doctor and they just didn't seem to be doing anything for her and i researched online and found your website and seen all the wonderful testimonials and thought i could give it a shot. When i first received the trial container from you guys I immediately received results in just a couple of days! So i went ahead and bought the soap bar and lavendar to keep using it and I was so relieved to see her beautiful skin underneath and her not in pain from the rash!! so thank you tremendously for this wonderful product that I will continue to use forever!!”

– Amanda Petersen

After 19 Months of Eczema, Finally Cleared Up by Using Emily Diaper Plus

“I really want to thank The Emily Skin Soother's team for their great products. My 20 months old baby Hans, is finally eczema free, I use your soap to bathe him and the Diaper Skin Soother on his face and it has worked perfectly! For the first time in 19 months I can see his face without eczema. I took about a month almost 2 to clear it up and now I just put it on his face once a day to keep him moist. Thank you so very much! Keep on the good work.”

– Yakaly Di Roma, Master degree in Arts - Photographer

Dry, Scratched, Cut Forehead So Much Better in a Few Days with Emily Products

“Ever since my daughter was really little she had dry skin. It slowly went away as she got a little older, besides her dry and red/irritated forehead and head. It seemed to keep getting worse, after trying several products and some advice after doing some research. She would scratch it and would leave cut marks all over her forehead and head. I had been eyeing Emily's Skin Soothers ever since it popped into my newsfeed one day, but I was skeptical. After having enough of nothing really helping I decided to buy the sample size. I used the Skin Soother on her forehead/head and just a few hours later could already see a difference. I continued to use it once a day for a few days, and it looked SO much better within just those few days. I now only use a tiny bit after bath time or if it's getting a little dry. Her head is now clear, not red and irritated or flaky and she is no longer scratching at it. I'm VERY impressed and regret not trying it out as soon as I saw it and read everyone else's reviews. I highly recommend this to anyone who has any sort of dry skin, I think you'll be impressed too!”

– Carla S.

Emily Diaper Plus and Soap Do Wonders on Red, Inflamed Itchy Skin

“I'm so happy I randomly found your page on Facebook! My father discovered you after doing weeks of research. He spoke to you often on the phone (if you are Emily's father who is reading this) and we tried a sample from you which worked WONDERS on my daughter's red, inflamed, itchy skin. We then bought the large jar from you and I couldn't be more pleased. We use it on Ellie every day which keeps her itchy, dry skin at bay. Here are a few photos to show you her progress! Thank you so much for creating an organic, safe, and all natural cream for all of the little babies out there who need it. No chemicals equals happy parents!”

– Alyssa H

Finally Off Antihistamines for Severe Allergies and Horrible Eczema With Help of Emily Productsk

“My son who has anaphylactic food allergies had horrible eczema since we introduced solids. After months of using steroids and elimination diet it still kept coming back. I read online reviews on the Emily skin soothers so decided to give a try. I first ordered the diaper plus , it worked but he was still quite itchy on the face although his neck eczema was healed. So I bought the soap and used it with the diaper plus and within a few days his itching became less and his cheeks are calm and not hot red and itchy. It has been 2 weeks using both soap and salve and for the first time in 10 months I didn't use antihistamines for 5 days. Of course he gets flared up from food but nothing as before. He is a happy and normal boy I'm less stressed. God bless you for making such wonderful products , an answer to my prayers.”

– Hira Ammar

Steroids Didn't Help Much, Emily Diaper Plus Did

“My 8 month old had been suffering from eczema (mostly on his face and hands) for months. I tried so many moisturizers and products recommended by friends and co-workers, but none seemed to work and the cold winter months just seemed to make it worse. I got desperate and took him into the dermatologist in hopes of getting it under control as it was beginning to get infected. The dermatologist prescribed a steroid. I wasn't happy about using something so harsh but I didn't think anything else would work and I was fed up with spending money on so many products that weren't working for him. I used the steroid for 3 weeks and it only helped so much and he'd still get random flare ups. I decided to try Emily Skin Soothers and after 2.5 weeks, the improvement what so wonderful. His skin wasn't open and cracked anymore and the redness had subsided. This product was recommended to me by a nurse who also didn't want to use a steroid on her son and she saw amazing results as well. I'm so thankful to have found something that worked on my son that is natural. Thank you so much!”

– Sarah S.

Severe, Red, Hot Baby Acne Better with Diaper Plus from Emily

“Thank you Emily Skin Soothers. Cedar was born with extremely acne covered cheeks. Doctors said it was the hormones I had to get shots every week for preventing pre term labor. We tried everything. It was red, hot, and clearly uncomfortable for him. We are so grateful for Emilys products. This is about a 2 month progression. Some days we are too rushed to lather up, other days we moisturize his sweet baby soft skin several times, there is no other product I would ever use. We found our go to products. Thanks again Emily and fam, blessings”

– Chandra Dee

Red, Bumpy Rash on Infant's Face Better in 1 Week with Emily Products

“I just wanted to take a moment to express my love for this product. After watching my baby's face get worse and worse in a matter of a week, I went searching the internet for natural remedies before calling the pediatrician for a prescription. I found some before and after photos of babies who used Emilys and the natural ingredients sold me on this product. I sent my husband to buy it that same day and after 1 week we have had MUCH improvement with this product! I have made 2 more purchases on zulily this weekend! Thank you!!”

– Dottie Calim

Baby Acne Starts to Clear in Just 2 Days

“Shout out to Emily Skin Soothers, your products rock and I'm grateful to have them to offer to my patients. The 'before' pictures on the left show the spreading baby acne and the 'after' picture on the right shows a huge improvement after only 2 weeks. After only 2 days the acne stopped spreading and started to clear.”

– Posted to our Facebook page by: Inside Out Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Red Cheeks from Asthma and Eczema Gone with Emily Products

“Thank you! My son had some red marks on his cheeks last year. After visiting 3 different dermatologists they all gave is different answers. After hours of web research I came to the conclusion that it was eczema that flares up with asthma. After months of using Emily skin soothers I am happy to say the red is gone and he is much less itchy!”

– Lauren Anne

Burn Much Better in One Week with Emily Diaper Plus


“I already use Emily diaper plus for my son's eczema so I was aware of its healing properties. This time around I treated my burn with it. The burning and pain immediately stopped and after a week it was completely healed. The best salve ever.”

– Hira Ammar

Severe Eczema: Other Creams Made Him Cry. Emily's Brought Relief

“Hi, here are some before and after pics as promised of my son. We started using the bar soap and the Baby and Adult Skin Soother regularly after we cleared up the severe eczema with the Diaper Skin Soother. Other creams promised for eczema just made him cry in pain. The first time we used Emily's brought immediate relief! Thanks so much for this amazing product!”

– Nichole D

Infant with Baby Acne Much Better in 5 Days with Diaper Plus

“My newborn Josias began developing what the pediatrician blew off as neonatal acne, around his 1st month. At first it wasn't bad, but then it spread over his face, neck, and back. The bumps were red and some did look like itty bitty pimples. However, he had what appeared to be cradle cap as well, and as the bumps spread across his face, the condition on his body began looking similiar to that in his scalp. I am convinced he had cradle cap period, which can develop on other parts of the body as well as the scalp. On a quest to find a natural and safe remedy, I somehow came across this website while reading a blog. I reviewed the many testimonials; the before and after photos are what sold me. So I purchased the 3 bottle sampler and the handcrafted bar soap. I use the soap to wash him in the morning or afternoon, then apply the ointment afterward. I also apply the ointment at night. After using the product for about 4-5 days, his bumps have cleared significantly. He still has some peeling and his skin is now blotchy from that, but a whole lot better. I will continue to use this product until his skin has healed completely. I plan to order a normal size of the Diaper Skin Soother, which I used on his skin, within the next week or so. I am also using the soap and Baby & Adult Skin Soother on myself for facial skin problems and will keep you posted on that. Thank you for this product, I will refer others.”

– Tylesha "Tye" Allen, Moreno Valley, CA

3 Yr Old with Severe Flare of Eczema, Mom Amazed at Results in 4 Days with Emily

“My 3 year old daughter has had eczema her whole life, but this last flare up was the worst yet. This time it was in her armpit and down her side. I came across Emily Skin Soothers and thought I'd try it out, especially since it's made with natural ingredients and my daughter has sensitive skin. I cannot express how truly amazed and impressed I am at the results! It's only been 4 days of using the Diaper Skin Soother Plus and her skin is mostly cleared up and she has stopped itching! Her skin had been flared up for over 2 weeks before I started using this and for it to be that dramatic of a change in just days is unbelievable. I will definitely make sure I always have stock of this in our house from now on. Thank you so much for making such an awesome product!”

– Dava Knight

Baby Acne, Eczema and Cradle Cap Dramatically Improved in 4 Days with EmilyCradle Cap Dramatically Improved in 4 Days with Emily


“This is my girl Ella, she developed baby acne that kept getting worse, cradle cap and some eczema. She also has had a red bottom since birth and red in all her skin folds on her neck and legs. I found your stuff online and I have been using it for 4 days and all I can say is I am AMAZED at how Ella's skin looks in just 4 days! I have told everyone I know about your products. I have been using the baby and adult skin soother along with the diaper skin soother plus. I just ordered the soap for her also and can't wait to start using that. I can't express how grateful I am to have found your products and to see how they have helped my baby!!”

– Michelle Lanthier

Awful Baby Acne Cleared in 1 Week with Diaper Plus

“My littlest baby was born with a newborn rash that leaded to an awful case of baby acne. As a momma, I hated it. I felt like people looked at her like she wasn't clean,or thought I didn't clean her. And if you didn't know, there's almost NOTHING you can safely use on a newborn for such skin conditions. I seen a Facebook picture shared of a baby with before and after pictures and it was AMAZING! I thought, I've got to try this for my sweet little one! All the reviews were AMAZING! So I gave it a try and boy am I glad I did! Her poor rough, red, flaky skin, that her momma hated so badly that she had on her pretty beautiful face, was COMPLETELY CLEARED WITHIN ONE WEEK! I keep telling everybody I see, "Look how beautiful her skin is now!" And they sure agree! So thank you, so much for this wonderful product and I ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS highly enough!! ”

– Leslie Hood

Red, Raw, Bumpy Rash in Infant's Face Much Better in Days Using Diaper Plus

“My daughter has eczema much like her two bigger sisters. I had got the diaper skin soother cream and after a week her skin was clear of angry red bumps! She had no more flare ups! So incredibly amazed and thankful for this product. I highly recommend.”

– Yliana C.

Infant's Eczema So Much Better in Weeks with Diaper Plus and Liquid Soap


“Absolutely love these products. We use the diaper skin soother plus and the liquid soap. My 3.5 month old has been dealing with eczema for about two months now. We have tried just about everything out there it seems. A friend of a friend told me about Emily and I am so glad she did. After using it for three weeks these are the results we are seeing(picture in comments)! Thank you for making such a wonderful and safe product for my baby girl!”

– Stephanie Gerhart‎

Results in 10 Days for baby Acne. Better than Any Other Creams Out There!

“My baby boy born 10-15-15 was a very healthy baby with clear clean baby soft skin and within a month we started to notice he had very, very sensitive skin. He started showing signs of baby acne and eczema all over his body, especially his face. We tried numerous creams including prescribed ointments from his doctor which did not work and all they had to say was it takes time, well it had already been a month with red irritated uncomfortable baby skin and with a newborn my time and worry was needed elsewhere, I wanted my soft cuddly newborn's skin back. Thank goodness I came across Emily's skin soothers! Within just a couple of days we noticed a huge difference and it was clearing up and withing a little over a week was almost unnoticeable! it works wonders on diaper rash and I have actually used it to help with hand foot and mouth (coxsackie), anyone who has dealt with hfm knows it is no fun! It helped with the itch and seemed to clear it up pretty quick! Being in daycare he is exposed to quite a bit- with that said little man now unfortunately has Molluscum contagiosum and the doctors say there is no true cure and can last for up to 4-6 years if I'm not careful. I am confident Emily's will assist with this horrible rash and continue to sooth his sensitive skin! We as a family will continue to use Emily's and I would recommend Emily's to anyone!”

– Kasey B

Heat Rash on Neck Better in 3 Days and Gone in 1 Week with Hot Skin Soother


“It would be easy to say that I'm biased towards Emily Skin Soothers products as I am a U.K. Retailer of the line. The reason I am though is because it works for me. I had a recent hot rash flare up whilst in the Caribbean but luckily I had some HOT on hand. Within 3 days the rash had settled down and after a week it was completely gone.”

– Caroline Simon

Red Rash on 7 Month Old's Neck Gone with Super Dry

“I bought a jar of Super Dry to try and take care of my 8 month old sons neck rash. I'm still not entirely sure what the rash was but we think teething brought it about. I applied the Super Dry 1-2 times per day for about a month and the rash is now totally gone! After about 3 days of use I could see a huge difference and it looked like it was starting to fade. I also really love the smell of this stuff, I loved kissing on my baby after it was on. Just a really clean, pleasant smell that I feel like you only get from natural oils & herbs. Overall I LOVE this stuff and will continue to order it to have on hand. :)”

– Stephanie Kesler

Rosacea for 20 Years, Tried Every Prescription with Result, Emily Helped in 3 Weeks

“Emily's Skin Soothers is our favorite new product in the office! This is a highly allergic patient who has been on every prescription on the market all they all made him worse! Most natural products we tried had no effect, 3 weeks of Emily's Skin Soothers has done what no product has been able to do in 20 years!”

– Christi Mendoza LAc, South Bay Total Health

Hot Skin Soother Quiets Wasp Sting in Minutes

“I got stung in the forearm by a wasp hiding in my front door wreath. It burned horribly. First I flushed it with warm salt water. Then I put on Emily's Hot Skin Soother. The redness went down in a couple minutes right before my eyes! I was impressed! Thank you Emily Skin Soothers!”

– Natalie Giusti, Licensed Acupuncturist

Nothing Would Help Baby's Eczema Except Steroids Until Mom Found Emily

“I'm still in awe of these products. I thought for sure there was nothing that could help my sons awful eczema besides steroids. The doctor wanted him on soy formula and steroids and I seriously did not want that for him. Especially the soy! So someone told me about these products and I was like well it's worth a shot. I want to cry with relief my sons eczema and horrendous cradle cap is gone! I started with Emily super dry skin soother exactly 1 week ago and instantly saw improvements! Now he's still has some skin discoloration that I pray doesn't scar left but that's it! It's getting better and better every single day. I'm now using it on my incredibly dry scalp and can't wait to see results! Just started it last night. If you're on the fence hop over it and quickly because this stuff will change your life!!”

– Katie Matai

Embarrassing Elbow Eczema on Teen Clear with Lavender Skin Soother

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you on behalf of my 17 year old son who has had red rashes on the inside of his elbows for a couple of years. He was mainly "suffering" psychologically because people would point it out and would even tell him it looked like he was shooting up drugs! And we all know how self conscious teenagers can become. We have tried many other options including a VERY expensive prescription cream (over $100 for 30g!!!) which actually made it worse in appearance.
I am so glad I found your site when I was so desperate to find a solution for my son and nothing else helped.


7 Months of Severe Eczema Better in 1 Week with Emily


“My son has had eczema for about 7 months now. I used all kinds of creams, lotions, antifungal cream, antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone you name it. Nothing worked. Some would bring relief but the itching was horrible. He had to wear mittens all the time and watched 24/7 to make sure he didn't scratch. We couldn't go out, any sun exposure would cause for his skin to look like someone had poured hot water. His skin is very sensitive and he did use vaseline with water underneath to lock in moisture but that was causing his pores to clog and his face still felt like sandpaper. FINALLY, I found something that works. I bought emilys liquid bath soap and the diaper plus and that has given us tremendous results. In one week his face is smooth! I am able to take him out with out his skin flaring up. I can take his mittens off at night. This product has been a blessing. Thank you for this product! This has helped many parents like myself who were desperate to find a solution. It's scary, but believe me it works. It took me 1 month before I got the courage to use it because I was so scared because of all the products I'd use and nothing worked. I wish I would have used it sooner. We're soooo happy with it.”

– Aiza Serrato

6 Week Old with Bad Eczema, Mom Drives 1 Hour to Get Emily Products, Is Better in Days

“My son had such bad eczema at 6 weeks, His face, neck, chest and top of his arms were covered in red bumps and inflammation. I wasn't sure what to do. I was going crazy! I couldn't stop crying. I went gluten free and dairy free. At the same time, I researched like crazy and found Emily Skin Soothers. I drove an hour to buy the cream that day at an acupuncturists office. In days his skin was back to normal!!! Please if you're comfortable, try Emily Skin Soothers Diaper cream. It was named Diaper bc it's meant for babies and children. I did a patch test first on my son bc his face was where the eczema was the worst! Now, anytime I start to see redness, inflammation or any kind or dryness, I apply it and it takes care of it! My husband has started using the super dry formula for his psoriasis with amazing results. We also use the soap for both our kids. My family is now addicted and has so much gratitude for Mike and the Emily Skin Soothers family! We will be using these products for life. Obviously I can't make any promises but isn't is worth the shot? Hopefully it can work for you too!”

– Samantha Freedman, Chief Happiness Officer

Burning Itching PUPPS Rash (pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy) Better Quickly with Baby and Adult Skin Soother

“I struggled with PUPPS during the first trimester of my pregnancy and was so thrilled to have relief using Emily skin soothers Adult and Baby blend. Unfortunately the rash came back with a vengeance postpartum, but I'm thankful to have the skin soother on hand to use once again. It works very quickly and helps take the burning and itching feeling away. I'm so thankful to have found this product!”

– T.S.

Baby Scratching Eczema Day and Night Better in 1 Week

“My son has got eczema and cradle cap on his face, neck, chest and he was scratching himself days and nights. The skin was extremely dry and at some places very red and angry.The little man who was always very calm became frustrated and couldn’t sleep nearly at all. Of course I wanted to help him, to make him get better asap! After looking online for a few hours for natural cure I found this site with all the great experiences of people. I was sure that I need to have a go! After a few days with Mike’s help I had the chance to start using their products in England. For a start I was a bit “careful”, I only applied the soothers twice a day, then I realised this is the “food” my son’s skin needs, so I feed it more often. I started using the soothers every in every 3/4 hours then magic happened! The skin started to be less and less red and itchy, then at the end after a week has got nice and soft. I highly recommend these products to everyone who has similar problems and for those who believe in nature! Thank you again for sharing these lovely products with others!
Best wishes!”

– Noemi Mihaly

Lesions from TKI Heals in Days Instead of Weeks with Emily Baby and Adult Soother

“I have Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and have to take a targeted chemotherapy pill everyday. This medications causes a lot of side effects including red raised skin lesions. These lesions usually take 3-4 weeks to heal. I have the Emily Skin Soothers for my son's eczema. So I decided to try it one day on these lesions. After applying the all natural unscented soother twice a day, the lesion was gone in two days. I use it now everytime I have these and they are gone in 2-3 days. This is an amazing product.”

– Carolyn H., Licensed Acupuncturist

Mat Burn From Gymnastics Better in Days with Hot Skin Soother

“My kid had some burning dry skin on her knuckles. I used Michael P Arsenault's hot skin soother- it went away in 2 days (we applied at night and put socks over her hands and I sent a travel size to school with her so could apply there).

She had tumbling last night, and afterwards we realized that her knuckles were bad again! She just leveled up last week; ends up she is getting mat-burn. So she applied the hot skin soother again and while it burned a little at first, she was sure that her hands would feel great in the morning and it wasn’t a terrible burn apparently- like I offered to wipe it off and she said, “No! It’s just working!". This morning they were 100% fine- no more dry, red, burning skin! She still has her travel size if she needs it, although she’s offered to buy herself a fullsize tub from her allowance.

If you haven't tried Emily Skin Soothers, do it! I can't say enough great things about it and my patients love it just as much as my family does.”

– Toni Twitty, Licensed Acupuncturist

Severe Rash on Face Better in Days After Trying Many Other Products

“My son has had skin issues here and there since he was born. I stopped eating dairy when I was nursing him, we cut out milk, tried 20+ different creams and then this October we had the worst rash yet and it was on his face. He had just started school and it was awful to see his face so red. We went the the pediatrician and a few dermatologist. More creams.. steroids.. other creams. I came across this site and thought what the heck why not! I bought the soap and diaper cream and it worked. We bathed him and put the cream on wet. Put some Vaseline overtop to seal it. We noticed improvements in days. We continue to stay on top of it but finally. Something that works!”

– Alyssa C

Contractor's Dry, Cracked Hands Healed with Emily's Hot Skin Soother

Dry, Cracked Hands Healed with Emily's

“My patient’s son would accompany his frail dad to acupuncture treatments. At one of these visits the son Jim.S asked me if I could recommend anything for his terribly cracked hands. As a contractor he would handled lots of different materials, sometimes harsh substances that would cut up his hands. He had succumbed to applying glue skin to try and close the wound like cracks. He had also been to his doctor who prescribed him a steroid cream which was of no help.
I consulted Mike of Emily Skin Soothers and gave him the Hot Skin Soother. With perseverance Jim’s hands got better. He is delighted that his hands have healed. He keeps a tub on hand (pardon the pun) so his hands never crack up again.”

– Madhuri Shenker, Lic. Ac.

Feet Too Cracked to Get a Foot Massage. Two Weeks Later After Using Emily Super Dry Soother, My Feet Are Great

“My heels have looked horrible for a long time - dry & cracked around the edges. I love foot massage but am usually too ashamed of how my feet look to get one. After a few days of using the Emily product I noticed a difference - smoother skin and less cracks - and after 2 weeks the foot I used it on was very soft and smooth and 99% crack-free. I'm looking forward to using it on my other foot now too. And, I booked a foot massage!”

– Cindi I., L.Ac.

Dry, Sandpaper Like Foot with Deep Cracks Better in 10 Days with Emily Super Dry

“A little over one year ago, I developed a slight fungal infection on my right foot. Symptoms would come and go, but it manifested as red itchy dry skin that felt like rough sandpaper when putting on a sock or rubbing against the carpet. After a while, deep cracks also started to form throughout my foot and heel. I used a few topical products, but they never fully resolved all of my symptoms and and only seemed to give me relief for a short duration.

I decided to take the 10-day Emily's Skin Soothers SUPER DRY challenge and apply the product twice during the day and once overnight (with a sock covering my foot). Within the first couple of days, I immediately began to notice a huge difference - the red inflamed skin seemed to disappear and the rough sandpaper texture of my foot was already beginning to soothe itself out.

On the tenth day of the challenge, you could not tell the difference between my (once) bad foot and my good foot. The skin is soft and smooth, and there is not a single hint of red inflamed skin anywhere on my foot. All of my deep cracks are completely healed and only faint lines remain in their place - a small reminder that I will never allow my feet to get to that point again.

Thank you so much for this amazing product! Emily's Super Dry is s a new staple in my family's medicine cabinet!”

– Erik Johnson, L.AC., BD, DNM

Tremendous Difference in Eczema in 1 Week With Lavender Skin Soother

“My 10 y/o daughter has been suffering from eczema for the past few years. We tried all kinds of natural products and we didn't see much improvement. We also tried to do it the "right way" so we saw a doctor who put my child on topical Steroids. They worked while in use, but as soon as we weaned off all the symptoms come right back. Then we tried elimination diet which definitely helps, but something still triggers the eczema breakouts and it often flares up out of nowhere. Recently I was recommended to try Emily Skin Soothers and after ONE WEEK of use I see a tremendous difference. My daughter chose a Lavender version, because she is tired of using all the "weird smelling" natural products. We also use Emily bar soap and and my daughter couldn't believe that her skin doesn't burn when she bathes. We are so excited to have found the EMILY SKIN SOOTHERS and we are looking forward to the SUMMER, since my daughter's skin is clearing up and she doesn't have to hide it in long sleeves any more. Thank you!”

– Adriana K.

4 Month Old With Eczema on Face Gets Dramatic Results in Just Two Days

“My sweet 4 month Adilyn has excema mostly on her face and knees and ankles, I looked at your page and testimonials and results pictures from other children and immediately thought, "I need this"! I had tried everything from hospital grade rash cream, mixed lotions and diaper cream and tried a bunch of things with little to no results, I received our "Emily Skin Soothers", I got the non-scented adult and baby soother, and the lavender one also, they were so nice they even sent a trail of their soap. We've used the soap in her bath, and used the soothing ointment about 4 times I've two days and believe me when I say it, "THEIR PRODUCT WORKS WONDERS!" it has healed her dramatically from the first day, and to only use for two days and see almost nothing now on her face or bends, THANK YOU EMILY'S SKIN SOOTHERS!! Your product is a hero!”

– Anna Mullins

Infant Rash on Face Better in Days After Months of Dryness and Irritation

“Hi guys, I just wanted to take the time out to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and my baby girls. Marcella was born with a slight rash that consisted of red bumps and dry patches. We figured it would go away and the pediatrician said baby acné “just happens sometimes”. After about two months old her face was covered and all our family commented on it every time they saw her. I felt so bad and guilty not having a solution to the problem my child faced and because my baby is beautiful and so sweet, but no one saw past her skin. I stopped posting pictures and stopped trying new products as none worked. Until I saw you guys in a article online and something just told me in my heart this was worth the try. So May or last year we made a choice and ordered the “Baby and Adult Skin Soother”. This was the best thing as parents to this day we had done for our daughter we watched her skin clear in a matter of 13 days completely and saw results with in only 3! We stopped applying it unless she needed it and she stayed clear. This summer she started flaking up again. We camp, fish, and hike a lot so I think Sacramento’s hot dry weather she gets dried out. So I took out the jar and we still have some left and again like a miracle walla like magic. We are for ever great fuel to y’all. And just wanted to share our pictures now that everyone can see our beautiful girl for her perfect self.”

– Marcella’s parents, Amber & Cisco

Intense Itch from Giant Urticaria Better with Emily Hot Soother

“My daughter has giant urticaria and eczema. She was miserable with it and we had no success with the host of things we were trying including diet change. Allergy testing and many specialists.

I purchased Emily’s Skin soother hot for my husbands skin condition after a very helpful person at Emily’s recommended. In a desperate moment I applied the hot to her inflamed skin and she had itching relief almost right away. It took some time of consistency of use and her itching oral medication but we finally have mostly clear skin and a go to when she says a certain area is bothering her. I was so uncomfortable using steroids and vasoline or products with all kinds of chemicals and alcohols. I’m so glad I used Emily’s! We also use the Baby line for a moisturizer for her and my other children. I wish I could submit before and after photos ”

– C.C.

Rash and Years Long Dark Spots on Chest Gone with Hot Skin Soother

“A patient came into the office with a chronic rash that she's had on & off for 10 years. This bout had been present for 1 month. The rash always appears on her neck & chest. The rash presented as red, itchy & hot. She's used steroid creams and many over the counter remedies with little relief and it would take weeks for symptoms to resolve.. After her acupuncture treatment the rash was less red and itchy. I put some Emily Hot Skin Soother on her rash and she bought a jar.

By the next week she felt 100% better and her rash was totally gone. She also had dark spots on her lower chest (cleavage area) for years and they are gone too.

Emily Skin Soothers works wonders. They are gentle and effective. I have complete confidence in recommending these products to my patients.


– Sharon J.Levy, Lic.Ac.

Skin Rash Due to Antibiotics Better Quickly With Emily Hot Skin Soother

“I developed a non-allergic rash on my chest from a strong dose of amoxicillin. It was not itching but there were raised bumps all across my chest and red. I luckily had some Emily Skin Soother-the hot one, at the office and applied it at night. I woke up the next morning to see that it was about 50% gone, not as red, and not that many bumps. I applied some more this morning and already noticed a difference by the afternoon.”

– Natalie G.

Psoriasis After Using Hot Skin Soother 1 Week

“I've been treating a patient for stress and insomnia - as a main concern. She also mentioned plaque psoriasis for the past 3 months. She was given steroid creams that didn't help. I gave her a sample of Emily Unscented HOT Skin Soother that I had laying around my office - most of my psoriasis patients get this $10k/month shot or take meds so I haven't been able to test it out on anyone yet.

The top pictures are 1 week after use and the bottom pictures are 2 weeks after use. The worst areas are around her elbows but she has it everywhere - feet, legs, chest, back, upper arms, abdomen, etc. She said the cream instantly took away the itching, burning and pain. Now she can sleep through the night without her clothes or her bedsheets irritating her skin. I wish I had a picture of how bad it was before she started using Emily skin soothers. This stuff is awesome! Thank you Michael P Arsenault for creating this awesome product!”

– Jennifer Dabu, Acupuncturist

Severe Itchy Rash Over 75% of Body Gone in 6 Weeks

“I had a patient with a constant, severe itchy rash over 75% of his body. Creams and steroids prescribed by his primary care physician were not helping. This had been an ongoing problem for many months. After a 6 week course with Emily’s hot soother he is itch free and the rash has cleared up dramatically. The patient is thrilled with the results! Thank you.”

– Laura Parkinson, DACM

College Student with Psoriasis Sees Progress in One Week

“I saw a delightful college student last week. He has been suffering from psoriasis for a couple of years. He has been on some serious medications including Taltz. He had severe, persistent psoriasis on his torso that was barely managed with topicals and prescription medications. After one week of him using the liquid soap and Emily's hot soother he has these results. The patient and I are both very grateful Emily's products. Thank you.”

– Laura Parkinson, DACM

Angry Painful Eczema Flare on Arms Better with Hot Skin Soother

“My daughter had a bad eczema flare-- bright red blotches up and down her arms from her elbow. She was trying everything but nothing was making it any better. It was becoming more and more painful with no relief in sight. I ordered the Hot Emily's Skin Soother and some of the soap and had it shipped directly to her. She began using it 2-3 times a day as soon as she received it on a Saturday. The pain subsided within 24 hours. After just 5 days of using the product, her arm was almost back to normal. Nothing has ever provided her such immediate relief.”

– J. Michael Benson, LAc

Itchy, Red Rash on Foot Better in 24 Hours with HOT Skin Soother

“Hey guys just have to rave about this herbal product that I LOVE really quick. I woke up with this rash on my foot yesterday morning that was hot, itchy, and all around uncomfortable (as can be expected). I used Emily skin soothers balm on it one time, and the itch and heat instantly stopped. So I put a sock on and went about my day and completely forgot about it. I woke up this morning and remembered to look at my foot and it was completely gone!!! Love this product! I used the black bottle on the bottom of the last picture that’s for red, hot, angry skin and muscles. They have products for diaper rash, pets, eczema, rosacea, etc! Pretty sure you can find them on amazon. Otherwise come see me at my new clinic & I’ll hook you up 😎 rant over. Also, so sorry for the weird gross foot pics”

– healinghavenacupuncture (instagram.com/healinghavenacupuncture/)

Itching Unhealing Tattoo for 2 years: Better with Lavender Skin Soother in 1 Day

“I had been struggling with an itchy raised tattoo for almost 2 years when a friend recommended emily skin soother. i was desperate to try anything as i would always be itching my healed tattoo, often until it bled. i had tried moisturizing with my go to coconut oil but had come to accept the fate of my itchy tattoo once i reached out to my artist and was told that was just the way it was. within one day of treatment with the lavender skin soother, my tattoo settled into the skin for the first time ever. this product is a miracle worker. i started spreading it onto my flaky feet and within a month the flakes are no longer. i also have been loving the unscented soap. i never thought of my skin as particularly sensitive but after using the simple soap my skin is so much more hydrated and doesn't feel dry and tight after showering. i am so grateful for this line of products and will recommend them to anyone and everyone i know (and even don't!) thank you emily skin soother!”

– Syd Vaca

Thrilled with Results on Son's Red, Bumpy, Itchy Eczema

“I use the green labeled Emily skin-soother for my son’s eczema. At its worst, the eczema was red, angry, bumpy and itchy. At first I was just using aquaphor like our pediatrician recommended but it didn’t seem to really help. I switched to Emily’s and have been thrilled with the results. After 3 months of continuous use 2-3x/day my sons cheeks are almost completely healed! I saw results after a couple weeks and then it just got better and better. Highly recommend!!”

– Manuela I, Licensed Acupuncturist

Six Years of Angry Eczema Around Mouth Better in Months

“When you see them side by side—how could you not be amazed? A happy mom shared these pics with us. Her daughter had this angry, raw eczema since she was 5. They’d obviously tried many things. At 11 and a few months ago in May they started to use our Hot Skin Soother. A thin layer 5x day and they got these amazing results. We are totally thrilled.”

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)


Cracked and Bleeding Hands

“Hands cracking so severe they were bleeding. Very first time I applied the ‘super dry’, they were moisturized and relieved on contact. Truly incredible product.”

– Jessa Monroe

Poor Circulation and Neuropathy in Legs Better with Acupuncture and Hot Soother

“I have a patient 71 y.o. Male with feet neuropathy due to diabetes. He also has Kidney stage 3, CHF and COPD. Given his complicated health, oral herbs were a no-go. I have been doing acupuncture and using ESSoother Hot on his lower legs and you can see how the pictures speak for themselves. He was not able to distinguish between carpet and flooring and after 6 treatments he can. He has not gained all sensation on his feet and ankles back but now he describes that his feet don’t feel that they have thick soles anymore and the cramping and shooting stabbing and pricking pains are gone. He only has numbness now and it is not painful. So bottom line is, if you need to move qi and blood to improve circulation, oxigenation, repair dry skin, and relieve neuropathic pricking I suggest you give it a try. I’m sure you patients will be happy! Now, full transparency here: the “visual stasis” (colors) starts coming back after a couple of hours. The color of his lower legs/feetkeep getting lighter while he keeps up with his 2 appointments per week, if he skips then the colors seem to revert but not the stabbing-pricking -those are gone for good after 10-12 treatments. He saw his vein specialist MD and they were very happy to see the results of the tests (I don’t have them) that according to my patient show that the lower leg’s and feet circulation has not gotten worse as it was expected in the progression of his condition.”

– Stella Stoufer, Stoufer Clinical Acupuncture

Painful Diaper Rash Better in 3 Days with Emily's Hot Skin Soother

“I bought Emily’s HOT for my 2.5 year old son who had devolved a yeasty rash on his genitals. Our normally chill diaper changes had turned into kicking and screams of pain. Our pediatrician gave us Nystatin ointment which only made it worse. Diaper changes were now inconsolable tears. But within the first day and a half of using Emily’s hot, I was able to resume diaper changes and wiping my toddler without kicks and screams. Within 3 days, the rash was almost gone. I will always have this on hand now. It’s a no brainer.”

– Hannah P., Massage Therapist and acupuncture student

Chinese Medicine Practitioner Uses Emily's on Everything for Postpartum

“I put the baby and diaper skin soother on absolutely everything when I was postpartum. Diaper rash, cradle cap, cracked nipples, eczema, sunburn, even ringworm! I’ve never met a skin condition Emily skin soothers hasn’t helped. It’s my first go to for anything skin.”

– Sarah B., Chinese medicine practitioner

Acupuncturist Sends Emily Products to Bedridden Father for Bed Sores with Good Results

“I shipped Emily skin soother products to my dad because he’s bedridden and was having trouble with skin sores from lying too long. I sent him lotions and soaps because his skin was dry from regular soap. His skin has been more protected after use and the products have reduced the discomfort and occurrence of his bed sores.”

– Kealy Severson, L.Ac

Burning Itchy Rash Better with Hot Skin Soother

“I am working in a hospital, and contracted COVID-19. With that I developed chilblains and an itchy rash. Applying this product to my hands and feet where I was most affected really helped sooth the burning and itching. ”

– John B., Pastor and Hospital Chaplain

Bleeding Diaper Rash Better Overnight with Emily Diaper Plus

“I used the Diaper Skin Soother Plus on my 5 month old baby’s diaper rash that was red, irritated and bleeding. Overnight it cleared up and was calm and soothed. I love that there is no strong smell. It’s super easy to apply. I also used it on his eczema on his legs and found it to be super calming and it kept his skin moisturized while keeping the eczema at bay. 10/10 would recommend!”

– Z.B.

Persistent Painful Rash Around Toddler's Mouth Disappears in 12 Hours

“Our homeopathic pediatrician suggested we try Emily's hot skin soother for a persistent painful rash around my toddler's mouth when I didn't want to immediately jump to a steroid cream. Within 12 hours, a rash he'd had for weeks was gone. Poof! Just like that. We still use it 4 years later from dry skin from the cold to rashy booties.”

– K.R.

Severe Leg Eczema Due To Varicose Vein and Poor Circulation Much Better with Hot Skin Soother

“I don’t think I’ve ever written to a company about it’s product before but I HAVE to let you know how your Emily Hot Skin Soother saved my leg. I developed varicose veins a few years back which led to poor circulation and chronic, severe, painful flaking and bleeding eczema on my lower leg. Insurance won’t pay for surgery to remove the vein “because it is cosmetic” and I can’t afford to pay out of pocket. My doctor and dermatologist gave me a prescription topical steroid but it would only work a couple weeks at a time and return. Then I would have to go on and off the medicine.
Long-story short, my acupuncturist gave me a sample of Emily Hot Skin Soother and the eczema was CURED only after 2 weeks of daily use! It has not returned and it’s been 1 year now. I can’t thank you enough! I want to cry over the relief Emily has provided. Your love for your child and others with eczema has truly paid off. If anyone wants to talk to me about my experience, I am more than willing to tell them. No one is paying me to tell my story. I just feel like I have to tell the world!”

– Danielle G.

Son's Skin with Severe Eczema now Smooth and Super Healthy with Emily Products

“I really want to thank Emily Skin Soother for their product! I found them over 6 years ago after doing extensive research for treatment for my son's severe eczema. And I have not used anything on his skin since then. He still has eczema but you wouldn't know it! His skin is smooth hydrated and super healthy. I use the unscented on his skin after every shower and the liquid soap for the showers, I use it every night on my face and I have great skin too! Truthfully my whole family uses Emily and I always gift it. The fact that it is all natural, gentle organic and made with so much love also makes it a wonderful gift! Thanks so much for Emily. And the candles are great!! The scent is not overpowering, I use it in my home office, it adds a relaxing ambience to my space.”

– Ruby Rodriguez

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

Best Soap Ever for Eczema and Psoriasis

“As someone who has suffered from eczema and psoriasis for 10+ years, this is the best soap ever. I use it for everything (body, face, hands), I even replaced my shampoo with it! You don't even have to compensate, because it smells pretty neutral and has no after wash fragrance. If you don't like the bar, just use the liquid version! So grateful for this product <3”

– Madeline Yee

Lavender Soother Helped Allergic Rash but Also Wrinkles

“I purchased the original Emily Skin Soothers from my acupuncturists' office. I was having more trouble than usual with eczema on my hands, around my eyes, and just inside my ears. It turns out it wasn't just eczema (which I've dealt with since I was very young), but also another rash caused by a reaction to hair products. I've used steroid ointments, but hate the side effects and was happy to find something natural. I've been using Emily's Skin Soothers around my eyes, just inside my ears, and on my hands. I purchased the sample size sampler and found I like the Lavender Skin Soother the best. My skin is mostly clear now - I have a a couple of stubborn spots, but I'm working on them.

While I was applying it around my eyes, I noticed the wrinkles under my eyes were significantly reduced, then noticed the same on the back of my hands. So I started applying it to a spot of wrinkles on my neck, a spot close to my cleavage (sun-related wrinkles), and under my upper arms where I also have wrinkles. I have noticed quite a difference in all of those spots! A natural product that solves my eczema problems and reduces wrinkles? Love it! I may be able to start wearing sleeveless tops again :) ”

– Angela D.

Probable Flat Wart Falls off Forehead with Use of Hot Skin Soother

“I had a "thing" on my forehead, about the size of a pencil eraser, flesh colored, and raised. Dermatologist said it was benign and burned it off, but warned it would come back. It did. Had it burned off again, and it came back again, even larger. I use ESS Hot for everything, and thought why not give it a try? I started putting it on (a generous amount) 2x a day. In about 2 weeks the "thing" was about half the size. After about 3 weeks, the remaining bit fell off!!!! I will continue to use ESS Hot on this area until its totally healed, and if it starts to come back!”

– Cindi Ignatovsky, Lic. Ac

Pediatric Nurse with Cracked Hands from Hand Washing Gets Great Results with Emily Products

“I’m a pediatric hospital nurse. After having to use hand sanitizer frequently, for years at work, my cuticles and hands used to hurt and crack way more. I tried other products but nothing helped my skin heal enough to notice lasting progress. I was introduced to your products at a wellness clinic owned by an acupuncturist. I gave your skin soother a try and became a fan for LIFE! … My hands have been so much better with nightly use of your hot skin soother or super dry skin soother. I apply the soother & then use aloe moisturizer gloves to keep your soother in contact with my skin overnight. (It also keeps the sheets from getting oily.)

When the skin on my hands is especially raw-feeling, I add an extra step to my nightly regimen. I apply a natural lotion with aloe before I apply your skin soother; the skin soother locks in that additional moisture. I wake up feeling the soothing residue of your skin soother when I remove my gloves. The scent of your super dry skin soother is extremely relaxing when I put it on just before bed. It puts me in the right mood to sleep. I just recently started using your liquid soap, too. I’ve EXTREMELY pleased with your products!”

– Stephanie L.

5 Year Old with Worst Eczema Gets Soothing Relief From Emily Hot Soother

“Our 5 year old daughter has suffered from eczema since she was 5 months old. Our Mayo clinic trained dermatologist has pronounced her case 'the worst I have ever seen'. We made some dietary changes that improved her situation tremendously, but she still flares up from time to time. The 'Hot Skin' stick soothes her on contact. She used to bring me the tubs when she was smaller and ask us to apply it - FINALLY, something that did not burn! having it in stick form helps her take some control in soothing a condition that has tormented her for as long as she can remember. We cannot thank you enough or reccomend your products highly enough.”

– Jennifer Bagby Smith

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

Nurses Amazed: Chemo Rash Much Improved with Emily’s Baby and Adult Skin Soother

“I am a cancer patient undergoing chemo for myelodysplastic syndrome. I get 3 shots to my stomach everyday for 7 days then off for 21. It leaves you with big red painful skin spots. I tried emily on it my first round of chemo and it works so well. My nurses were amazed how well it works. Thank you.”

– Lois Fernandes

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

Stomach Acid Burns Due to Severe Reflux Better in 48 Hours with Hot Skin Soother

“My son has chronic severe reflux aka GERD due to medical problems. He pukes so bad his chin, neck,under his neck, arms and back get extremely red and irritated. Sometimwa to the point of lookijg like they are ready to bleed. He is washed everyday and wiped off after every episode. Unfortunately, due to his medical conditions there isn't much we can do. We started used Emily's when my oldest, who is now 5, has excema and it cleared it, so we tried the Hot Skin Soother after trying the regular skin soother. The regular worked well but couldn't keep up with the redness. Within 48 hours of inital use we went from fiery, irritated, painful red "stomach acid burns",for lack of a better term, to slightly irritated skin. It was night and day for us. We now use it daily or more than once as needed depending on how bad my son is having episodes. He literally stops what he is doing and enjoys it when it is put on him. Thank you Emily for making such a wonderful product. For the record the nurses in the hosptial, one of our many inpatient visits, noticed the change as well. They were using their regular heavy moisturizer and were recommending curell amd such lotions. They were amazed at how quickly amd effectively this worked. We were using vaseline to just keep it moist beforehand.”

– Jennifer Loos

Hot Soother Cools Burning Palms from Radiation

“My palms were burning constantly after radiation treatments. I found Emily Hot Skin Soother at my acupuncturist’s and decided to try it. It helped immediately! I was thrilled! Luckily, this was the first product I tried. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making a natural product that does exactly what it says it does!”

– Debby P.

Genital Herpes Lesion Gone in 2 Days with Hot Skin Soother

“As a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine and a member of the Registry of Chinese Medicine Dermatology I see many different kinds of skin conditions. One of my go to products is always Emily’s Skin Soothers. I recently had a patient come in who had had an outbreak of genital herpes. She did not have any of her usual topical treatments on hand, but she did have some Emily’s House Skin Soothers that I had given her for another condition. She decided to try it on the herpes lesion. The lesion went away in 2 days and she had no residual pain or itching. She was thrilled andso was I...Another use for this amazing product.”

– Marnae Ergil, Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Baby Cries When Eczema Creams Applied. Does Not Cry with Emily Diaper Plus

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“My son cries when I put regular lotion on him for eczema. When I use the diaper skin soother he never cries and this stuff works great at clearing up eczema! I’m just starting to try the liquid soap as well to see how it works. This is an amazing product and I would highly recommend it!”

– Amber Dalton Marecic

Chemo Rash Better with Emily Hot Skin Soother

“I had been struggling with a chemotherapy induced skin rash on my chest, back, neck, face and scalp. I will be on chemo indefinitely so I needed to find something that helped. The rash made me extremely uncomfortable and the itching was intense. I was on different prescription creams and antibiotics that worked for a while but then provided no relief. I tried the, "Emily hot skin soother" and after a few days of using it, the itching was almost gone and the rash is calming down. I love the all natural ingredients and the use of Frankincense in the product. Thank you!”

– Brenda A., Environmental Manager

Stinging Nettles and Wasp Stings Both Better with Hot Skin Soother

“I got into a patch of stinging nettles with a sundress and sandals. My legs had numerous welts and the stinging sensation was intense. I had some of Emily HOT Skin Soother in my purse because I was just getting over some nasty wasp stings. The product took the sting and welts down immediately- for both issues. I would recommend this to be in a 1st aid kit after my recent experiences. Thanks for making a safe and gentle yet effective product. ”

– Lisa Hudon, RH

Lifelong and Hard To Treat Tinea Versicolor Better with Hot Skin Soother

“I have been plagued by a skin fungal infection called Tinea Versicolor for most of my adult life. It appears in the Spring and persists through the warm weather of the summer months. In the past, I have tried both prescription and over-the-counter topical medications, and when severe, have even taken pills. This year, having successfully used Emily's products for other conditions, I had the idea to use the "Hot" skin soother instead. Low and behold, it took a little time, but it worked. As a Licensed Acupuncturist, I continue to recommend this product to my patients, and to my friends and family as well. Kudos, Emily's!”

– Saskia K., R.N., L.Ac.

Itchy, Red, Burning Armpit Rash 90% Better in Days Using Hot Skin Soother

“I had a terrible itchy and burning rash in my armpits for several months on and off. I tried coconut oil, an bentonite clay armpit mask, and colloidal silver. None of these things worked. Finally I tried the Hot Skin Soother, and have had amazing relief! I used it 3-4 times a day for 3 days and have seen a 90% improvement. I’m so thankful to know that this product exists and is natural!!”

– Caitria T., LAc

Heartbroken by Baby's Eczema, Better with Lavender Skin Soother

“I found this product online after many restless nights of googling all the information i could regarding treatment for my baby girl's eczema. We had already spent hundreds of dollars on several other over the counter medications, creams, ointments, etc before i found out about Emily Skin Soother. I was heartbroken bc my baby girl was having a terrible time with eczema on her inner arm areas and behind her knees as well as a few places on her face. Nothing seemed to help and she developed an oozing infection on one arm. I was very interested in this product bc first of all my daughter's name is Emily! The fact that this product was developed by parents for their own child using natural ingredients was the other factor that led me to get it. I purchased the all natural Lavendar Baby and Adult skin soother. It worked wonders for her and she has just an occasional flare up in the summer now but nowhere near as bad as before. I always use Emily skin soother bc it is awesome and I'm not having to combine creams, ointments, etc. It is perfect andi feel it is safe. I have also used it for other various skin issues in my family. (Dry skin, ringworm, other rashes, etc.) We still have over half a container full as it does not take much at all per use. A little goes a long way. It was definitely worth the money. I have recommended it on many eczema forums. ”

– B. Taylor

Super Dry Soother Works For New Eczema on Face of Adult

“I am 32 years old and last year I developed eczema on my face out of the blue. I was given steroid cream to treat it, but that burned my already sensitive skin. I was given a sample of Emily's Super Dry Skin Soother and holy cow! This stuff actually works! My eczema has settled down and I'm no longer having to use the steroids! Also, it smells great! I could not recommend this product more if you are suffering from nasty eczema! ”

– Shannon R.

Redness Around Mouth Almost Gone in 3 Days with Emily Hot Skin Soother

“I have been hearing about your products via Facebook acupuncturist groups for a long time. In the past, I have made topical herbal masks for my windburn (I ski a lot) and mild rosacea (all the ladies in my family have it). Currently, I've been seeing a lot of redness around my mouth that I couldn't get to go away. I decided to give the 'HOT' Emily Skin Soothers product a try. Within three days of use, the redness is almost gone. What is even more exciting is that I decided to try it on a spider vein on my cheek and it too is almost completely gone! I thought I would be stuck with that little bugger for life! Thanks!”

– G.C., LAc

Lichen Planus of Penis--MDs Can't Believe the Improvement

“I am a licensed acupuncturist who has been treating a 56 year old male for genital lichen planus. He has had this condition for many years, but it has worsened in the last year. He complained of redness, itching, an overall feeling of heat and damp and some occasional swelling. Over the years he had tried steroid and hydrating creams to no effect. Finally his dermatologist had to put him on immune suppressing topicals alternating with Vaseline. He was moderately satisfied with that result but wanted more. I suggested he try the Emily "Hot" Skin Soother. After one month of use, the redness and itching have disappeared. He noted that at his last dermatology appointment, the doctors could not believe the improvement, not only in symptoms but in overall color and skin tone of the affected area. They were curious to know more about Emily's! Needless to say, my patient is very happy and as a practitioner this is just one of many examples where my recommendation of an Emily's product has yielded fantastic results. I cannot endorse this wonderful line of skin care highly enough!”

– Linda T., Licensed Acupuncturist

Erythrodermic Psoriasis Sufferer Finds Emily Products Soothing After Long Search

“I was diagnosed with Erythrodermic Psoriasis in 2011, and after trying all the available pharmaceutical methods to help heal my skin (most actually made things worse), I had to turn elsewhere for relief of the intense burning, itching, swelling, peeling, and horrible "hot spots" because the western medicine was unfortunately of no benefit to me. Also, I'm a seasoned Aesthetician, so I really went above and beyond in experimenting with supplements and other unconventional topical aids, all with no real relief.
There is no exaggeration when I say I have looked far and wide for any product(s) that would help even just a little - and after wasting hundreds of dollars on failed products, I came across the Emily products at my acupuncturist's office and I can't say enough good things about them!
Granted, my specific condition is very difficult to treat topically, and often requires internal methods to completely clear the symptoms, but even the slightest amount of pain relief on the outer skin is precious. All of the Emily products give my skin the moisture it needs without any burning, stinging, drying out, and they all smell lovely. And NO chemicals!
I'm truly grateful for your passion in creating all natural relief for people who are suffering. Thank you thank you thank you!”

– Jordan W., Aesthetician

Red, Dry Awful Skin Around Eyes 1000x Better in Days with Emily Products

“I'm sorry I don't have photos to compare our latest before and after experience. We have known the power of Emily Skin Soothers for years now, but have only just ordered again and I wish we had budgeted to order forever ago. The skin around my son's eyes, just days ago, was red, dry, looked awful and uncomfortable. Just got the pot of unscented soother a couple of days ago and it already looks a thousand times better as does the spot of dry skin on his knee that was itching like crazy. I will never bother trying anything else again, no matter how close the ingredients are or how easy it is to find something else.”

– Courtney Rose Calkins

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

Only Soap that Does Not Dry Out Eczema Sufferer's Skin

“My son has suffered with eczema since he was 6 months old. After trying everything out on the market, I read about Emily's skin soothers and figured I would try it. It worked! It was the only thing to help his eczema clear up. My only problem now was bath time. I tried, again all the different soaps out there and then saw that Emily's had a soap. Well of course, I ordered it and again it's the only soap that works on his skin. It is literally the only soap that does not dry out his skin! I also use it on my daughter because it makes her skin feel great. This is the only soap I will use for my son!”

– Kristin Sherwood

Folliculitis and Rash from Behcet's Disease Much Less Severe with Emily Super Dry Soother

“ I suffer from Behcet's Disease and have a whole array of symptoms, including but not limited to, folliculitis and extreme dry skin. I have tried many products but to no avail. However, Emily Skin Soother Super Dry Skin product works great! I have prescription Hydrocortisone cream as nothing else had worked, but by using Emily Skin Soother Super Dry Skin, I now go weeks between having to use the prescription medicine. In addition, it's not greasy at all. It's a fantastic product!!”

– C.T.

Shocked at Overnight Effectiveness of Diaper Plus for Horrible Diaper Rash with Cloth Diapered Baby

“i I just wanted to share how extremely shocked, and pleased with your products, especially the DIAPER SKIN SOOTHER PLUS. I'm attaching a photo of my 2 1/2 year olds bottom. I've been cloth diapering for a while and his bottom was having a horrible reaction to something, possibly what he's eating. He was angry red hot blistered, and happened very fast..... I had a sample size and tried it on his bottom, just overnite after 1 application, his bottom was much better, by the next day he was completely better, I am new at the cloth diapering, even tho I've been a mom for over 23 years, thought babies wasn't supposed to get rashes or break out with cloth diapers. But my son whom is 2 and 1/2 and my daughter whom is a child with special needs, she is 8 has down syndrome, and was born with severe bilateral club feet. I had previously ordered the 3 pack samples of the DIAPER SOOTHER, UNSCENTED AND THE LAVENDER. I used the Unscented on her feet for her eczema. She wears orthotic braces on her feet at nite and by morning her feet are very sore and broken skin or rashy. This ointment has helped her.
I just received my new order which I can't wait to try on her, the bar soap, and Liquid Soap Soother and a 1.8 oz. container of Diaper Soother, and the Super Dry soother for my horrible rough dry feet. I will definitely have to send before and after pics of my feet.... but I’m so excited and pleased with how much the Diaper Soother has healed his bottom. It's awful when he gets and screams even when I had tried to put him in the bath tub to soak, the water alone hurt him. Even typical famous diaper cream "desitin original " wouldn't help him. Emily’s Diaper Soother is our absolute favorite now. Wish i had all of your items years ago, both my youngest, J......... and C........... have eczema, and super sensitive skin. Thank you so very much for creating and sharing your products. I’m forever a customer now. From a very happy momma of very special babies.”

– Debbie Thompson

Acupuncturist Gets Good Results for Her Patients with the Emily Products

“As an acupuncturist, I've used Emily Skin Soothers in my practice for several years and have seen great success with conditions ranging from chronic eczema to fungal infections. I have had patients consistently tell me that these products have worked for skin conditions that were untouched by other modalities. I appreciate how simple, yet powerful and effective, the ingredients in these products are.”

– Nicole Sharkey, EAMP, LAc. | www.nicolesharkey.com

Years of Severe Dermatitis Resolved with Lavender Skin Soother

“Hi Mike, I want to thank you for an amazing product. I bought the lavender skin soother for my hand. I've never been able to describe what was going on so I won't try here. Suffice it to say it had been itching since Nov of 2015 (or '14). I realize now it was inflamed. The itch felt like my body was attacking me from the inside at times stabbing at other times burning. Starting from the pad then spreading to the fingers. Very weird. No doctor could understand it. I tried cordozone. Nothing. I tried "specialized creams. Nothing. I went to Whole Foods and they recommended Emily's Skin Soothers. When the inflammation went down, after weeks (or months) I believed in it. I decided to apply it to my dermatitis. Surprise surprise weeks later that went down. I decided next to apply it to this patch of skin that had a bad reaction to an ekg node from ages ago ('14 or before) that I thought I was going to have to tattoo over. I didn't even realize it but it is completely gone!!! The skin soother has helped my other skin issues but the 3+ year rash is gone!!! And don't let me forget about how it helped a "burn" I caused using a kitchenceutical of a mash of garlic on a blemish on my leg. Again. Years ago. I live thru pain & discomfort! It's near one of the dermatitae so when I apply Emily's Skin Soother to the dermatitis near it I apply it to the "burn". It too is practically gone!!
Your daughter's skin soother is a miracle worker!
Thank you!”

– D.B.

Teen Gets Quick Relief from Serious Sunburn

“My son Myles is in 8th grade and he was unexpectedly outside all day at school yesterday. He had no sunblock on and came home extremely burnt on his face. We actually thought it was going to blister. He started putting the "Baby & Adult skin soother" on and by this morning his skin was just a little pink! Amazing! I wish I would have taken a picture. Just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing product!”

– Athena Hagen

Crack at Corner of Eye Healed by Emily Hot Soother

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“I have sensitive skin around my eyes and my entire adult life I have never been able to get the cracked corner of my eye to heal. It was always sore and painful. Doctors had me using steroid creams and they would work for awhile but then my skin would crack and break out again. A friend suggested using the Emily Skin Soother line. I contacted them and after listening to my story they recommended their Hot Skin Soother and I haven't needed anything else since! If you have perisistent skin problems I recommend their products! ”

– Kendra Jurica

Hot Skin Soother Used with Great Results During Radiation Treatment and for Pregnancy Rashes

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“Really thrilled with this product. We used the hot soother cream for my mother going through radiation. The results were incredible. Her radiologist commented on how well she was doing every time she came in. She definitely experienced discoloration in her skin, but it never blistered or became painful. The skin healed perfectly after radiation. I use it for myself for pregnancy rashes. It clears the rashes quickly and takes away the intense itching. Love it!”

– Tasha Marie

Toddler with Red, Bumpy Rash on Arms Gets Relief with Lavender

“My 2 yr old gets an itchy dermatitis type of bumpy rash on his arms. We use the Lavender Soother. Immediately, he has itch relief and within a couple hours the bumps greatly reduce and then go away! He even asked for 'more cream!'”

– Jennifer Rose, Licensed Acupuncturist

Liquid Soap Helps Lifelong Psoriasis Sufferer

“I have had psoriasis my whole life and I have tried all kinds of harsh steroids, topicals, oils, you name it I have even tried a laser light treatment at one point. Nothing has ever worked, until I tried this body wash!! I even use it as shampoo! I was so scared to try it I bought it and let it sit on my bathroom counter for a month. I thought it would break me out like everything else. And to my surprise I couldn't have been more wrong! I can't get over how good my skin is doing. I didn't want to write a review because I was scared it would stop working but it has been two months and we're still going strong, my skin is almost completely clear. I'm so thankful to have found this product line! I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you for making such great products!! :)”

– Krista Farrell

Hot Skin Soother Used to Speed Healing of Numerous Cat Scratches

“Some time ago I had to take my cat to the vet like you do, she hates the vet. I had to pick her up to show the vet the problem. My cat went mental on me and I had to defend myself against razor sharp knife like claws. The end result not pretty. Blood everywhere. Vet panicking. Cat all bushed up hissing in the corner.

The vet administered first aid, bandaged up my hands so I wouldn't leak blood all over the place on my way home.

Once at home I unravelled the bandages to examine the cuts, they were deep gashes. I was horrified. I bathed my hands in hot water and soap (Emily's might I add) and applied Hot Skin Soother to the gashes, about 10 on each hand. I did this everyday, twice a day. I was amazed, 4 days later and the wounds had stitched themselves together. The scars took a few more weeks. Hot Skin Soother healed my hands in no time.

Thank you Emily Skin Soothers. I recommend you to all my friends and family.”

– Madhuri Shenker

Severe Eczema on Baby's Cheeks Gone in a Few Weeks

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“Our son developed eczema (pretty severe on his cheeks) when he was five months old and, like most folks, we tried pretty much everything. He also had severe cradle cap for months and months. We knew we didn't want to use steroid cream indefinitely. I kept researching like a mad woman and came across several testimonials regarding Emily's and eczema. So, I tried out the Emily Diaper Plus and after consistently using it, his eczema was GONE in a few weeks (he was about eight months old by this time). I use it now as a preventative when it's cold or when he gets sick (he's 17 months now)--no flares! And, wow, does it work on diaper rash...and pretty much every other rash or dermatitis any of us get.”

– Jennifer LeViseur

3 Year Old with Allergies and Rashes Loves EmilyProducts

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“My son was born with really bad rushes on his face. Whatever soap I used on him, he got rushes from it. I tried so many different kind of soaps and lotions on him, nothing worked. I took him to get treated by acupuncturist in Japan where I am originally from. But he still would get rushes from heat, his bad food allergy made it worse. He had dairy allergy and peanut allergy and it's really bad. He would get hives just being close to person who's eating dairy and peanuts. He wakes up in the middle of the night and starts scratching himself every night. I felt hopeless, then I found you. He felt so much better after I used Emily original on him for the first time. And now whenever he starts getting rushes, he asks me to put it on him. He loves it. He is turning 4 in march, and I am so happy he can now enjoy playing at park without getting itchy from heat, he can sleep better at night. I can't thank enough for this product you make with love. This product is a life saver. Thank you so much.”

– Bartolome Sunhee

4 Yr Old with Severe Eczema Requests Her Emily Products

“My 4 years old daughter has had moderate to severe eczema for the majority of her life. Her doctor would prescribed topical steroids for her when she was less than a year old. It helped calm the itch, but thinned out her skin and caused scaling. This in return also made her skin sensitive to many things (dog hair, grass, etc.). She would also be in pain if I used the popular brands of lotions/oint/creams prescribed (Euc..., Aqua... etc.). Therefore, I did more research and decided to go the more natural route. There were some natural creams/lotions that I found, but she would say it stung or fuss upon applications. I came across a Facebook ad for Emily Skin Soothers and read into it. I purchased my first bottle of the Baby and Adult skin soothers and tried it on my daughter. She did not fuss or complain about it stinging. It helped a bit, but I wanted to try other soothers for her to see which ones would work better for her. I found that the Lavender and Diaper soother worked best on her skin. We also love the soap on her too. It's mild and moisturizing. In combo with other natural remedies, her skin is starting to thicken (in a good way) and she is less sensitive to certain allergens. It is the only moisturizer she also requests now. :)rdquo;

– M.C., PharmD

Nurse Surprised that Emily Products Helped Her with Boils

“Boils have always plagued me. Have tried numerous remedies to bring them to a head, then heal. Have used Emily skin soother for rashes, bug bites and cuts, but never on the boils. Tried it a few weeks ago on a boil and it worked to heal it fast. I did use that and moist heat to bring it to a head also. It also reduced the pain.
As a nurse this will be my go to suggestion for patients skin complaint nets.”

– Fran H., R.N.

Emily's Hot Skin Soother is First Thing to Work on Son's Bad, Cracked, Bleeding, Rash-Like Eczema

“My sons eczema is really bad, super dry to where it will crack and bleed, looks scaly and is really rough. It will become hot to the touch almost like he has a serious skin fever. This stuff works in less than five minutes and soothes the redness and feels normal again and not hot. The emilys products are the best I've ever used on him and i purchase these products over and over. I waited to review just in case it quit working like everything else we have tried. It hasn't stopped working! It's amazing! Worth the money!!!”

– Natasha Murphy

Baby's Eczema Gone in 3 Days with Emily Products after 5 Months of Symptoms

“My baby had baby acne soon after birth and eczema around 6 weeks old. I have tried (two big name baby products brands) products for few months. I did not see big change after applying those two products. Then my friend introduced Emily Baby and Adult Skin Soother (green bottle) when he was 5 months old. I could see eczema completely gone just after 3 days!!! It is really amazing! Immediately, I shared this product to my friends whose kids are also suffering from eczema. Another thing I love about this product is this is fragrance-free! Thank you so much for having this product.”

– C.L.

Acupuncturist Uses Hot Skin Soother for Amazing Healing of Burn

“I've been recommending Emily Skin Soothers to my patients for various skin ailments, but recently had the opportunity to use them on myself, for a burn on my leg caused by a motorcycle tailpipe. I am literally amazed at the progress of my healing. The pain was gone by the next morning, and my skin is "pinking up" after less than a week. Thank you for a natural product that works.”

– Laurie Lahey

Hot Soother Quiets Down Husband's Bad Heat Rash from Working Outside During Summer

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“This stuff is amazing! I bought the hot skin one for my husband who works outside all day and comes home with bad heat rash during the hot summer months. This product helps soothe him immediately, and is so much more gentle than using prescription strength medication daily! Thanks for your great products!”

– Cassidy Goodman

Extremely Red, Raw Diaper Rash Better in 1 Day with Emily's Diaper Plus

“Best diaper rash cream ever!!! After changing a very soiled diaper during teething I applied the diaper soother plus to my little ones extremely red, raw bottom. Within 2 diaper changes later it was improving. I continued to apply it the rest of the evening with every diaper change and by the next morning she was completely clear again. We had diaper rashes before we found Emily's that would take 2-3 days to get cleared up. We now only use this product after diaper changes even if she's just a little red I don't waste my time using any traditional diaper cream on her, only Emily's!!! I just ordered 2 more so we are sure not to run out and I can leave one in her diaper bag. I don't want to leave home without it!! ”

– J.C.

Rosacea Better Controlled with Emily's than $256 Chemical Concoction from MD

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“As one of your retailers, I'd just like to say that I have another happy patient! Her rosacea is better controlled with Emily's Baby and Adult Skin Soother than it is with the $256 chemical concoction her doctor prescribed. Thanks for providing such a great product! Love, Prairie Spring Acupuncture Clinic. <3”

– Kathi Luinda

Painful, Itchy, Flaking Eyelids Better with Emily Unscented

“I just wanted to say thank you.
I have had undiagnosed skin issues all my life and have many allergies. I need to use all unscented products. In the last couple of years I've developed itchy flaking skin on my eye lids which is very painful. The doctors just kept telling me to use lotions and then hydrocortisone cream. I was afraid to use many things on my eye lids. Then the itchy painful flaky skin went in my ears and actually down into my ear drum and was bleeding. The doctor gave me ear drops.
In my search For relief, I found your Emily unscented skin soother. I must say I was skeptical but after just a few days of applying it to my eyelids morning and evening, my eyelids started to become soft again and not flaking any longer. They do still itch and I surmise that it is eczema but the skin is healing.
I am so happy.”

– Sandy Wittrup

Eczema on Bridge of Nose from Glasses Better with Emily Products

“I wanted to express how thankful I am for your skin soother product. Admittedly, I stopped using it regularly because I got lazy and wasn't so bothered by the eczema (I have it right where the glasses touch the sides of my nose bridge, near my eyes and when it's bad it looks like little red bumps)... Figured that I put lotion on my face everyday anyway...Then it got itchy again over the fall/winter cold months, started scarring from my scratching and desperately, I used hydrocortisone and sometimes Emily's, and then finally went to the doctor who prescribed me a low grade steroid cream and told me not to use the "all natural stuff"... So I Used the steroid for less than a month, and it got better immediately, and then it got worse than before quickly after, erupting new spots. So at week 2-3, I stopped using the steroid cream and I switched back to washing my face with almost exclusively the Emily bar (which I used to do) and using the lavender ointment daily and heavily at night... It's so much better, not even red anymore, one side completely clear though sometimes itchy about only 2 weeks after. The scarring from years of this was bothersome to me. I had a derm appt a few weeks ago, and she prescribed me another ointment (tacrolimus) which I bought very reluctantly, but I refuse to use after I read the scary warning label! I consulted with Mike about the scarring and itching, and he recommended trying the super dry formula for its warming properties that help with circulation. I've continued with the Emily bar soap, super dry and lavender, and Its nearly impossible to tell where I had the flare ups. I just wanted to let you know that it's pretty great what you guys do. You go above and beyond helping people. Best of luck on your continued success!!!”

– A.K., Architect

Psoriasis and Eczema of Groin and Buttocks--Grew Skin Overnight with Emily's Diaper Plus

“My son has eczema and psoriasis to his groin and buttocks area. We have used sooo many creams and ointments even steroids nothing really seems to rid it. He has been hopsitalized for it before....we started it and overnight it was like he grew skin...it worked amazing!! I wish i knew about it ten yrs ago. I have been meaning to write a review!! Thank you sooo much!”

– Mollie Lightle

Boy With Cut and Scratched Hand Says, “Mommy, I like this cream it makes me stop itchy.”

“I use the unscented one on my son. I mostly use it more on his hands ; because he itches a lot to where he cuts himself. It took only a WEEK to heal up the cuts! It was also the first time my son told me " mommy i like this cream it makes me stop itchy " and i loved hearing him say that. Thank you.”

– Linda Maciel

Eczema-like Itching In Ear Canal Better in a Few Days with Emily Hot Skin Soother

“I originally purchased Emily's Hot Skin Soother to treat my teen-age daughter's persistent eczema. I decided to try it myself for an itchy and flaky skin condition in my ear that my Dr. described as 'eczema like.' I've had great results! After treating my ears for a couple of days (2-3 applications) the dead skins flakes away and I'm itch free for 3-4 weeks.”

– Sara W.

6+ Years of Chronic Eczema Much Better with Emily Lavender

“My 7 year old son has had chronic eczema since he was 3 months old. I have tried EVERYTHING imaginable. I have even taken him to see a world-renown acupuncturist in NYC to try Traditional Chinese Medicine (but he is unable to swallow the 20 plus capsules required for that). So my friend gave me a jar of this skin soother, and it has actually worked. Usually any cream or lotion or ointment begins to hurt my son after about 10 days of use. But we have used this ointment nightly for almost a month, and he has not complained of any burning. I am so happily surprised to find something that I can count on in our struggle with his eczema. And after a month, people are starting to comment that he is looking a lot better. I'm so glad my friend introduced me to this product.”

– Amy Lin

Dry, Itchy Seborrheic Dermatitis of Face--Don't Need Steroid Anymore Using Emily's Super Dry

“I suffer from Eczema (dry skin). After turning 40, the condition got worse with itchy skin and rash appearing on my face. This prompted me to see a dermatologist who diagnosed my condition as seborrheic dermatitis and prescribed Desonide (steroid) Cream (0.05%) and Ketoconazole (antifungal) cream (2%). During winter I found myself using the steroid/antifungal creams to manage my dryness. I was keenly looking for natural alternatives as I was uncomfortable with rubbing steroidal cream on my face. I accidently ran into an amazing product when I tried Acupuncture for unrelated shoulder injury. My Acupuncturist recommended I try Emily’s Super Dry Soother cream for dry/itchy skin. She sold me a handy jar which I have been using during the winter. After shaving/shower, I have been using Emily’s Super Dry Soother on my face and I can honestly say I have not had a single episode or flaring of itchy rash that comes with seborrheic dermatitis. This product really works in fighting and moisturizing dry skin. Best of all it has completely eliminated my dependency on steroid cream. I am really thankful to my Acupuncturist for recommending Emily’s Super Dry Soother and Emily’s for making this safe and natural moisturizer for healing dry skin.”

– Mr. M. Dar, Scientst, New Jersey

6 Month Old with Dry Itchy Skin not Scratching Anymore

“To the founder of Emily's cream: My 6 month old has had increasingly dry and itchy skin for the past 2 months, constantly scratching at himself to the point where they would put socks on his hands at day care. After a visit with an allergist and our ped confirmed it isnt allergies, etc. just winter dry-skin, I'd been trying all sorts of moisturizers, oils, rubbing him down multiple times a day. I stumbled across Emily's baby and adult skin soother cream in a google search. Just 12 hours after the first application, his red, scaly hot spots were already noticeably better, and for the first time in weeks, day care told me he wasn't scratching today. I wish I had taken before and after pics of my own, but if I had, they would only agree with what you already have! My only complaint is that it isn't more well known, that I only found this by accident, and that it is (relatively) hard to find! Best”

– Elizabeth Estersohn

Red, Itchy, Blotchy Eczema Better with Emily Soap

“I have a child with autism, and unfortunately he has some eczema that is spreading. I went to a great PA skin doctor and she recommended some very mild soap, and for him to not use hot water while washing.. Well.. He would still sneak in the shower and use hot water and it would just cause redness and itching. I had seen on Facebook that someone with eczema was using EMILY and they felt instantly better.. So.. I ordered his and he has only used this soap for about 10 days.. The redness is gone and he hasn't itched for days. I'm hoping, this product helps others like my son.. I'm glad that you have created something that can help people that have tried lotion after lotion..prescription after prescription.. It's hard to believe that soap can help transform red, itchy blotchy skin to healthy skin that doesn't itch continuously. Thank you for your products and I will be buying more of your soaps for my family. :)”

– Darlene Cope

Infant with Dermatitis on Neck and Chest Better in 4 Days with Diaper Plus

“We try to be the most natural people we can be and would like the same for our children, that's why we were excited to find Emily's products that are made from all natural, readable ingredients. Our one week old baby started developing diaper rash, we used Emily skin soothers diaper rash product and the redness went away within a couple days. 4 weeks later she developed a nasty dermatitis around the neck and down her chest, it kept spreading. Then we thought to use the diaper rash cream on it and within two days the redness was gone and two more days the bumps had disappeared. Such a relief for new parents to have the scary rashes disappear! Thank you! ”

– Julie & Patrick B, Licensed Acupuncturist

Dog with Itchy, Red, Raw Paws Much Better with Emily Furry Friend Products

“NOT JUST FOR PEOPLE ! I adopted a Lab/Pittbull mix from a rescue. He came with skin allergies. I changed his diet...did not work. His paws were itchy, red and at times almost raw. Vet put him on antibiotics and predizone (I know bad Idea, but at the time I just wanted to get him some relief) I kept doing research and came up with vinegar soaks for his paws. I came across a small jar of Emilys for Pets at the barn our horse is boarded at, we applied it to an irritation on our HORSE and it healed fast so I figured we should try it on our DOG. I went to the Emily's website for information and was impressed I weaned our dog off the medication and started just the vinegar paw soaks and the Emilys for Pets......Wow in ten days his paws were no longer red and raw!! He now comes to me and lays down to have it applied to his paws after being outside. Bonus I have eczema on my hands and was having a flare up at the same time. It calmed my skin as well! I will be trying the Emilys Skin Soother and keeping a stock of these product in my house ! Also will be suggesting it to some of my skin care clients who have some of the same issues! All I can say is I am happy I came across a sample of this and it saved me $$ from more testing and pills at the vet!!!!”

– Elaine W, Esthetician

Super Dry Emily Amazing Miracle for Itch and Dry Flaky Patches of Psoriasis

“I have tried everything under the sun for my psoriasis and eczema from prescriptions to creams and ointment. This product is amazing and works great! It took away completely and soothed my dry flaky patches of skin that itches like no ones business! And it's all natural smells delicious and you need such a tiny amount this stuff is truly a miracle and I couldn't imagine my skin without it!”

– Jessica Merrill

Best Natural Diaper Cream and Much Much More

“Emily's is the best. I used it as diaper cream for both of my girls. Nothing else came close to being as effective. They are now 8 and 5 and I still use it all the time. Our medicine cabinet is never without it. It works on rashes, scrapes, irritations, itchiness, dry skin, angry skin....We recently went to Disney World and my mother in law developed heat rashes on her legs and Emily's is the only thing that helped her. We use it on the kids and we use it on ourselves as well. I try to tell everyone about it! It's the best stuff.”

– Jennifer B

Dry, Itchy Rash from Swimming--Itch Gone in 4 Days with Emily Products

“I discovered your product online....I have had major skin irritation now for years...been to the dermatologist as well as allergist and got no results. I have tried everything including making my own body cream with coconut oil as a base(very greasy though) I first tried the regular unscented as well as the liquid body wash....I am a swimmer as well as runner. I swim and run 3 days each. I have done this most of my life and now over 60 paying dearly for damaged skin from the water, the sun..you name it. All I can tell you is I've only used the product for 4 days now...Immediately though the itching has disappeared! I was clawing myself from itching so badly. I am organic, vegetarian and never use chemicals on my body, in my house no where...the pool is the only thing but that's not going anywhere cause it's in my blood for life! I am so happy with the products. Just started also using the extra dry which is probably better for me and I won't have to use as much. It's expensive with paying for shipping as well but it really and truly works! If you want a natural product, no chemicals, parabans, etc and you have skin issues like me...I highly recommend these products. It is a trial and error to find which cream is best for you but for me it's been worth the trial...when I tell you the fact that I no longer itch I'm so looking forward to seeing the rash all over my arms and legs begin to fade. Maybe I'll be able to wear clothes and not hide all of these areas....let's hope the healing continues. Thank you Emilys for your products so far really working....I have tried probably everything on the market.....finally one that really works!”

– Peggy F.

Horrendous Heat Rash from Wearing Brace All Clear After Emily's Hot Soother

“I had to wear a clam shell brace for a fractured Humerus. Instead of wearing it for 6-8 weeks, it ended up for 20 weeks., due to non-Union - then Surgery. The heat rash was horrendous. Hydrocortisone cream prescribed by my Doctor gave little relief. I then discovered your Hot Skin Smoother. It cured the rash completely. I can't recommend this product enough. Thank you”

– Margaret O'Flaherty

My psoriasis has never looked better! It is almost gone.

“I have been using Emily Skin Soothers products for the last 6 months. I have had moderate psoriasis for the last 25 years on my elbows and trunk. In the past I have used topical steroids but decided I wanted to find a healthier more natural route for dealing with my condition and my acupuncturist told me about their products. My psoriasis has never looked better! It is almost gone from my elbows and I am working on my back. I wish I would have taken before pictures but to be honest I didn't think it would make much of a difference so I didn't. I use the Hot skin soother and the liquid soap. I also purchased the furry friend liquid soap and our puppy has stopped scratching since using it. I love these products! I tell people about them all the time and will continue to do so. I am so thankful to have found something that actually helps.”

– C. Luckraft

4 Month Old with Severe Eczema Soooo Happy Again After with Emily Products

“My baby started having severe eczema at 4 months. After countless over the counter creams and trips to the doctor, who only gave me 1% cortisone cream and some steroid syrup, the eczema cleared up but as soon as this harsh treatment was over, the eczema came back with a vengeance...I came across the emily skin soother on a momforum and went on the website...I saw the pictures of the before and after babies and the ingredient list of the products. I had to give it a try and ordered the emily skin soother. In a week's time the severe eczema on his neck is almost gone and he is sooo happy again! I have put one more order for a few jars of these and to try the soap, diaper rash one (for his face) and hot cream. Truly a God send!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!”

– Rubeena B.

Man with Dry, Cracking Hands and Feet from Chemo (palmar-plantar erythema) Experiences Almost Immediate Improvement with Emily Skin Soother

“When I was undergoing chemotherapy for colon cancer, one of the potential side effects of the treatment was redness, drying and cracking of the skin on the soles of the feet and palms of the hands, a condition known as palmar-plantar erythema. A nurse recommended Emily Baby and Adult Skin Soother to prevent or cure this condition, as my hands were beginning to dry and crack. I used it as instructed, and had almost immediate improvement and healing. It is still my favorite ointment for dry skin, especially on the heels and soles of my feet.”

– Mark N.

Dog's Hot Spots Better in 2 Applications of Emily Furry Friend

“I used the Furry Friend Skin Soothers on our pup, Capone. A couple months ago I noticed a fed red, irritated spots in his groin area and in the folds of his hind legs. I asked the Vet about it and she thought it may be irritation caused by staph and suggested using a medicated spray. I wanted to try a more natural route first and while I was seeing some progress I also noticed that as some patches were healing, other patches were forming. :(

When I went to place my Emily Skin Soothers order I asked Mike about the Furry Friend products and added the soother and shampoo to my order. When my shipment arrived we were heading out of town for a few days which meant Capone was headed off to Doggie Camp so I quickly applied some of the soother and away we went.

When we returned a few days later I checked his skin and was pleased to see the irritation was significantly better so I applied a 2nd round of the skin soother. A few days later, checked him again and his skin looked great! What's even better is there was no new patches either!! I had confidence the product would work as we have seen great success with the other skin soother products but had no idea it would work this quickly!”

– Jennifer Myers, Licensed Acupuncturist

Red Welts on 1 Yr Old's Face Better After Just a Few Applications

“My son (a little over 1 year at the time) was getting red cheeks and small red welt looking spots on his chin and going up to his cheeks. We finally discovered the sensitivity is only on his face and most likely caused from the heat of his crib mattress when he sleeps. The dr gave us a steroid cream to try but we were hesitant to use such harsh chemicals on his delicate skin and afraid of it burning. So we held off. We first tried coconut oil and essential lavender oil and that calmed down his symptoms, however they returned after every nights sleep. We then came across this website and order the super dry skin remedy. We put it on every night before bed (we also have gotten a mattress pad) and my sons skin is doing fantastically!! If it flares up its nowhere near the red welt stage as before and goes away after 1-2 applications. We are so thrilled.”

– Chelsey F

Dog's Very Red, Dry and Itchy Skin Better in 2 Applications of Furry Friend

“I bought this for my dog Beazo because his skin will act up sometimes and get very red and dry and I can only imagine how itchy it is. this stuff really helps because I've only applied it twice since Friday and it's taking most of the red away! I love that it's all natural and won't hurt my fur baby. I'll always buy this for him! I found it on Pinterest, too. I've bought several jars over the last year and a half!”

– Anna Bamburg

Tried Various Salves for 5 Months for Wide-Spread Eczema, Without Results. Emily Helped in a Week.

“This product is so fabulous and such a relief for both child and parent. I had tried a variety of other topical herbal salves for 5 months before I heard about Emily's. None of them did a thing apart from providing an emollient quality. Within 1 week of using Emily's, my 10 month old son's wide-spread eczema was calmed and beginning to disappear. His eczema had been scattered all over his back and in the flectures of his elbows, knees, and chubs between his belly and diaper. Emily's made such a huge difference. I feel so fortunate to have found this safe and highly effective product.”

– L.M.

Grandma Highly Recommends Emily for Eczema

“My daughter discovered your website while researching help with my granddaughter's eczema. We order the Emiky Skin Soother and it cleared it up and relieves the itching. Katelynn is 8 months old. We have been using it for a month. Even her child care center has a jar for her. She is under the care of a dermatologist and we were not happy using all the medicated lotions. A BIG THANK YOU to Emily's for an all natural product. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone with eczema try Emily's Skin Soother!”

– Karen D.

Red, Itchy 8 Month Old Much Better Since Emily

“My daughter was born with eczema . We took her to many doctors, not knowing why she was so itchy. She's been on so many different medications that just didn't seem to releave the constant itching she was in. And her skin was still always dry and red!
I was at my wits end! I didn't know how to help my child! And no mother wants to feel helpless like that! So I searched on line and came across your products. I was skeptical at first so I had a small jar ordered to test on my daughters skin.
Just in ONE DAY I noticed a difference in her! She didn't itch anywhere near as much as she used too. And her skin isn't red and irritated as it has been.
The caregivers at her daycare were even shocked at the improvement of her skin in just a few days.
DO NOT HESITATE IN BUYING THESE PRODUCTS! I am not a paid spokes person. I am a real mom with a real child with eczema. And my now 8 1/2 month old is so much happier since we started using Emily's just a few weeks ago. Thank you so much for making these products.
We have the liquid soap to try on her dry scalp as well but haven't tested it yet in fear of it getting in her eyes. But once we use it. I'm sure I'll be back again with more wonderful words to say about these products.
The products may not be cheap. But you can't put a price on a child's happiness and health!
Thank you so much for these products!”

– Amie Landsman

Tried All the Lotions at the Store and Nothing Compares

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“A friend referred me to these products because both my sons have eczema. We gave it a try & within a few weeks the eczema was under control. We live by this stuff now. I've tried all the lotions at the store & nothing compares! It def. is a GREAT product! I highly recommend it.”

– Christina Hannigan Hill

Tried Everything the MD Suggested and More for Son's Severe Eczema and Nothing Worked Until Now

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“I LOVE Emily Skin Soothers! My son has had pretty severe eczema since he was 6 months old. He is now 3 1/2 years old. I have tried everything the doctors have suggested and more. Nothing ever really worked. I was on a site one day and saw someone mention Emily Skin Soothers and I've never turned back. This is the ONLY thing that has worked on his skin.”

– Kristin Kaniewski Sherwood

After Trying Everything for 5 Months, Baby's Eczema Better in 2 Weeks with Emily

“I finally found a product I'm in love with... my son is seven months old, has been suffering with severe eczema flare ups since he was around two months old. We had tried every product under the moon including prescription creams with no luck. I searched the internet and came across Emily's skin soothers, I immediately ordered and within two weeks his eczema is almost completely gone. Wish i would have known about this product twelve years ago with my daughter who suffered with the same skin condition till she outgrew it. ”

– Nichole Kurtz

Quick Relief from Severe Psoriasis with Hot Skin Soother

“I am so thankful for Emily Unscented Hot Skin Soother. I have severe psoriasis and this product has been amazing in soothing my red, itchy skin. I had large patches on my legs and elbows and after using the Hot Soother twice a day my patches have broken up and you can actually see the healthy skin showing through and I'm no longer itchy. I've tried everything, prescriptions, creams, biologics, you name it. I've learned that I only want to use natural products because the side effects were worse than the psoriasis. This is the first natural product that has given me relief so quickly. I recommend this for anyone who has a skin condition. Thank you Emily!”

– Kat M.

Nurse says Liquid Soap Soother Helps with Mild Psoriasis in Winter

“I have been using Emily's Skin Soothers for years. In the past few years, I started using the liquid soap. I have a very mild case of psoriasis in addition to very dry skin, especially in winter. The liquid soap does wonders for my skin. I can tell a difference if I skip a few days! It is natural and has a fresh fragrance. It also has a nice creamy lather. I have also used the ointment on me as well as my German Shepherd (he has dry spots). I am so glad they have developed products especially for furry friends!”

– Pamela Ferguson, R.N.

Hives from Chemo Better After Emily Hot Skin Soother

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“My friend's mother is currently going through chemo and started developing hives immediately after each session. She was contemplating quitting chemo early because she just couldn't deal with it. I tried to get her to come in for acupuncture, but she just wouldn't. As a last ditch effort to do something for this woman, I handed my friend my personal jar of Emily's Hot Skin Soother. A few days later my friend thanked me and said the hives are completely under control now. My friend's mom still hasn't come in for acupuncture support, but at least she's suffering less because of your product and will be completing the full course of chemo. Thank you! ”

– Bj Putnam

Burn / Rash from Diapers Better in 3 Days with Hot Skin Soother

“My kids and I both have dry skin to begin with. We also live at 7,000 feet in the Rockies, so that doesn't help with our dryness. Eczema has plagued my youngest son since birth on top of all that. We have done a complete diet overhaul and are pretty good at keeping flare-ups at bay. But, when we ran out of our regular diapers and snagged some from the grocery store to tide us over until ours were delivered, the Eczema Baby got a serious rash. At first it just looked like angry eczema. Then the skin started breaking and oozing and looking burned! Turned out to be a chemical burn from the nasty diapers. Emily's Hot to the rescue! One day of repeated applications and he was done with the broken skin and oozing. Day two, practically healed. We are on day three and couldn't be happier.”

– Lindsey P., Photographer

30 Years of Cracked and Bleeding Feet Better in 3 Weeks

“A friend gave me a small amount of your Emily Baby and Adult Skin Soother to try on my heels. I also used it for my sons feet for about a week. The results were unbelievable! My son is 30 and has Downs Syndrome and his feet have always been cracked and bleeding from November till May. We have tried everything and spent so much on creams, lotions and ointments. I was finally using Vaseline with a little bit of improvement. After trying Emily's we went to Whole Foods and bought our own jar. After 3 weeks of using it daily his feet are healed and as soft as Corinthian leather. I truly can't believe it! I want to show off Patrick's feet to friends and family because they have been part of this " heal his feet " project since he was small. Thank you so much for this wonderful healing soother. Can't wait to try the rest of your products.”

– Barbara M.

Terrible Eczema on Legs Calmed and Healed

“When my daughter was born a friend of mine gave me a sample of the unscented diaper soother. We never really had a diaper rash problem until we suddenly did. I tried another conventional product and that made it worse. I saw that little sample pulled it out and tried it and within one day it was gone (the diaper rash).
Curious I started using it on the terrible eczema I have on my legs...and within a week it had calmed and healed. I have tried all kinds of natural products for my eczema and always have to go back to cortisone creams after a week because my eczema will flare up so badly (which as you know isn't a great solution because it never really fully treats it either.)
Anyway months later and I will never be without this product! A true skin saver for everyone!!
And even better your a local product!!”

– Melissa R.

Rough, Patchy, Red Skin on Baby Better in 1 Week

“As soon as my little girl turned 5months,i noticed this dry patch on her neck and i assumed she was teething and was because of all the drooling especially since she had the chin rash from drooling! The rash got worst and it got bigger. Then i noticed the dry patches appearing on her back and legs. The worst ones started appearing in the creases of her arms and armpits! I thought that was the worst until two massive red,leathery painful circles appeared over night on both her shoulders! I was so worried! Her smooth baby skin was all rough,patchy red and sore looking. I tried everything..bathing her with oatmeal,putting olive oil(that made it worst),vaseline,putting steroid creams i got from GP-Deprobase etc..even got a sample Aveno cream from the chemist! Nothing worked!
One day i was reading online from other mums and i saw the before and after pictures of a mother who had used Emily Diaper Skin Soother and i thought "Yeah right! Another money grabbing scheme" but looked it up anyway. Although i was sceptical,i contacted the company and received a reply from Mike himself who directed me to someone in the UK selling the product. I decided to order only 1 tub and I can tell you,my daughter is now 1 and I have ordered at least 5 tubs!
I put the cream on at least 4 to 5 times a day for 3 days and I started noticing the difference and by the end of the week,except for the ones on her shoulders,the dry patches had completely gone!! The ones on her shoulders and neck took 2 weeks BUT her skin went back to the normal soft,clear baby skin again! I felt i didn't need it again until today due to the cold weather and constant central heating being on,i noticed it starting up again and the first thing i did,place another order!
Do not be put off by the price,it is so worth it!
Thank-you Mike for coming up with such a brilliant,natural product :)”

– Anon.

Emily Saves Piano Teacher's Cracked, Dry, Bleeding, Painful Winter Fingers

“Dear Emily Skin Soothers, I have had a very cold, very dry apartment this Winter. It has been the worst yet. My fingertips were cracked, bleeding and dry, and very painful. This was an huge problem, as my life's work is as a piano teacher and pianist. Less than a week ago, I began to use the Skin Soother Plus on my fingertips and hands before going to sleep. I cannot thank you enough for the enormous relief that your product has brought to me. Not only is the dryness visibly better, but the pain is much improved. I have always loved your products. Now, they have made a life changing difference. With enormous gratitude,”

– Julie Anna Boris, Brookline, MA

Lifelong Scalp Psoriasis 50% Less Itching and Scales Decreasing with Emily Soap

“From a friend: mid-30s male with life long plaque psoriasis. No real relief had been achieved with over the counter products. Prescription meds had grown too expensive. I gave him the Extra Dry to try on the psoriasis and the bar soap to use as shampoo. Firstly, he loves the bar soap as shampoo. It has decreased the size of the scaly patches on his head and he likes the way his hair feels. Secondly, the itching of the plaques has reduced by 50% which is a big deal. Additionally, the skin seems to be regenerating below the plaques which have also been reduced in size. This is after almost 2 weeks of use which seems reasonable after a life of nothing working.”

– Siri Michel, L. Ac., Essential Acupuncture Chicago, www.essentialchicago.org

Baby had acne and eczema. Derm. recommended steroids, Emily cleared it up!! Mom calls it a "miracle"

“When my son was 6 months he started to get really bad acne and eczema on his face and around his nose and eyes. His pedia dermatologist suggested steroids topical oil to put on his skin. The steroids worked but I did not like the long term side effects on his skin and body. Then we came across Emily Skin Soothers and I thought to give it a try since it was natural and I have tried everything else from coconut oil to natural oatmeal soaps. This worked so well my son's skin improved. I was so happy to see his face all cleared up. This is a miracle product!”

– E.N.

Acupuncturist Uses Diaper Plus on Her Toddler's Eczema, Sees Improvement First Day

“My son developed eczema at 14 months. It started near his elbows and soon he had spots on his foot, thigh and calves. I tried to stay away from steroids which was all we were being suggested to use by dermatologists (we saw 3 different dermatologists!) It began to become more severe and irritating for our son. It began to spread to his abdomen and back and a little on his face. We decided it was time to begin dietary modification and chinese herbs since I am an acupuncturist myself. I came across Emily Skin Soothers and decided to give it a try. We used the Diaper Plus and the soap. We saw improvements after the first day! Over the last week it has improved my sons skin greatly! The foot, which was the area with the most irritation is completely clear now. His abdomen, back, and face are completely clear as well! His arms and legs are getting better every day (those are the areas he scratches most so it is taking a little longer). I could not be more happy with the results! I will definitely continue using this product and I will be recommending it to my patients in the future as well!”

– Hoda P., Acupuncturist

Infant Eczema and Diaper Rash, “Emily Has Helped So Much!”

“When my son was born he had dry skin but we didn't really think to much of it. By the time he was three months old he started getting a red patch on his cheek and it just kept getting bigger, he then got it on the other side as well. Then it ended up on his arms and the rest of his body. We tried everything, I researched and researched trying to find different creams that helped other people that might help my son he was miserable. I think we spent hundreds of dollars in different creams to try and find one that helped. I finally found someone online that said Emily's skin soothers helped their little one. I checked out their website and read all the testimonials. I figured I would give a try. When we first got it I thought it was gonna be like every other cream we tried but it started helping after a few days.

He is now 9 months he still gets break outs but it is so much better then before, and I can say that Emily's skin soothers has helped us so much! We also use the diaper soother which works great as well. Only takes a few applications and their diaper rash is cleared. Thank you very much for your great products.”

– Rochelle S.

Customer saving hundreds of dollars by using Emily soap

“...so I got tired of spending hundreds of dollars on face wash, scrubs and moisturizers that didn't seem to help my skin very much. I've been using the Emily unscented skin soothing soap for a couple of weeks now and my skin feels smooth and soft, no breakouts or dry patches. :)”

– Carol Silva Kavanaugh

3 Month Old Crying at Night Due to Eczema Not Crying Anymore

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“My daughter was diagnosed with Eczema when she was 3 months old. We had tried various creams/Lotions to help her, but with no major relief. She would wake up in the night crying and we couldn't do anything to help her itchiness. We would feel so helpless and it was really painful seeing her like that. I used to spend hours surfing the internet for some suggestion/product that I could try. In one of the blogs, a mom mentioned that she used Emily SkinSoothers for her daughter. I immediately ordered Emily skinsoother (green cap).
After using it for a month, she didn't have any more flareups. She is a happy baby now. I am so thankful that I found Emily.
P.S: I have never written reviews for any products before, but for Emily SkinSoothers, I just had to.”

– Amit Edla

Facial Rash: Finally Relief After Months of MDs and Prescriptions

“Emily skin soother saved my toddlers skin. My daughter woke up one day with a rash on her face. I took her to the doctor and they werent sure what it was. We tryed different prescriptions and it kept getting bigger. After months of doctors and treatments my heart couldn't take it anymore so I started doing some online research. I found alot of information about teething rashes. It looked like my daughters rash which had covered her entire left cheek. I found Emilys skin soothers. I didnt have time to order it online so I found a business that carried it and traveled a ways to get it. After using it for one day we saw improvements, dramatic improvement. It has been a few months now and the rash is gone but we still order it and use it often. I dont know what I would do without it now. It gave my heart peace from so much worry and stopped my daughters pain. God bless you and thank you for Emilys Skin Soother”

– Sylvia Garcia, mother

Works as Well as Prescription Meds for Hand Eczema

“Hi Mike, I would like to forward my patient's message to you. She has dry eczema on her hands and I gave her a bottle of ESS Lavendar. Here is what she wrote after a few days of applying the ointment:
“It works so well! I've never found a cream or ointment that has worked this well for my dry skin/eczema besides prescription meds that I would rather stay away from. Thank you so much! The eczema spots are still a little dry but almost gone :)”
Thank you for such a great product!!”

–Renee Chan, Licensed Acupuncturist

Pizza Burn on Face, Amazing Healing in 24 Hours

“Burned my chin on pizza cheese. After 3 days I got a sample of baby and adult skin soothing ointment. 24 hr and 3 applications later the burn had been reduced by 60%. Within 3 days it was gone. Love to cook so I am sure that will not be must last burn, but with Emily's ointment, not a concern.”

– Fran H., RNA

Diaper Plus Works on inflammed hot eczema!*****

“ I have tried a ton of lotions and creams for my 10 month old baby's eczema. I have over 30 different containers of things that have not helped. In the past 10 months Charley's skin has been so bad that we even had to be hospitalized because she scratched so much that the eczema got infected with opportunistic yeast/staph. After finding The Eczema Company we have completely 100% stopped using all steroid creams. We now use two all natural lotions and this is one!! Emily's Diaper Soother (on both her diaper area and also anywhere her eczema occurs)works amazing!!! A nightly ritual of this cream will heal the skin and smells awesome!!”

– Posted on www.eczemacompany.com by Angie on Feb 2 2014

17 Months Stubborn Eczema Not Helped by Herbs, Supplements and Dietary Modifications Better with Emily in Just Days

“My 17mo old daughter has had eczema since she was just 6 weeks old and we had tried just about everything from ointments, herbs, supplements, strict dietary modifications, to strong topical steroids. After hearing several acupuncturists recommend this product, we gave it a try and within a couple days, it got significantly better. Within a few weeks, it's pretty much gone! I will definitely be recommending this product to my patients in the future. Thank you, Emily Skin Soothers!”

– Leah Richard, Student (Oriental Medicine)

16 Year Old Uses Diaper Plus for Rash on Legs and Badly Chapped Lips Too

“I went away to New York for a weekend. Two days after I got home, I saw that I had a rash on both my lower legs. I started using Emily Diaper Skin Soother Plus on Wednesday. I noticed my skin began to improve each day. By Saturday the rash was completely gone. I also had very red blotchy, chapped lips from being at the beach. Since I had the Diaper Skin Soother Plus with me, I tried it on my lips. It cleared them up completely by the end of the day. I highly recommend this product!”

– K.S., 16 yrs old

After Trying 20+ Products with No Relief, Emily Works Like Magic

“So our story is no different than countless other parents whose kids suffer from eczema - - lots of trail and error. We bought practically every lotion available on amazon (more than 20 lotions and balms) and tried every natural oil available (coconut oil, almond oil, etc) but nothing stop our two year old from itching and scratching his arms and legs. We followed a strict organic diet, gave him probiotics, stayed clear of all his food allergens (it's a long list) and even that did nothing to stop his itching.

After months of trying and failing we finally decided to visit a naturopath/chiropractor who used a bio feedback device to test or son and he recommended trying the Emily's skinsoother. We were obviously very skeptical at first since we tried what seemed like everything under the sun and failed to get relief for our son. So with little enthusiasm we gave the original and super dry soother a try.

The original soother didn't help our son (olive oil doesn't suit his skin) much but the super dry skin soother is as close to magic as an eczema parent can wish for. Not only did the super dry skin soother stop the itching but every single time our son gets a flare up the super dry soother eliminates the "angry red" from his skin. I'm so in love with this soother that I don't leave home without it. We have one in every car, diaper bag, daycare and inside both in-laws homes.

If you are reading this testimony like I did on the website then you too will be skeptical (but praying on the inside that you get similar results for your child). If you take the plunge and give these Soothers a try you won't be disappointed.

My other recommendation would be to try the super dry skin soother first... Even if you don't have super dry skin. If it works then you won't need to try the others.

The Emily's Soothers work... Don't be a huge skeptic like me. Just buy the sample pack and try it. You'll be kicking yourself for not trying this sooner. Other parents who wrote testimonials aren't doing this for fun... We want you to have similar results and we know this stuff is going to help your child. Try it. You won't be disappointed.”

– Karan S.

Severe Eczema Whole Life, Emily is Only Product That Has Helped

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“I have had really bad eczema skin (pretty much have all forms of eczema) for most of my life and I'm allergic to most soaps and creams. This has been the first soap and soother I have ever used where not only does my skin feel smoother, softer, moisture, but also it helps every form of eczema I have! My skin is no longer itchy, burning, peeling or bleeding, and no more dark skin where some of eczema is! Thank you so much Emily Skin Soothers!”

– Kateri Autumn Tate

Dog with Frostbite on Ears Heals Faster with Furry Friend

“My puppies best friend, a Weimaraner, got the early stages of frost bite on the tips of her ears this winter. Once the blisters drained we generously applied the furry friend skin soother not only to protect her from more cold weather exposure, but also to help heal the blistered skin wounds. The skin soother was great in helping her ears heal faster and keep her protected through the long winter months!”

– Di Millott

Lavender helps bad cuts and scrapes on face without scarring.

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“I had a bad accident in January that left very bad cuts and scrapes from gravel on my face. I used the Lavender on it a few times a day and it healed perfectly. Virtually NO SCARRING. Really helped soothe and control the scabbiness too.”

– Kathleen Olear

Amazing Relief for Hot, Itchy Autoimmune Rashes

“I have been suffering from an ongoing outbreak of rashes all over my arms chest and face for the past 5 months. It is from an inflammatory autoimmune condition that causes me to break out in a hot & itchy hive like rash which is unbearably uncomfortable. I had tried every OTC anti-itch cream as well as prescription cortisone creams with little to no relief and a few unwanted side effects. Then I found Emily skin soothers at a local shop and was amazed at the instant relief I felt. This stuff is so basic, no funny chemicals, just pure healing goodness! I continue to use this even after the rash is gone as a moisturizer and recommend it to all of my friends, family and massage clients for any skin issues. Keep up the great work Emily Skin Soothers!”

– Anna G., LMT

Infant's Eczema 90% Better in 1 Week

“A couple of weeks after the birth of our second son, we noticed red, dry patches on his cheeks, behind his knees and elbows. When we asked the doctor, she said it could possibly be an allergic reaction from my breast milk. We monitored my diet for several weeks, but saw no change. Our doctor's next diagnosis was eczema, which made sense to us. The product the doctor suggested was loaded with harmful chemicals and was not something I was willing to put on my son's body. After a trip to our local natural health store in Cambridge MA, I found Emily's products! I was enthused and reassured by the ingredients and promise. The fact that the product was locally made was an added bonus! After just one week of use, we noticed that 90% of his eczema was gone!

Emily's has become a staple in our home. On any given day, you can hear myself, my husband and our boy's saying, "Oh, let's put some Emily's on that"! My kids even put it on my forehead when I have a headache :)

We stand by this product and brand 100%!!!”

– Brendyl Christison, MA

Flaming Red, Oozy Rash Better in 4 Days

“There is no other product that compares to the All Natural Emily Skin Soothers line! My 3 month old son broke out into a flaming red, oozy rash all over his chest, as well as the common moist/hot spots. We tried many natural remedies we had around the house that were momentarily helping him with the irritation, but were in no way clearing the rash that had taken over his body. I did not want to head to the doctor and turn to a steroid cream, so we used a few common drug store creams, but nothing worked. After a friend stumbled upon the Emily product, I ordered it straight away. I couldn't wait for it to arrive!

I could not believe how quickly I saw results! I applied the Baby & Adult Skin Soother to the trouble spots that night, and by the following morning, I could not believe the difference in my son's complexion. All the redness was gone, there were areas where the rash had disappeared completely, and the rash that was left, had diminished by a considerable amount. We continued to apply the product a few times a day and by the fourth day you could not tell he had ever suffered from any skin condition. My son continues to have sensitive skin, however, as soon as the Emily is applied, there is immediate relief. I now use this product on my other two children, and as well, my husband and I use it on our own skin. We prefer to use natural, chemical-free products in our home, so we now all use the liquid soap as well. I am so grateful to Emily, her dad, Mike and for this product line.”

– Leigha W., Mother of 3

After So Many Failed Products, Emily Products Are Game Changer for 1 Year Old with Tough to Treat Eczema

“My daughter developed eczema at about 4 months of age. My husband and I noticed red dry patches starting to develop all over her body except her face. Without a second thought (and before I even contacted her doctor) I already knew she was developing eczema, and from the looks of it a pretty harsh case. I thought I could control it by going out and buying the "Other product" baby eczema relief cream and oatmeal bath, and "boom" it will all be over, but little did I know this was going to be a battle we were NOT prepared to fight. Her eczema was a sever dry skin case with big rash patches from her neck down. She would only get little red bumps on her cheeks from time to time. What really caused her agony was her endless need to "SCRATCH" and when doing so she would open her skin, draw blood, and cause scabs and scars. An endless cycle for 7 1/2 months. After countless doctor appointments and the use of product after product (numerous product names omitted to not embarrass other companies, Coconut oil/butter, Oatmeal bathes, and the another eczema skin care line) it seemed as though her skin was just drinking the products and we saw little to no positive results. As she was getting older it also seemed like her eczema was becoming harder to fight. This is when we started to lose our sanity. We could not understand how we are using everything from the list her doctor gave us and yet we haven't even given her eczema a "black eye" in this fight. Now we feel like "how could her doctor educate us just to fail and visit yet again, to try something on her skin yet AGAIN, just to get no positive results" something has to give here. I've cried many nights for her and with her, but always knew in my heart that there was something out there that would change her life. One day while searching the web I came across a photo of a baby's before and after photo and decided to click on it because I was amazed at the results. It took me to the "Emily" website, it took me to my daughter's life changer.
I knew in my heart (before the product had even arrived) that I have finally found the answer to my daughter's eczema. From the first time we applied Emily's to her skin, within hours I could tell that her skin was reacting differently to this product........it was reacting in a positive way! Since I had ordered the whole line, I came up with my own way to apply it to my daughter. I felt she would benefit even more if I used all 3 at the same time. I used the unscented skin soother for her whole body, but before I rubbed her down with that I would use the diaper skin soother first on her rough patches.....wait 5 minutes then apply the unscented. I used the super dry skin soother on her hands in the very beginning because her hands were the driest part of her body. I did this 3 part regimen for a whole week and her skin and hands got so much better and really fast. Now, all we need is the unscented because her skin is normal. We use the diaper soother only for her face when we see her cheeks getting rosy. Also, we use the bar soap for bathing her. If we didn't use the soap I think it would have taken her longer to heal. The soap really prepares the body for the healing process. We have been using Emily's on her for about a month now and she is doing absolutely WONDERFUL!!! Emily's has changed her skin for the better right before she turns 1 years old on 03/11/14! She still has a long way to go to be fully healed from the damage her eczema and dry skin has caused, but we can tell Emily's is working. Her skin is starting to blend together and her dry patches of eczema is starting to soften and fade. No other product we have used has ever made her skin look like this.
Thank you so much for taking the time to make a product not only for your own daughter, but for sharing it with the world. The time and research you have put into this product shows how genuinely it was made out of love for your daughter Emily, and now all of us and our children. You are appreciated!!!”

– Kendra McCarty

Mild Eczema on 2 Month-Old Cleared Up Fast with Liquid Soap Soother

“I can't thank you enough for creating your liquid soap, at 2 months my little one was diagnosed with mild eczema, and although he didn't seem to itch much it was all over, legs, arms, torso, back, head and face. Being a first time mom I immediately went to research online, I tried many products before coming across your website, from Aveeno to coconut oil and even made my own lotion out of breast milk and beeswax, and although they would seem to work, it was never long term...sure enough my munchkin would flare up again so back to the web I researched and came across your website I figured I had nothing to lose. I was amazed at what a difference the soap made, within a week I could see a difference! No redness and his dry spots cleared up FAST!! We've used nothing but your liquid soap since. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!”

– Marla C.

Rash from IV Lasted 3 Years but Gone on 5 Days After Emily

“Three years ago I spent a week at hospital because of arrythmia. The problem started the summer before as a lightning bolt in ball form exploded right behind my back. The hospital gave me many kinds of strong medication intra venously, but finally only an electric shock did the trick.
Later on a red, dry, burning rash started to slowly expand on my arm. It grew on the area of some IV-damaged veins; there was some persistent swelling too.
I used several salves and ointments that moistened the rash a bit but did not cure it. Then I got Emily Skin Soother Babies and Adults, unscented, and used it on the rash. It disappeared in 3-5 days, and has stayed away - now for five weeks. There is only very little swelling left. I was very happily surprised.
I´m chemically oversensitive, so Emily Skin Soothers seem to be perfect for me for my other small skin problems too, like dry skin, chapped heels, some small psoriasis spots and itching. Besides, I can enjoy the natural good smell, and have no allergic reactions.”

– Elina Hytonen, Acupuncturist and Author, Finland

Years of Dry, Cracked Skin Better in Days

“My kids and my skin are extremely dry, to the point of cracking. We started using Emily's skin soothers (ointment, bar soap and liquid soap) and within days our skin was back to normal. Years of testing products, seeing doctors, using steroid ointments, nothing worked until I discovered Emily's last year. I would never use another product! Thank you!!!!”

– S.P.

Itchy, Cracked, Bleeding Hands Better in 24 Hours

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“My hands were so itchy red and cracked they literally bled if I opened or closed my hands. 48 hrs later and a few applications and I can bend my hands blood & pain free!! I've used it in my son 3 times and his eczema is softer not so red so it seems to be working! I've applied to both toddlers faces that were wind chapped and after 1 application that was fully cleared!! 1more issue I had a reaction(bad) to a natural cleaning product.... My harms are so red hot and bumpy it seems to be healing and less hot! I can not believe how many successful uses in 3 days!!! U guys rock!! I'm a believer!! Everything stung my hands to the point where they would get to hot and red almost swollen. I can't believe I can bend them I wish I took pics.”

– Melissa Forte Epstein

Best Thing Ever for Keratosis Pilaris (KP). Amazing Results.

“I wanted to send you a few lines to let you know how much I love your products. I, myself, have had Keratosis Pilaris for as long as I can remember and nothing has ever treated it as well as your products have. I purchased the sample pack to try out on my babies (both under the age of 3) and it worked so well that I thought, "What the heck? Might as well give it a go and see what it can do for me." Well, the results are amazing. Since using the liquid soap and following up with an application of the dry skin soother balm over the last 2 weeks, I have seen a dramatic decrease in the dryness and redness of the Keratosis. I've even used the diaper skin soother on a prodromal shingles rash without the rash ever fully expressing itself because of the effectiveness of the soother.. Thank you for the simplicity of your products, and for developing something that I consciously feel sound in using and recommending to patients!


– Selena Wooley, Acupuncture Physician http://www.rhythmacupuncture.net/

Acupuncturist Uses Emily Products on Her Own Child and Mother

“It's hard to put into words how remarkable these products are. Currently, I have our house stocked with the Diaper Skin Soother, Baby & Adult Skin Soother, and the Super Dry Skin Soother. The products have been wonderful for my little girl, the redness and irritation from her eczema resolved within 2 days!

I am most excited about the Super Dry Skin Soother, it is the ONLY product to provide relief for my mother's extremely dry, cracked and painful hands.

Thank you!”

– Kristen Markwith, Licensed acupuncturist

Rash from New Brand of Diapers Gone in 3 Days with Diaper Plus

“ At 5 months, my daughter developed a diaper rash when we switched diaper brands. At the same time she developed a sand paper type rash all over. The diaper rash was very red and the skin looked like it was about to start peeling. We had tried about 5 different zinc type creams for diaper rash but none would make it any better. I found Emily skin care products when I was researching eczema and was very intrigued that the products were all natural. I ordered a 5 pack with one each of the different skin soothers and I immediately started using the diaper soother on arrival. Within three days her diaper rash was completely gone. No more redness or peeling. The skin looked brand new. I had also started using the lavender soother as her after bath nighttime moisturizer which made the sandpaper rash on the rest of her body disappear as well.

These are now the only products we will use on our daughters' delicate skin. And the fact that the ingredients are all natural make this momma very happy. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. ”

– C.D.

Rash Around Waist Band of Diaper Better with Emily

“My son has had itchy red patches behind his knees and around his waist band of diaper. The waist is the worst!! Since we started using the salve we can keep it under control!!! I'm so happy we found something natural that works!! The pediatrician keeps suggesting cortisone creams! We love the liquid soap as well!! It's so soothing!!! I can't wait to try the bar soap on myself!!”

– Laurie B., R.D.H.

20 Years Hand Eczema with Severe Dryness and Non-Healing Fissures Better With Emily

“I have had eczema on my hands for 20 years. It would go through the red, weepy and itchy stage into the severely dry stage with fissures that would not heal. My hands constantly felt like hundreds of tiny shards of glass were sticking in them. After I stopped using latex gloves, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, and fragrances, the eczema did lessen in severity but was still a constant issue. But I am happy to report that after using Emily's Skin Soothers (alternating Unscented and Extra Dry) for the past year, I have not had any weeping or itching. Now, I only experience occasional fissures that close up after one night of applying Emily's on my hands and covering with disposable nitrile gloves while I sleep. In the morning, the fissure is healed completely, which is amazing because it used to take weeks for one to finally close. It is such a relief to not be in constant pain! My hands are still dry, especially in the winter, because, as an acupuncturist, I wash them very often. But Emily's liquid soap really helps with that, too! I am so happy with my results that I recommend Emily's products to my patients with skin issues. It also clears up my 6 year old niece's eczema whenever she has a flare from certain allergens. I couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you Emily's Skin Soothers!!”

– Valerie Kurek, Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) www.blacksheepacupuncture.com

Emily Helps Hot Weather Eczema Without Stinging or Burning

“I have suffered with eczema most of my life, but now only get flare up in hot weather affecting my eyes, neck an arm and leg joints. This is a bit of a problem as I am a regular visitor to the Caribbean! I have just spent a month in the Caribbean and I used Emily Skin Soother and soap whilst I was there. I was able to manage my flare ups with daily use (usually about 2-3 times per day) and for the first time in as long as I can remember, I did not have to ring home to ask someone to arrange a doctors appointment for me on my return. The products are gentle and unlike some products do not sting or burn when applied. I would highly recommend ESS products and will be ordering more for myself and my clients - I work as an Acupuncturist in London, England.”

– C.S., Lic. Ac., BSc (Hons)

Emily Helps 3 Month Old With Rash On Face

“I discovered your products at my local spa (Nutrapy in Hanover) and purchased the cream for my then 3 month old daughter, Liliana. She had a rash spread over her face and I couldn't figure out how to relieve it. I used the cream, as directed, and the rash disappeared within two weeks. Liliana is now 7 months old. I still use it today and wouldn't be without it. Thank you!”

– Annie Pickert Fuller, Photographer

Raw, Sore, Eczema-like Skin Allergy Healed by Emily

“My beautiful daughter was suffering from what doctors told us was eczema. Her face and bum were raw and sore. As usual we were given steroid cream for treatment. Unsatisfied with this treatment option I went searching for an alternative that would not leave her skin vulnerable to infection and damage. I tried many natural options with ok results..then I found Emily! This changed everything! I purchased both the Diaper soother and the Original soother. I used the Diaper Soother when her skin was "erupting" and the Original Soother when her skin was flaky and red. After about a week of alternating the two soothers....her skin was pink..but not raw..a bit dry..but not flaky..I finally saw results. Fast forward 3 months and a conversation with my accupuncturist...We realised that Lily did not have eczema at all...but an allergy! After much experimentation we figured out the allery and thanks to Emily Skin Soothers her skin has healed. I will never be without it! It is a safe solution to every skin issue my family has ever had. Thank you so much for your wonderful products! ”

– Krista E., Mom

Emily Unscented Soothes Skin Irritation from Bleached Toilet Paper

“My 4 year old daughter and I have a negative reaction to mainstream, bleached toilet paper that a lot of people seem to use. When I first tried the Emily "Adult and Baby Skin Soother", the irritation went away instantly. I also rely on it for other minor skin irritations and rashes. We never travel without this product. I love the pureness and limited ingredients. I also have immense respect and appreciation for Chinese herbs and their applications and wish more companies would include them and give up all of the toxic chemicals that poison our blood stream! Thank you for creating products with integrity!”

– Jennifer M.

Persistent Pain, Itching and Redness of Eczema Around Eyes Much Better with Unscented Emily

“Emily Skin Soothers is an absolutely fantastic product that I would recommend to everyone. Before finding Emily's at Whole Foods, I had tried many different creams and balms to help ease the pain, itching and redness of persistent eczema around my eyes. Nothing helped to alleviate my symptoms and in many cases the products I used would just make the situation worse. Fortunately, I did find and decided to try the unscented Emily Skin Soothers and it made my quality of life so much better. It's the only product that actually helped to calm my skin and the feeling of relief was absolutely wonderful! My burning, itching, raw, red skin was finally under control. Recently, I learned that I'm most likely gluten intolerant and after going on a gluten free diet, my eczema has cleared up considerably. However, I will still continue to use Emily Skin Soothers because it's such a good product. I use the unscented balm on my lips, face and hands because it moisturizes so well. I'd be lost without it and will be a customer for life!”

– Angela, P.

Super Dry Helps Swollen Knuckle Overnight

“About five months ago I hyper-extended a finger-joint, and though it mostly recovered quickly, the knuckle has remained swollen and hard since. Because one of the things the Emily products do is support circulation of blood and chi, I decided to try some of the Super-dry formula on my knuckle. And the next day, the swelling had already reduced! The hardness from the debris and whatever else was stuck is palpably dissolving. I'm continuing to use the salve every day, and continue to see improvement. I think these salves would be great for others to try on older injuries to support the healing process! Thank you for a lovely product!”

– Jenn Atkins, herbalist, CNC, EastWest student

Many Uses for the Whole Family

“I started using Emily's when a neighbor recommended it for my son's eczema on his face. It worked like a charm! Most recently, I took it on vacation and used it on our faces to help with sunburn........this stuff really works. We always have Emily's in our home. Anytime my kids have a rash...the Emily's goes on. We absolutely LOVE this product! I've even used the dog product for itching and irritated skin on my dogs!”

– L.L.

Extreme Lip Allergy, Tried Every Med, Emily Soothed it in a Day

“I have suffered for the past year with an extreme allergy to any type of lipstick, chapstick, acidic foods or anything with a strong fragrance that comes near my lips. I've been to several dermatologists, had several skin allergy tests, tried every medicine and natural lipstick, and googled everything imaginable to find out how to soothe my skin. I stumbled upon the Emily All Natural Baby & Adult Skin Soother really as a last resort at a health food store while on the way to my friend Emily's lakehouse (not related to this Emily but I thought it was some sort of sign so I bought it!). Within a day the redness and irritation was gone. I finally found a product that helps. Thank you for creating this wonderful, all natural product!!! ”

– Kristy Morgan, Owner, Ceeta Marketing.

Immediate and Amazing Results on Rosacea with the Lavender Skin Soother

“I was diagnosed with a mild case of rosacea a few weeks ago and prescribed a cream medication by my dermatologist. After a few days of using the prescription I developed headaches and a general feeling of "not feeling well " which I could only attribute to the medicated cream.

A friend, who is a patient of Mike Arsenault's, purchased some Emily skin care soap and lavender cream for me after discussing my condition with Mike during one of her treatments. The results were immediate and amazing. After only two uses my face was amazingly better and continued use on a daily basis has kept my face clear and without evidence of the rosacea. I recommend the Emily products unconditionally to anyone. They speak for themselves.”

– Donald W.

Red, Itchy, Raw Skin Allergies on Boston Terrier Better in Days!

“My Boston Terrier has skin allergies every summer and this year was the worst I've seen. He was extremely red and itchy on his underside. He incessantly scratched and licked his skin raw and even gave himself several sores. I tried coconut oil b/c I was afraid to use any of the chemical laden stuff I had seen in stores considering he was licking so much. I came across the Emily Skin Soothers for Furry Friends and after messaging a few questions and receiving an almost instant response, I decided to give it a try. My husband tried it as soon as it arrived and was impressed with how much it seemed to help almost instantly. (He's usually very skeptical) We applied it sporadically over the next few days and haven't had an issue since. I'm definitely a believer in the product and the customer service is outstanding!”

– Shannon G.

Painful Pregnancy Rash Better in One Day--Best $40 Ever Spent

“Hi. Im from Australia and have just received my order of Emily skin soother. I bought it for my pregnant daughter who has been suffering from very painful, irritating dry skin on her face and neck since she has been pregnant. She has spent so much money on doctors , specialist appointments and medication which has not improved her condition.
I received the cream yesterday. She has applied it 4 times and the results are amazing. No itching,no irritation, her skin feels and looks smoother and now is a more even colour, no red patches.
She is happy to be seen in public now.
I was a bit sceptical about purchasing the cream, but my thoughts were whats $40 ( I bought 2 jars as I have 2 daughters) when she has spent so much money on other medication without results.
This was the best $40 I have ever spent.
Thank you from her and me.”

– Sue Biddle

8 Month's Old Eczema Clear in 3 Days After Trying 1 Million Other Products

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“Absolutely amazing. I have to admit I was skeptical... but after trying a million products for my 8 month old daughter's eczema, I decided to give your product a try. And it's only been 3 days... and it's all cleared up! I am so grateful. It's so hard seeing your child itch and scratch. Thank you, thank you, thank you! WIth gratitude, Nina and baby Elise :)”

– Nina Cutter

Glowing Reviews from Emily users on ConsciousBox.com

(User reviews from ConsciousBox.com.)

P Braglia
Reviewed: April 23, 2013
The Best Hand Lotion On The Market
I LOVED this salve. I have very dry hands in the winter and am always purchasing new, promising to heal lotions. This was the best product I have ever tried! It healed my hands overnight. I scraped every last bit out of the jar. I then found on their website locations where it is sold in my area. Highly recommend this product. So thankful this acupuncturist made it!

Rachel Jacobs
Reviewed: April 1, 2013
A Delightful Find
This was a God-send. I have such dry hands and having this delightful and quality product to use on them has meant so much. My hands are so much smoother and softer...plus no cracking from the dryness I was previously experiencing.

Reviewed: March 23, 2013
Not what I expected (In a really GOOD way!)
I will have to say, when I saw this item in my box, my first thought was "Oh, man...not another skin balm!!" and planned to put it in the diaper bag for back up. Soon after, I noticed how prickly, scratchy and dry my elbow had become. That little jar of Emily Baby was the closest thing on hand so I put some on. That dry skin is nowhere to be found after just that one application! As soon as I use up what I have, I may just have to buy a full sized jar to keep in my bedroom. It was fast acting, not stinky, and not greasy!

18 Year Old with Whole Body Eczema Gets Results in Days

“I started with eczema on my hands, after seeing a doctors and dermatologist I realized nothing they were prescribing me was going to work because it was all steroids. I was told I had hypersensitive skin and was allergic to dust. The thinning from the steroids just made my skin even more sensitive to my environment because you can't hide from dust. Eventually it started to spread and now I am covered head to ankles with eczema.
I finally realized I need to try to find a natural way to heal my body because I have completely given up on doctors and dermatologist.Finally I took a trip to my local food market and one of the sales ladies recommend that I try "Emily". I was desperate and willing to try anything that sounded promising.
Diane showed me her arm where she had burned her self while cooking the night before and she said she had applied the "Super Dry Skin Soother" to her burn. Her arm looked like it had already healed and her burn had been there a week, when in fact it hadn't. I was in awe and was sold as soon as I saw that.

After two days of testing "Super Dry Skin Soother" out on my hand I noticed a difference in my skin. It was healing, I was itching less, my hand was becoming one color and I was happy with the results after such short use.
I now use the "Diaper Skin Soother" on my lips because I would wake up in the mornings with dry, cracked, swollen lips and I would end up with cold sores as a result of them being so dry. I put it on before I go to bed and wake up with smooth lips. I use the "Super Dry Skin Soother" on my hands because thats where my eczema looks the worst, and I have the "Baby & Adult Skin Soother"(unscented) for all over my body.
This stuff is a miracle, I could probably cry. I am 18, living in a new area and having a problem finding a job because I see the way people would stare at me when I would simply go to the food market with my arms exposed. Now I know once I continue my use with "Emily" my self esteem will come back, and hopefully I will have an easier time trying to find a job with less stress.
I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with skin problems, burns, cuts, dry skin/hands... anyone that may seem to benefit from it!(:


– J.B.

After 1 Year of Eczema, All Signs Gone with 1 Week of Emilys

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“My 3yr old daughter suffers from a "minor" case of eczema. For a year now we have been trying everything, some products helped clear it, but a couple days later it would come back. I wish I could share a before and after photo, but her eczema is on her bottom and back of her legs, so I couldnt expose, but after 1 week of using your skin soother, all signs of eczema are gone! Thank you for making such a natural, safe product for people that are suffering from skin irritations, we are truly grateful.”

– Sharon Ackerman

Super Dry Great for Sensitive Skin in 7th Month Old After Swim Class

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“I'm obsessed with super dry in case anyone was wondering. I use it all over on my 7m old after swim class. He has really sensitive skin and a couple patches of mild eczema on his back and 1 leg which is a non issue except for after swimming. Although, it's not an issue at all because after slathering him in SuperDry he has soft , clear , happy skin from head to toe! :)”

– Sarah Luck

Infant with Whole Body Eczema Better Overnight

“ I noticed some lightly raised red rashes around the neck area of my two weeks old newborn. I thought it was a heat rash so I did nothing, about a week after it has spread all over his body. Immediately, I took him to his pediatrician and was told its dried skin/ eczema. The doctor said to stop using the A----o products but to use C------l lotion and wash, also to apply a pea size hydrocortisone. On my way back from the doctor's office I stopped by a natural store "natural kitchen" to purchase mothers milk and asked if they had something for dried skin, they recommended "Emily", I bought it but didn't use it until after a week of using C------l. My husband encouraged me to try it (Emily) out, I did only on a small spot, lo and behold, the next morning, only within 4hrs there wasn't any rashes on the area applied. I was so elated. Immediately, I checked out your website, got your number and called right away. Mike called me back but I couldn't talk much cos' I had to care for my baby.”

– Peace O., Health Inspector

Emily Liquid Soap Used as Shampoo Alternative and Gets Rid of Dandruff

“ I had dandruff and wanted to use a natural shampoo. All the shampoos I researched had a few bad ingredients. Then I decided to use the Emily liquid soap as a shampoo. I was already using it on my newborn. It took almost 4 months for my hair to get used to a shampoo without conditioner and it was really tangled when I got out of the shower. But eventually my hair got used to it and now it's almost tangle free and I don't have dandruff anymore either.”

– Candy J.

Years Long, Severe Dryness on Face Better in One Week with Super Dry Soother

“I have had severe dry skin on my face for a few years now. I have seen a dermatologist who recommended a couple of different products to use and none of them have worked. My husband works for Whole Foods and asked one of his coworkers if they could recommend anything to use and they told him about Emily dry skin soothers. He bought it and I have been using it for less than one week and already notice a great improvement. My skin doesn't feel like sandpaper like it always did and is improving more and more every day. It was always very embarrassing having the dry flakey skin and I am SO happy to have found this product! Thank you so much for making this!!!”

– Jennifer Tolos

Son's Eczema Requires Less Steroid Use with Emily

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“Your products work wonders on our son's eczema. Really helps us space out the steroid use. Before Emily's we couldn't go more than three days without a new outbreak. Now it's a good two weeks and his skin is sooooo soft!!!”

– Carolann Webb

NO Steroids for Pregnant Mom with Eczema

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“Emily's has been a life saver!! I have been able to avoid steroid creams my entire pregnancy (currently 8.5 months along) and my eczema has never looked better! It's helped my son's skin a ton too. Thank you!”

– Jenna Stowers

No More Eczema Flare-ups for 7 Year Old

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“My grandaughter was diagnosed with eczema at age 7. Her feet were just covered with what looked like blisters and cracks. We did all the things the drs prescribed, but she still had flare-ups. She then got it on her hands, not fun ! I saw Emily on a news show and figured, it's all natural so couldn't hurt. It worked so well she never has a flare-up. Now when her hands or feet get dry or the skin starts to peel, she reaches for Emily. I use it for dry hands and feet in the winter, it's great. I love this so much, I gave jars to my neice (nurse practioner in a children's hosp) and my nephew ( intern in a Children's hosp). They use it every night to counteract all the hand washing and sanitizing they do during the day. We are happy customers!”

– Betty Carroll

Liquid Soap and Soother Improves Dry, Sensitive, Itchy Skin in Four Days

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“We just received the skin soothing Soother and the liquid soap for my daughter. She does not have escema but she has very dry, sensitive itchy skin! We have noticed a difference in just four short days. Her skin is already showing huge signs of improvement. She is very picky about how things feel on her skin and she loves this. Thank you so much”

– Jennifer C Gerrior Kefalas

Huge Improvement in Psoriasis with Emily Super Dry

“So grateful for Emily skin soothers. I have several allergies so I need to use natural products but have found other products drying and don't really work. I have tried many different steroids for my psoriosis that didn't work well and burned my skin. I use the extra dry skin soother every day and it keeps my skin hydrated and I have seen a huge improvement on my psoriosis which got worse after the birth of my baby. ”

– Bonnie F.

Scrapes and Hot Spots in Shepherds Better Quickly With Furry Friend Skin Soother

“Our 9 year old German Shepherd had a scrape on his nose that did not respond to treatment-- after 3 applications of emily it was completely healed.
A friend tried emily on hot spots his German Shepherd had had for some time- they cleared up in less than a week-an amazing product!”

– A.M.

Professor Gives Emily Accolades for Rather Dry Skin

“Over the years I tried several products to help with rather dry skin. At last I found Emily's Skin Soothers! This cream, based primarily on olive oil, does wonders for the skin. I recommend it highly!”

– Professor Shirley Sullivan

Acupuncturist's Patients Love Emily Products

“I am an acupuncturist and recommend Emily products to my patients all the time. My patients LOVE Emily Skin Soothers products, and I have seen them be effective for all sorts of skin issues - from dry skin to chronically itchy skin to eczema and dermatitis. I can tell week-to-week whether patients have been using Emily Skin Soothers because the difference in their skin tone is that noticeable. I love that I feel completely comfortable recommending Emily products to my patients, as I know they are safe, natural, and effective remedies. I have a number of mothers who like to use Emily soaps on their young children, because they are natural and gentle. I would recommend that EVERYONE try Emily products - I use them myself all the time, just to keep my skin looking and feeling healthy, clean, and fresh.”

– Marcie Griffith, Lic.Ac. Stepping Stone Acupuncture & Wellness LLC

Severe Diaper Rash, Cracked and Bleeding, Gone in 24 Hours with Emily Diaper Plus

“My son was a few weeks old when he developed a severe diaper rash...cracking and bleeding. I tried numerous all natural/organic diaper rash medications with no success. (I prefer to not use any chemicals or such on my kiddos...they all have sensitive skin.) A friend recommended the diaper rash cream and after sharing a little with me, my son's rash was gone within 24 hours. I have not and will not purchase any other diaper rash cream again! It's amazing!”

– H.R., Mom of 4

After Years of Ring Finger Dermatitis, “Amazing, My Finger is back to Normal!”

“For years I have suffered eczema-like symptoms on my ring fingers. I've tried everything over the years and nothing has helped, not even the prescription topicals my doctor recommended. A while ago on a visit to my holistic veterinarian for treatment for my dog, she had mentioned Emily's for his dry nose and any skin issues he may have. It worked wonderfully for him! So on my last trip to the holistic vet I asked her recommendation for my inflamed finger and she again recommended Emily's Baby and Adult Skin Soother. I figured I had tried everything else, and it had worked for my dog so why not give it a try. Well - all I can say is AMAZING!! The second I start to see inflammation I just throw some of the Emily's on and just keep reapplying throughout the day and before I know it, my finger is back to normal! I have recommended this product to my friends as well and they are having the same amazing results. Thank you so much to the wonderful people at Emily's for making s! uch an amazing product!! Emily's will forever be in use in my household!!”

– Lynda T, Dog Trainer

Cat with Itchy Ears from Allergies Dramatically Better in Days

“My cat, Iressa, has had an unknown allergy for several years. It appears to be seasonal and, while the antihistamines help, they have not been working as well lately. She's scratched raw spots into the backs of both ears.

A Facebook friend mentioned Emily Furry Friends Skin Soother, knowing I use as few chemicals on myself, the cat, and in the house. So, I ordered it.

After one day of applying the product to Iressa's ears I noticed she seemed much calmer and was scratching less. Now, after more than one week and applying it twice daily, her scratching has dramatically diminished. I am no longer giving her the antihistamines (which she hated taking). Her allergy is still present, but it is comforting to both Iressa and I that she isn't scratching continuously as this was a huge problem. The product has brought her great comfort.

I love that the product does not have a noticable scent. Cats are reluctant to have smelly things put on them. I love that it is safe for the cat (or dog) to consume since they lick everything that goes on them. The price is excellent. Customer service is excellent, and friendly.

I would definitely recommend this product to any pet owner....”

– Jacqualine-Marie B.

Seven Year Old with Severe Eczema Gets Amazing Results in Just 4 Days

“I am a licensed acupuncturist. I carry the Emily's Skin Soother products in my office and have had many great success stories, from help with simple dry skin to severe eczema.

The most recent great success was with a 7 year old girl with severe, dry, itchy eczema all over her body. She has had this condition since birth with very little success using other creams, ointments and medically prescribed treatments. After 4 days of daily application of the original Skin Soother, her skin is healed and she has stopped her constant scratching. After stopping the product for several days, the eczema has not returned. The parents are keeping it on hand to reapply at the earliest sign!”

– Robin Chapman, LicAc. (Holden Acupuncture)

Liquid Soap Soother Great For Pets Too

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“Just wanted to let you know i have been using Emily's liquid soap on my yorkie...no dry skin, clean shiney coat! Love it! :-))))”

– Melissa Parker

Your Diaper Skin Soother is Amazing!

“My son, whose first birthday is today, has never suffered from severe diaper rashes. until last week! It was horrible, bright red with splotches that looked like the skin had burned. He was in SO much pain, screaming every time we changed his diaper. I tried several other diaper rash ointments (including big brand stuff and all-natural stuff) with no success, and I decided to give Emily's Diaper Skin Soother a try. I could tell it eased the pain immediately. I saw tremendous improvement within the first couple of days of use, and now 5 days later he's as good as new. Thank goodness he won't have a sore bum on his first birthday! I definitely plan on using this as a preventative ointment, as well. And I'm so glad it's cloth diaper safe!”

– Susannah W.

Emily is The Only Thing I Use on Dry Lips and Eyelids from Eczema

“I have had eczema and otherwise very sensitive skin my whole life. I was tired of using steroid products which hardly worked and were ultimately bad for my skin, plus I started getting dry irritated skin on my lips and eyelids. A friend send me a link to the Emily products, because of the name, admittedly! I jumped on the dry skin smoother and have never looked back. It's the only thing I use on my face, now, and I use it in combination with other products on the rest of my body. It is the only product I use on my lips as every other balm makes me break out, and the price is absolutely unbeatable as a pot lasts months. Thank you Emily and team!”

– Emily D.

Hot Spots and Chewed Tail: "Nothing else we tried -we tried EVERYTHING - even made a dent in the issue."

“Our 6 year old Great Dane developed a condition called 'Happy Tail Syndrome' where the skin on the end of his tail split open and became red and irritated. He refused to leave it alone and after a while he had developed a hot spot on his tail that nothing seemed to help. We started using the Furry Friend Skin Soother and within a couple of days the area had become much less red and inflamed. He is continuing to improve. We also used the product on some other areas that were irritated from the cold weather and they were completely cleared up within a week or so. Nothing else we tried - and believe me, we tried EVERYTHING - even made a dent in the issue. ”

– Shawna Ciampa

“Best Diaper Ointment on the Planet” Says Acupuncturist and Mom

“When my 2.5 year old son was itching from winter eczema, and the very expensive hypo-allergenic OTC product that used to work, stopped working, I reached out to other herbalists about how I can help my son without using a sesame based salve because he deathly allergic to sesame. Several practitioners told me to try Emily Skin Soothers. After have wonderful success using unscented Emily Skin Soother (the one in the green bottle) we anxiously awaited the release of Emily Diaper ointment. As soon as it was released we used it on our son with spectacular results. Soon thereafter, I brought the Emily line of products into my office to sell for my patients replacing another brand that was sesame oil based. After selling the diaper ointment to several patients for their babies severe diaper rash I hereby proclaim that Emily Skin Soother Diaper is the BEST diaper ointment on the planet. Several of my patient's baby's bottoms were so red, with bleeding skin peeling off and Emily diaper ointment is the only product that not only healed it, but then prevented it from coming back. It is the only diaper ointment that we use with our son, that I sell from my office, and on my websites.”

– Juliette Aiyana, L.Ac., Herbalist, Founder of Aiyana Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs NYC and HealthyStuffU.com

Furry Friend Helps With Chafing, Scratches and Scrapes

“Our Greyhound, Zeppelin, has had a really rough go as far as his skin is concerned. As a result of being caged on a racing track and constantly rubbing against the cage, he came to us completely bald under his belly, chest, neck and back legs. He has to wear sweaters and jackets when it's cold outside, and they sometimes chafe his joints. We used "Emily for Pets" and I noticed he didn't seem as bothered by the rubbing as much. It prevented new rubbing, and if he licked it off, I had the piece of mind that it wasn't harmful to his system.

I've also used it on our Border Collie's feet. She constantly scratches and scrapes up her feet when she runs through the woods. A little "Emily" on her feet, and she seems to feel much better. Way better than the sting of Peroxide, and I feel better that it's not harmful if she licks it off. Plus, it's been great for my hands, too! ”

– Melissa McCue-McGrath, CPDT-KA

Super Dry Helps with Dry Skin from Cockayne Syndrome

“Aaron has Cockayne Syndrome or for short CS. He is less than four foot and only weighs 37 pounds. What is Cockayne you ask? Well, it's a rare life threaten disease that he was diagnosed with the age of 8. The medical definition for Cockayne is a premature ageing disorder that leads to a shortened life expectancy. The doctors said his life expectancy would be 12 years of age. So far, to our great surprise, Aaron will be 25 this coming May.

With Emily's Super Dry Smoother has helped Aaron with his dry skin. It has relieved the dry itchy patches that he would scratch raw. Thank you so much for developing this product to help my son. I can't wait for our next retreat so I can share this with other parents. God Bless you and you Company. ”

– Mary Ann Ricke and Aaron

Emily Helps with Winter Rash on Hands and Fingers

“Emily Skin Soother products have made such a difference to my enjoyment of winter! I get a very itchy rash on my hands, particularly my fingers, and have found that the itch and redness are controlled by the products so well - I'm so happy to not be using the chemical products that I have used before. I like to be able to keep my body as chemical-free as possible. The ingredients of the Emily products are so natural and safe to use. Thank you!!”

– Emily K.

Veterinary Acupuncturist Uses Emily Furry Friend on Her Own Dog

“I tried the Emily's Skin Soother on my elderly dog's front limb. She had been experiencing inflammation and irritation from a ruptured sebaceous cyst. I was concerned it would turn into a hot spot. She did great! After two applications about 2 days apart, the wound was closed, less red and a non-issue for her. And,it hasn't returned. Thank you Mike and Emily's!”

– Claire M., Acupuncturist

Strange Rash on Shins Gone Before the Dermatologist Appointment

“I began to develop strange rashes on the shins of my legs that started out with some slight itching and soon began to spread rapidly. I literally had no clue whatsoever what I was dealing with and thought it could be anything, including skin cancer.

The skin condition kept getting worse until I went to see my general practitioner who assured me it wasn't cancer. He suggested it was probably dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema, and that I should try some moisturizer and go see a dermatologist.

I began using Emily Skin Soother on the rash that same day. By the time I went to see the dermatologist, my skin had almost completely healed. I never bothered to use the prescription given to me by the dermatologist and now, only weeks later, thanks to Emily Skin Soother, my skin is 100% healed.”

– Marc S.

Daycare Provider Tried Everything for Her Son's Eczema and Nothing Helped, Until Emily

“My son has had TERRIBLE eczema since he was a baby. We had tried every prescription medicine, topical steroids everything under the sun...and nothing had worked.
We decided to go the natural route and discovered your product. Awesome, it works so well. Using Emily's on a daily basis has dramatically reduced his eczema flares and keeps his skin so much smoother. We even use it on our older son just as a regular moisturizer we are hooked. The boys ask for it by name! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Thank you for your product it is priceless if it makes my son's skin better. ”

– Beth Bettigole, Daycare Provider

Clinical Herbalist Says that Emily is the Only Remedy that Works for Her Son's Eczema

“My son has had mild eczema since birth. Most of it is gone, but there is a recurrent patch that comes back on his thigh. Emily's Skin Soother is the only topical remedy that will reduce the inflammation, itchiness and scaliness. Whenever we use it consistently, it goes away within a matter of days. Thank you for creating such a wonderful and effective product. It's the only topical salve I recommend to my clients with eczema.”

 Melanie Flach, Clinical Herbalist
Faculty at Boston School of Herbal Studies

Best Solution for Dry Skin from Skiing

“My hands are terribly effected by cold weather and I love to ski. Mike's Emily's Skin Smoother and Soap are the best solutions to my problem. I have been recommending and gifting his products to people for years. You just can not buy a better soap or skin smoother.”

– Rick Hydren

Cloth Diapered Baby Gets Huge Improvements from Diaper Plus in Just 24 Hours

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“My daughter is cloth diapered so there arent a ton of diaper cream options for us. Occasionally she gets rub marks on her thighs and it gets pretty raw and irritated. A fellow cloth diaper friend makes a home made cloth diaper safe cream th...at really works on my daughters skin. well, my daughter is teething and on an antibiotic for an ear infection and her diaper area is a mess! i went through all my friends cream and asked her to send me more, but she is across the country so it will be a good few days before it arrives. I went to Johnsons Compounding in Waltham in a panic looking for a solution and they recommended your diaper cream. I read all the testimonials from your clients and decided to give all your products a try on myself and my 2 daughters. I have only been using the diaper cream for less than 24 hours, but I already see a huge improvement on my daughter! I cant wait to try the soap and lotions on my older daughter who has eczema and has been itching away!”

– Corrie Doyle Luongo

Sore on Dog's Elbow Would Not Go Away Until Using Emily Furry Friend

“My dog, rocky, had a sore on his elbow that just wouldn't not go away until we began using your special cream. We applied it regularly for several weeks and he is as good as new. It was easy to use...not too greasy...and fragrance free. I would recommend this cream and would definitely use it again.”

– Joanne Gibely

Significant Difference in My Skin. Feels Softer and Looks Great.

“Being a very fair-skinned person with sensitive skin and living in South Florida for 40 years, I have constantly had skin issues. Hives, rashes, ingrown hairs, acne, porokeratosis, actinic keratosis, skin growths and even squamous cell carcinoma. I have tried several products, prescription and non-prescription, suggested by dermatologists. These products were very expensive, and yielded no results. My acupuncturist suggested Emily's products. Being leery of course, I thought I would try yet another product. After a few months, I noticed a significant difference in my skin. It wasn't near as agitated and feels softer and looks great. It is now part of my daily regiment. I would highly recommend Emily's products.”

– Kym P.

Nothing Helped Daughter's Eczema for 14 Years but Emily Helps Tremendously

“I can not begin to explain my happiness in discovering Emily's cream. The other day, I went into Whole Foods and asked someone for a cream for my daughters' skin. For the past 14 years we have tried everything to bring her some relief. Many things were prescription (steroids, which I hated to use) and many over-the -counter creams, and none of them helped at all. Not only did they not help, her skin could not seem to tolerate any of the creams we tried. They either stung terribly or made her itchier. So I have constantly been on the lookout for new things to try, but to no avail. Just a few nights before finding Emily's, my daughter was explaining that if there was just someone who understood how hard it was to deal with eczema, maybe that person would be able to help her skin issues. When I went into Whole Foods with my request, the woman brought me Emily's cream and explained that it was made by a father whose own daughter suffered from eczema. This seemed to be a sign!! Emily's cream not only doesn't sting or irritate her skin, but it relieves the dryness and helps calm her skin down tremendously. The more we use it, the better it gets. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ”

– Sara F.

Severe Eczema from Unhealed Bug Bites: "Emily works much better than any other creams I've used."

“I have rather severe eczema patches on my arms that were caused by insect bites that never quite healed. Dry weather also triggers my eczema. I tried both the original soother and the super dry and they have helped to alleviate the severity of the eczema. My skin is much smoother after a few weeks of daily use and I'm confident the soothers will heal the patches completely soon. Emily works much better than any other creams I've used, including those with hydrocortisone. My toddler has a rash on his belly that the Diaper Plus has also helped tremendously. Thank you Emily Skin soothers! ”

– E.T.

Emily Liquid Soap Shines Diamonds Too!!

“Being in a retail store, I love opening products and trying them out. When we first received the Emily products in store, we opened the Lavender Skin Soother and I became hooked! I now have a jar at home by my bed and a jar by my desk at work.

Recently we ran out of hand soap in our store bathroom so I opened a bottle of Emily's Liquid Soap to replace the empty bottle. Not only did my hands feel clean and soft, my diamond engagement and wedding rings sparkled as if they were professionally cleaned! At first I thought that maybe my rings were just dirty after working in the store basement, but after washing my hands a few more times, I realized it was the Emily's Liquid Soap! Now whenever I wash my hands, I cant help but smile when I look down and know that not only my hands are clean, my so are my rings! Its also nice to know that I can keep my jewelry clean and sparkly without using harsh chemicals.”

– Sarah L., Manager/Buyer at Hip Baby Gear

Hand Eczema: Normal Skin for the First Time in Years

“I purchased Emily Skin Soother to use on my son who is 12 years old and has had problems with ecezma on his hands for years. We have tried numerous prescription medications with only slight improvement. After using Emily Skin Soother for only 1 week the ecezma on his hands greatly improved. After several weeks we are seeing normal skin for the first time in years and the spots that we have been treating no longer itch him. I was so impressed with the results that I started putting some on my feet to soften the rough spots, this product has really made a difference.”

– Anne Marie Amello

Itchy Baby Able to Sleep with Relief from Emily's

“I heard about your skin soother product through my child's daycare when they observed that we have had much difficulty with my daughter being uncomfortable because she was itching so much. Based on their own personal experiences, they recommended that I try the product and gave me the website. I ordered it right away and have been completely satisfied! My daughter has eczema and several seasonal allergies as well as unidentified allergies that cause her to itch around her neck, legs, arms and torso (poor thing). Since she was a baby, I have been through my fair share of Eucerin and Cetaphil. Nothing works like Emily Skin Soothers to ease her discomfort. We have suffered through many sleepless nights and nothing has given her relief until now. Thanks for ending the suffering!! I even use it for skin issues caused by my thyroid disorder. I OWE YOU!!!”

– Kimberly F.

Amazing Results After 2 Years of Hand Dermatitis and Many Failed Treatments

“I have been going to doctors for 2 years to treat dermatitis on my hands (sometimes had bandaids on every finger) My acupuncturist suggested your skin soother and it honestly began to work overnight! Two weeks later, I have one small patch that is almost gone....truly amazing!”

– Cheryl Perrino.

Parents Nearly Forget Baby Even Had Eczema After Using Emily Products

“My baby boy had eczema and I tried everything to clear it up. Finally I just decided that we just needed to wait for Alex to outgrow it (like the pediatrician said) and I tried to keep it under control somewhat. Then we had his 6 months pictures taken and my husband took one to work for his desk. A very sweet coworker remarked how cute Alex was and asked if he had just had spaghetti. Ok, it was time to try something new! I found Emily on a What To Expect message board and emailed the company to ask a few questions. Mike the founder actually emailed me back that afternoon! Now months later I am a believer and have passed the Emily site along to 2 other new mothers. I meant to email Mike back sooner to let him know about our success but it is truly a case of out of sight, out of mind! Emily Skin Soothers cleared up my son's eczema in a week and it has been gone for so long now that I forgot about it. It is truly amazing and I wish I had found out about it sooner! I still put a little on his cheeks every night just in case but the eczema is COMPLETELY gone! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!”

– Dana Z.

Runner Uses Emily to Help With Chafing and Blisters from Training for a Marathon

“I'm running my first marathon this year--the NYC Marathon--as part of the American Cancer Society's DetermiNation Team. Training in the summer is brutal--like running in a sauna. On one of my first training runs on a blistering 90 degree morning, I came back with chafe marks on my arms and legs and blisters on my feet. Before my next run I rubbed down my upper arms, legs and feet with Emily's Skin Soother and lo and behold, problem solved! Slathering myself with Emily's is now part of my training routine.”

– Anne C.

After Several Other OTC Brands, Amazing Results with Emily

“My son has mild eczema, mostly in his diaper area, inner thighs, and a little on his cheeks and nose. I tried several over-the-counter brands, they would clear it up partially after a few days, but it always came back just as bad and didn't stay gone for long. Someone mentioned to me about Emily Skin Soother and how it had helped one of their friend's children who was using prescription creams for eczema. It was worth a shot, as I had tried everything else. The day I tried it, he had a pretty bad eczema rash on his inner thighs and all in his diaper area. I put some on him at bedtime, woke up the next morning to no bumps, just a little redness. After using it all day, by bedtime it had completely gone away. I'm sure had his eczema rash been worse, it would have taken an extra day or so, but still amazing results! We have another little baby due this January and we plan on using Emily Skin Soother from the start.

Thank you for an amazing product that truely has the most amazing results I've seen!”

– Savannah P.

Unbelievable Results on Acne Scars and Many other Uses

“Not only is this product great for babies but I have had such awesome results from using the cream on my hands, which were a mess because of my constant gardening and hand washing, but I also used it on some acne scars with unbelievable results. I'm 39 and can not believe how incredible your products are...thank you.”

– Kellie C., Early Childhood Educator

Pediatric Nurse Uses Emily on Her Own Child and Recommends it to Others with Eczema

“I have been using Emily's on my son for the last 3 years. He started having exzema as a baby, (mainly patches) and this product was the only thing that would clear his symptoms! Worked better than his prescription.

I have been a pediatric nurse for 20 years. I recommend Emily's to anyone I see struggling with exzema or dry skin.

Wonderful! Thank you!”

– T.N., Registered Nurse

Super Dry Helps Night Time Dryness of Psoriasis

“Psoriasis... flaking is my condition. My father suffered from this, but his was only on his hands. Mine is a patch on my face. It gets worse and larger with stress. I keep the Emily Super Dry at my bed. It sooths me during the night when my skin dries.”

– Jan Anderson

Cracked Bleeding Nipples Remarkably Better After Diaper Plus: New Mother Able to Return to Breast Feeding

“I am a nursing mother and for the first 10 weeks of breast feeding I was in excruciating pain every time I nursed my daughter. My skin was raw, red, cracked, and bleeding. I had tried everything to heal my skin. I used specially compounded prescription ointment, a vinegar wash, prescription strength cortisone cream, consulted two doctors and a lactation consultant, and was even treated for thrush. Nothing worked and my condition kept getting worse. The pain was so great that, much to my disappointment, I thought I was going to have to give up nursing.
My lactation consultant recommended that I try using Emily Diaper Skin Soother Plus to see if by chance it would be the magic bullet I needed. I decided to give it a try thinking that it would have the same result as all the other treatments.
To my great astonishment, after only two days of using Emily's Diaper Skin Soother Plus, my skin was remarkably better! I was a light pink color compared to the bright, raw red from before and the cracks were beginning to heal. After just one week of using the product I was able to nurse pain free and my skin had returned to its normal, healthy color. I could not believe it! Nursing had turned from a dreaded, painful experience to one of bonding and calm. I can now give my daughter the nutrients she needs as a result of Emily Diaper Skin Soother Plus and I will be forever grateful for that gift! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product that is all natural, safe, and effective. ”

– Holly B., Elementary Teacher

Instant relief!! Amazing!!

“I discovered Emily's Skin Soother (the original formula) when my son was about a year old. (He is 5 now) He suffered from eczema and really irritable skin. He found instant relief! After about a week of using it daily his eczema was gone and his skin was clear from any irritations. YAY!
We love the bar soap but then the Emily's liquid soap was introduced and we now use both (I use it for shampoo and as a shaving cream). We just had another baby (7 months old) he has wonderful skin, but we still use the Emily's soap on him because I know it is pure and can feel good about using it.
We were so happy when the cloth diaper friendly diaper balm was introduced, after 7 months of cloth diapering our newest addition, any sign of redness we apply Emily's diaper balm, the redness is gone by the next diaper change, amazing!! ”

– Jennie Cudmore, Mom

Hand Eczema – Has Never Felt Better

“I was ready to give up on trying to find the best skin soother for my extremely dry hands. I felt so uncomfortable, especially during the winter when they would crack and bleed. Not to mention, the eczema was itchy and unsightly. I heard about Emily Skin Soothers so I thought I would give it a try. Immediately after I used it, my hands already felt better. I could finally make a fist without feeling like my skin was stretched to the max. I was already seeing my eczema subside. Today, my hands have never felt better. I don't go a day without using my Emily Skin Soothers.”

– Jessica S., Undergrad Student

Head to Toe Eczema Gone. "Thrilled with the Results"!!

“I was horrified when my 5 month old's beautiful skin broke out from head to toe with eczema. I was even more horrified when he was put on two different steroid creams. After doing research I came upon Emily's Skin Soother. I started using the skin soother, diaper rash soother, and liquid soap on him. He has not had a bad flare up since (it's been 3 months). I am able to rest assured that what I put on his little body is natural and gentle. I am thrilled with the results and will continue to use the product on my son!”

– Danelle K.

Emily Bar Soap and Miraculous, Life Changing Results

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“Hi, All

I have been using Emily Skin Soothers Bar Soap for about six months now and it is such a relief to be able to take a shower or wash my face with a bar of soap in my hand. I had had a trigger from an unknown substance where other soaps felt like firecrackers going off in my hand and my skin all over was bright red and itchy. I was desperate to find a remedy and the local allergist could not help either. So I went to Native Sun Health Foods in Jacksonville and the herbalist there said to try Emily Skin Soothers bar soap. And what a miracle. I have no feeling (like a tingle when it starts) that I will have another attack as long as I keep using this soap and have ordered ten more bars. Thank you, Mike, you have changed my life!!”

–Jean Bourns

Cradle Cap Better in 4 Days with Soap and Soother

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“I just wanted to let you know that I found a new use for ur products! My son had cradle cap so I would put emily skin soothers in lavender on, comb his scalp and then rinse the flakes with emily skin soothers soap. After about 4 treatments his scalp was back to normal. I tried using baby oil first as directed but it did not help, it just left my baby's hair very oily :( Thank you for helping us out again!”

–Jessica Hessel Ronan

Soothes Itchy Rash on Torso from Hep A

“I got Hepatitis A in China last year. One of the less annoying, but still uncomfortable symptoms is a skin rash around the torso. It comes and goes every other month or so. The rash is on the surface with bumps, but no open sores. I've tried everything over the last year -- olive oil, creams, lotions and nothing relieves the itch around the waist -- until I broke out my jar of Emily's for Baby & Adult Skin. I had brought it with me to China and only found it again recently. I applied it to the affected area and the itch is soothed so I'm not driven crazy while at work. And there is no smell or stickiness or discoloration of my clothes after application. Now this round of rash-around-the-waist is nearly over. Thanks again for making a wonderful product.”

–Jessica S.

Effect on Baby Acne and Sensitive Skin Seen in One Day

(From a post on Emily Skin Soother's Facebook Page.)

“Thank you so much for the list of stores in new jersey. I know I will be stopping at one of them once i run out! You guys should be in babies r us because youre the only product that actually works and is safe! I found you guys while reading an article on babycenter.com. The article explained how cosmetic products are not regulated and listed the website cosmeticdatabase.com. I could not believe that all the products I was using (and was raised on) were listed a 5 out of 10 on the hazardous scale. I was so angry when I learned that the products that claim they are safe could potentionally cause harm to my newborn. That's when I looked at the list of products listed at a 0 out of 10 on the hazardous scale, found you guys and saw great reviews. I am so glad I ordered your soap, lotion and diaper rash cream. The lotion worked on my son in one use. He had bad baby acne (caused by having sensitive skin) that was drying up and flaking. After the first use his skin was no longer dry and that baby acne was not nearly as red. My husband even commented when he got home from work that day that our son looked cuter than the day before! Every other baby product that I tried on his skin just irritated it even more. So thank you for making a healthy product that really works! ”

–Jessica Hessel Ronan

Many Uses for the Whole Family

“I use emily skin soothers for mainly for my daughter. however, my husband & i have been using it as well for chapped fingertips. My daughter Kaylee is 6 years old, and since she was an infant, has had moderate eczema. While she has outgrown the severity of eczema, she still has very dry skin, and if not moisturized properly, she tends to itch it raw. Emily is part of her morning, mid-day and nightly routine. It is used now mostly on her lower area of her legs & ankles, however it is always used on various spots of her body whereever flare ups occur, like her lower back, face, etc. We rely on Emily to help keep the irritation at bay, and to lock her moisture on her skin. We will continue to use it because of its natural & safe ingredients, and because of the care & love of the product, thanks to Mike & Emily. Kaylee uses the Super Dry & the Diaper Skin Soother.

For myself, I have suffered from eczema on my fingertips due to acrylic nails, and even when I do not have acrylics on, my fingertips are still so dry due to constant handwashing. Emily tends to keep my fingertips soothed. My husband uses it for the same purpose. We use the Diaper Skin Soother.

I hope anyone interested in the product will give it a try. It has many uses, and it's great to take with you where ever you go ( just don't leave it in the car or anyplace hot ! )

Thanks Mike !

A loyal & happy Emily customer for many years ! ”

–Rachel Guler - super mom of 3

Fabulous Results on Dry, Flaking, Itchy Eyelids

“My daughter has very sensitive skin and had eczema as an infant, she is 7 now. She had been suffering with very dry and flaking eyelids that would at times be very itchy. Her eyelids would have a crusty appreance near her lashes and no amount of washing helped. My esthetician had recommended that I try Emily soap and Emily Skin Soothers. I was concerned to try any product so close to her eyes but really needed to find something to help her. I tried both and have found them to be fabulous! I love that there is no fragrance and they are all natural. She has started using the skin soother on her entire face not just her eyelids and I have even started using it on myself. Thank you for the Emily products!”

–A. Forester

Acupuncturist Gets Rid of 'Sandpaper Hands' After Use of Super Dry

“Hi Mike! I thought you might find this story of interest. As you will recall I was going to make the 45 minute trip down to Great Barrington to buy my sister-in-law the Super Dry for her hands. Well, when I got there they had a tester open so I tried in on my sand papery dry hands, bought the product and went on my way.... By the time I got home that day, my hands were nice and soft, no longer like sand paper. So my sister-in-law will have to wait until I get another Super Dry for her. I am using it on my hands and arms, and really like the way it moisturizes! At this time of year its hard to keep the moisture in my hands with all the hand washing that I do at work, so I am really impressed with your product! Way to go Emily!!!”

–Marion Bergan Irwin, Licensed Acupuncturist

Huge Difference in 5 Month Old's Dry, Red, Itchy Skin

“My 5 month old son had very dry skin. His face would get very dry, red and itchy. He also had redness behind both knees. He had very dry bumps all over his body. I had tried various types of creams/powders and nothing seemed to help. I started using emily baby & adult skin soother several times a day on his skin and I noticed a huge difference. The redness disappeared and he doesn't scratch at it as much. His skin is much smoother. I am so happy to find an all natural product that works so well on babies. Thank you so much!”

–Stephanie U.

Acupuncturist Uses Emily on her Son and Patients for Eczema and Psoriasis

“I have used the baby and adult skin soother on my 4 year old son for several years. He used to get dry scaly patches that the pediatrician called eczema, even though they were not itchy. The skin soother cleared them up quickly. Then, last year, he went through a phase when he was licking his bottom lip and just underneath it constantly-- a nervous habit. The skin under his lip and into his chin was getting very red and chapped and sore. I was actually amazed at how quickly the skin soother helped that. It would often clear it up in a single night if I slathered it on right before sleep. He called calls it his "special lotion." It works much better than chapstick and vaseline (not to mention less goopy!) and doesn't burn like some other lotions.
I also have a patient with severe psoriasis. She is using the super dry soother and is thrilled with the results. She said that she first applies it and then rubs it off... it helps smooth off the flakes. Then she reapplies and leaves it on. She is amazed at how much smoother the patches are. And the itching is much less.”

–Robin Chapman, Licensed Acupuncturist

Persistent Itching in the Nursing Home – Emily to the Rescue

“I have to let you know that I brought the jar of emily skin soother in to the nursing home that my mother is in to see if it would help with her persistant itching. We had tried EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mother is almost 89 years old and has Alzheimer's type dementia. Her skin is most probably itchy due to her poor renal functioning, the time she spends in bed and her overall agitation and resistance to consistent physical care. Within this past week her itching has dramatically decreased and the rash that she had on the top of her back has disappeared! We are all very happy with emily!”

–Deb K.

Within several days, our son's skin improved dramatically..

“Our son was diagnosed with eczema in October of 2009 when he was 5 months old. We were concerned with what that would mean for our little one: does it hurt, does it itch, will he grow out of it? We followed our doctor's advice and immediately cut out all scented skin care products and started using gentle, unscented soap and lotion exclusively. His skin was still red and irritated and we were becoming frustrated. My mother heard about Emily's Skin Soothers from a colleague at work whose daughter had used the products and had amazing results. We ordered a kit of the unscented products online that included the bar soap, liquid soap and soother. We ditched the drugstore products and began using Emily's at each bath and the soother at least twice a day. We immediately noticed a difference between Emily's products and the other lotions we'd tried: Emily's products had a natural fragrance (my husband compares it to a HealthFood store), a little bit of the soap (liquid and bar) goes a long way, and the Skin Soother went on more like a balm and slowly absorbed into our son's skin- protecting it from further dryness. Within several days, our son's skin improved dramatically and continued to improve over the next couple of weeks! We applied it everywhere: his face, under his chin, legs, tummy, back, etc... Our son is 15 months old now and Emily's continues to be part of our daily routine. His skin is beautiful, just like a child's skin should be! We feel good as parents knowing the products we use on our child are the absolute gentlest and safest available. We also have experienced excellent customer service. We place all of our orders online and had a concern once about an order. Mike Arsenault contacted us personally to make sure everything was OK! The quality, safety and effectiveness of Emily's Skin Soothers will keep our business for many years to come. Thank you!”

–Robin H.

Natural Products Professional is a Fan and Recommends Emily Across Country

“Having worked in the field of nutrition as well as in the natural products industry for years, I was hard pressed to find a product to recommend for eczema and other skin irritations that seemed to be plaguing children and adults. I had researched what things could be done through nutrition to calm the skin over time, but there was nothing topical that seemed to work. I started to hear rave reviews of Emily products from colleagues and clients and recommended them to two friends of mine with small children, experiencing terrible eczema. I got calls from them both within days saying that all of the rough patches were nearly gone or completely gone and that their kids were soft as could be. Not only that, but one child was scarred from previous eczema flare-ups and the formula lessened the scars greatly after just a couple days of use. Since hearing this, I confidently recommend Emily products as I travel the country, for anyone suffering with any skin conditions. I'm a fan of the Lavender Soother for my hands, knees, elbows, sun damage, and anything else that may be dry or irritated. Smells beautiful and works like nothing else! Thanks Mike and Emily for creating products that provide such relief for so many! ”

–Kristin J., Nutritional Consultant/Educator

Red Bottom Healed by the Next Morning

“i just wanted to say how happy i am with the diaper skin soother. when i do have to use disposables for car trips - she always ends up with a red bottom, with the soother it's healed by the next morning. now i use it regularly as a preventative with my cloth diapers & it's great that it doesn't effect the absorbency of the cloth diapers either.

it works great on mom too - i had a red itchy patch on my leg & rubbed some on & the itch & redness disappeared.

i was so happy with it i bought the liquid soap, which keeps my 8 week olds skin baby soft.

thanks for great natural products!”

–A'ishah Cook - Mom!!

Diaper Plus Works for Terrible Red Rash on 5 Months Old's Neck

“My poor 5 month old has had a terrible red rash on her neck since she was a couple of months old. I knew that it was not just irritation because it had a yeasty smell to it. I tried this new Emily's diaper skin soother (the orignial Emily's has always worked for me on other rashes so I already loved the brand), putting it on her after a bath for a few nights. In that short amount of time it cleared up the redness. Even though it is called "diaper" it is certainly useful for other areas! Thanks Mike for making this product! I am a true "Emily's" believer!”

–Jen D, Mother

Diaper Skin Soother Plus a Miracle for Red, Painful Fissures on Hands and Feet

(Translated from Spanish. Any errors in translation are our own)

“I am 59 years old and nine months ago I started having a problem with my skin. My hands and feet got very dry with a lot of itchiness and redness. Immediately I went to a skin specialist and they started treatment for palmar/plantar psoriasis. They did a biopsy and started treatment with cortisone creams and moisturizers. Nothing worked and as time passed more fissures and sores opened up on my hands and feet to the point that I became invalid: I couldn't walk because of the pain. My legs got swollen so I looked for professional help and once again more diagnostic work was done with various different diagnosis given. One said it was palmar/plantar atopic dermatitis, another dermatologist said it was eczema. Nothing or nobody could help or give me even a slight improvement, so I became very depressed.

But, I discovered the Emily products and I started to use them (Diaper Skin Soother Plus and Liquid Soap Soother). After only 3 days I only had 2 fissures on my right foot, I can walk and don't feel pain, the itchiness has gone down by 50% and my hands are almost completely healed. I only know that this is a miracle of God and I recommend Emily's products for whatever problems of the skin. May God bless this man so that he continues to discover remedies like these for the good of humanity.”

–Dinorah Brache, Lic.Humanidades

Super Dry a Minor Miracle for Severe Psoriasis: “...it has made a huge difference in my life!”

“I am writing to tell you of my experience with one of your products, Emily's Super Dry skin cream.
I have been dealing with severe psoriasis for 2 years. I went to see my dermatologist who confirmed the diagnosis, and he started by treating me with a mild medication that had no effect. Then he prescribed another medication that was much stronger, so much so that I could only use it for a month at a time and then had to take a break. I had to wrap my legs in saran wrap after applying the medication to make sure that it took effect. Then a coworker introduced me to Emily's Super Dry cream, which she got from her acupuncturist, who also happens to be the one who developed this product. I "lubed up" every day for 2 weeks when I realized that the psoriasis wasn't only looking better, but was less itchy, uncomfortable and unsightly. It was a minor miracle ! I continue to use this cream, and for the first time in a couple of summers, I can wear sandals without the embarrassing patches on my feet. Thank you so much for your wonderful product, it has made a huge difference in my life !”

–C.A., Corporate employee

3 Year Old With Extremely Sensitive Skin Rarely Gets Rashes Now

“My 3 year old son, Jaxon, has numerous allergies and extremely sensitive skin. He cannot use any products that contain fragrance, dyes, or chemicals on his skin, which is how I came across all natural Emily products. His skin used to constantly break out in rashes and blisters and he would pick and scratch at his skin, leaving it bleeding and raw. I have been using the Emily Unscented Skin Soother on his skin every day for almost a year. Now, he rarely breaks out with a rash or blisters. Recently, Mike asked me to sample the new Diaper Skin Soother Plus. When Jaxon broke out with a rash on his groin area last week, I used the Diaper Skin Soother and by the next day it was almost completely gone. The Skin Soother is wonderful for keeping his skin soft and clear and the Diaper Skin Soother helped to clear up a break out within a matter of a day. Thank you Mike for making these amazing skin care products, we never leave home without our jar of Emily!”

–Michelle P.

Diaper Skin Soother Plus for Adult Eczema in Warm Damp Areas

“My eczema has been at various times mild to severe. Emily Skin Soothers has been a tremendous help in keeping the dryness at bay, and I use it as an overall moisturizer after my bath or shower, applying it while skin is still damp. It relieves the scaliness and itching. The new formula (Diaper Skin Soother Plus) is especially good for warm damp areas, keeping perspiration from irritating inflamed skin. The two products together make it possible for me to cope with my eczema!”


Better Results After 1 Week of Emily Than 1 Month of Steroids

“Back in March I developed a rash on both of my legs from my ankles to my knees. I went to a dermatologist and was prescribe a steroid cream. After one month of using the steroid cream my legs has not improved very much plus it was getting real dry from the steroid cream. I bought the Emily Oil for the eczema on my face several months back and decided to give it a try on my legs since it worked so well for my face. I wasn't expecting anything because the skin on legs are thicker than the face. Within a week of using the Emily Oil my legs has cleared up 95%. Right now when I feel a flare up start I would put the Emily Oil on and it would calm my skin within a day or two. I am very happy to have accidentally stumble across this product at my local Health Food Store.”

–D.D., Electronics Engineer

Diaper Plus Great Results with Recurring Adult Yeast

“I have been struggling for almost a year with a recurring yeast infection/irritation. I have taken Diflucan pills and used creams; however, the yeast irritation would never completely go away. I tried adjusting my diet to eliminate sugars and wheat products but that proved to be difficult at times. I have extremely dry skin and use the mildest products for my clothes and for showering. Mike suggested that I try Diaper Skin Soother Plus because of its calming effects. I have been using it for approximately 6 weeks with great results and no side effects. I immediately got relief and continued to use it everyday for about a week. Now I use it at the first sign of an irritation and can unequivocably say that this product has done a remarkable job at calming this irritation and making me a lot more comfortable.”
Thank you, Mike!!

–Charlotte P.

Diaper Soother 'Amazing' on Red, Raw Rash

“My 14 month old daughter developed a fungal rash in the diaper area. My pediatrician told me to try a few different kinds of diaper rash creams. A month went by and her rash was still red and raw. The pediatrician then told me to try gynolotrim which is an adult yeast infection cream. I decided I did not want to use that on my 14 month old. I told Mike from Emily Skin's Soothers about it and he told me to try the new Diaper Skin Soother. So I did. The fungal and rash was gone in two days and the redness was gone after 4 days. The Diaper Skin Soother was amazing! We will be using this for any and all diaper rash issues that may come up.”

– Pam (Waltham, MA)

Eczema for Many Years... Emily Helps a Great Deal

“I have dealt with eczema on and off for many years. A while ago my mother told me about a product that was featured in her local paper. After going online and reading about it, I decided to try "Emily's" skin soother. Boy was I pleasantly suprised! It really is soothing and helps the dryness a great deal . Even though I still have eczema flare-ups chronically Emily's skin soother gets me through the cycle more comfortably. These products ( unlike the others I tried) are chemical free which is not only good for me but also the environment. Just started using the liquid soap soother and love it. Thank you Mike! Linda P.”

– Linda P.

Emily Products Used in Acupuncture School Clinics and Recommended by Acupuncturists

“During my time as an acupuncture student, I came across a new product in our school clinic, which was, Emily Skin Soother. I was impressed by the simple, beautiful, and gentle ingredients of the formula and was looking forward to introducing this to patients in need. In particularly, my pediatric patients. My 5-year-old patient would come in with bright red, itchy eczema-like patches on her delicate skin- her mother had tried many different products with little to no results. I suggested Emily's and one week later at the next appointment, her skin had significantly improved and in the following weeks, there were no further signs of irritation! Now as a Licensed Acupuncturist, I will confidently continue to suggest this product in my practice.”

– Paola Begley, L. Ac

Emily Products Made the Patch Disappear. We Are Amazed!!

“I have two small children, under 4, with eczema. My husband and I have never had eczema so trying to learn about it and find the right products has been a challenge. My daughter's is on the top of her hand and has always been difficult to manage because of all the exposure it gets to the environment, food, paints, Play-doh, etc. Emily Skin Soother really has done wonders for helping us to better manage her breakouts. We use the Liquid Soap Soother to wash her hands, the Emily bar soap in the tub, and the Skin Soother after every hand wash and bath. It really has made such a big difference for her poor little hand. We take it with us everywhere we go so she never has to use regular soap.

My son's eczema began on his shin. A very large patch that was extremely dry. Emily Skin Soother and the bar soap have made the patch disappear all together. We are just amazed!! He recently just developed a very large area of eczema on his back, which must be so itchy and uncomfortable. I am looking forward to the Skin Soother helping that to disappear as well. We can't thank you enough.

My only request would be to make larger tubs of the Skin Soothers. We're going through them so fast in this household.

Thank you for making such an effective and safe product!”

– K.A.

Advance Praise for Diaper Skin Soother

(Here is a testimonial we received from one of the moms testing our soon-to-be-released Diaper Skin Soother. We hope it works as well for your little one.)

“OK, I am a believer... As a foster mom to over 60 babies, I have used every product on the market and all of the home remedies for diaper rash... Now that I have my own son, I was distressed to find that nothing I was using was working on a nasty rash he had... I tried everything, including switching to cloth diapers, and not only was it not getting better, some things were making it worse!

Poor little guy would literally claw at himself every time I changed his diaper... My husband brought home the new diaper rash cream, as we have been Emily fans for a long time, and I used it, though I admit I did not have much hope....

24 hours later and it is gone. Just gone. After the first application, I thought it looked better, and even more so after the next, but this AM when I changed his diaper, the skin was healed and just slightly pink.

AND, for the first time in two weeks, he did not scratch.... I am amazed, and so very grateful. I cannot imagine using anything else again, I am thrilled something NATURAL did what nothing else I tried could...

THANK YOU, Charity and baby Max....”

– Charity B., Foster Mom

Allergist Recommended – Eczema Symptoms 10-Fold Improvement

“After one year of constant itching, rashes and terrible discomfort, a very intelligent allergist determined I have a strange eczema with perhaps some allergic components. When asked what soap I was using I named about three that were "non-fragrance", non-soap, you name it- he suggested Emily soaps and skin soothers. I can honestly say that my symptoms have improved 10-fold with these products. You actually feel clean but not "dried" out like I did with all the other soaps. The liquid soap is fantastic and makes it easy to reach your back!!
Great products!!”

– Joanne H.

3 Month Old's Skin Has Gone From Leather-Skin to "Baby Soft"

“My daughter suffered from eczema as a baby and toddler. I tried everything I could get my hands on to treat her itchy, irritated skin. Some things worked fairly, most not at all. My grandson has inherited our family's eczema. I feel so fortunate to have found your product, Unscented Skin Soother. His 3 month old skin has gone from "rashy", leather-skin, to now feeling "baby soft", as a baby's skin should feel. I also purchased the soap for both of my grandsons to use. I cannot thank you enough. ”

–Terry S.

Long Journey with Rosacea Finally Over

“I have had rosy checks my entire life (40 years). It was a very intense redness flecked with tiny broken blood vessels. It was annoying but I coped with it, masking it with make-up. When it became very intensely painful, I sought a resolution.
Every doctor I saw diagnosed it as Rosacea and put me through the traditional treatments for Rosecea with absolutely no improvement. Thanks to my own research, I traced the cause of the pain and redness to a food allergy (gluten) and food sensistivies (too many to list).
I worked with a dietician to learn how to eat avoiding those trigger foods. That solved the pain, but nothing reduced the inflamation and redness on my cheeks. Then I tried Emily Skin Smoothers after my friend told me that this product helped her infant son's ezcema. I am very happy to report that using this product, in conjuction with my new diet, the redness in my face is finally diminishing...the flecks of tiny broken blood vessels have even healed and disappeared!! I have tried so many products on the market and this is the first one that has helped!!
Every morning I look in the mirror and marvel at the progress!! It has been a very long journey for me and this is finally the missing piece I've been searching for!! ”

–Kim R.

Emily Helps A Doggie's Hotspots Too

“My Australian Shepard has a tendency to getting hot spots on her back/rear when she gets a little stressed. (ie. the site of a suit case) I've tried many creams & salves & they work.. when she doesn't lick them off. It's so difficult to get her to leave the spot alone so it will heal. I put some Emily's Skin Soother on it, (the lavendar scented one) and since she didn't like the smell she stopped licking it. Emily's worked great in 2 days she was completely healed. I didn't even have to cut the hair around it, so she doesn't have a bald spot for weeks. Last time it cost $100.00 at the vet for a 5 minute visit. Thank you, I would highly recommend Emily's to anyone. It's safe enough for a dog to ingest in case they do tend to lick a lot.”

–Cathy Margolin, L.Ac., Dipl. of OM

Liquid Soap Helps After 50 Years of Redness and Rashes

“Dear Mike,
Thanks for developing the Liquid Soap product. Over the past 50 years I have been to Allergists and Dermatologists with no results. Your product being pure and simple is the only product that has cleared my skin and scalp (since I use it as a shampoo as well) of rashes and redness. It is the only body wash/shampoo that does not cause my skin to get red, itchy, or get hives. Finally some relief! Thanks again to you and your love for Emily!”

–Laura Y., IT Consultant

Scales and Itchiness of Psoriasis Greatly Reduced

“I have had psoriasis for over 15 years, calculated by my dermatologist to effect up to 20% of my body. I have tried all of the expensive creams/ointments prescribed by my dermatologist with only minimal effect. I started using Emily's Unscented Baby & Adult Skin Soother. This product has worked well on the scales and reddened areas. It has gotten rid of the scales and greatly reduced the reddened areas. It has also eliminated the itchiness. As Emily's products are all natural, I feel this is a much safer alternative to the biologics (which is the only other treatment that I haven't tried). I have recently started using Emily's Liquid Soap Soother which I love. As well as using it in the shower I have started putting some of the Liquid Soap in my jacuzzi which I find keeps my skin from drying out and leaves it soft. Are you planning any new products? How about shampoo??? Keep up the good work Mike!”

–Pat Marcoccio, RN

After Trying Many Other Products–Emily is Priceless

“Before using Emily Skin Soothers, the eczema on many areas of my body would become dry and scaly, causing the skin to crack, bleed and become very painful. After using this wonderful product, my skin no longer dries out and the process of healing proceeds much faster. My comfort level has increased significantly.

Other products I've tried include every kind of “anti-itch” cream, as well as every kind of natural and organic product the health food store could suggest. Emily Skin Soothers have proven much more effective — and much cheaper, though it's value to me is priceless. I'm so glad I tried it!!!”

–Pam Katz

Remarkable Improvement on the Appearance and Feel of My Skin (Acne)

“First of all, it is without hesitation, that I am submitting this testimonial after using your products for about seven months. Frustrated from relentless breakouts, I finally sought the professional opinions from several different dermatologists in my area. They said I might have anything from Rosacea to possible cystic acne. I am in my late 30's and now, of all times, the acne decides to pop up. Needless to say, I purchased about $80 worth of recommended facial products from one of my dermatologists. The products did give some temporary relief to the heat and redness that I experienced on my cheeks, but didn't give me the results I had hoped for. The redness, irritation, and bumps were there the next day; the following week; and into the months. Finally, my dad told me about your products. I was impressed with the number of ingredients that were in your product and by the fact that I could actually pronounce all of them. I ordered the bar soap and the Lavender Emily skin soother ointment. Upon the first 3 applications of the bar soap and skin soother, I noticed a remarkable improvement on the appearance and feel of my skin. The redness and irritation that was so noticeable had almost subsided. I am not saying that you're your products “cured” my acne, but that they helped to reduce the redness and irritation that I have been experiencing for over a year now. I will continue to order and use you're your products. I am sold on them. Not only am I impressed with the results they offer, but also by the fact that they are not tested on animals. You have an impeccable customer service and ease of ordering process. The fact that you sent me such a nice letter with my very first order says a lot about how you genuinely care for your customers. Thank you so much for your time and your research that you have put into your products. Keep up the excellent work as so many of us need your products.
Thanks again. ”

–Becca in Alabama

Mom Writes, "Thank You for Making Emily Skin Soothers"

“I just wanted to say, "Thank you for making Emily Skin Soothers!" My mom bought us some at Christmas because our son (8mon at the time) has very sensitive skin and develops red bumpy patches under his chin (from drooling). After just a couple days his skin had cleared dramatically. His elbows are finally smooth again- after being dry and patchy since almost birth. It is an amazing product! I feel so comfortable using it on my son since it contains no harsh chemicals. I even use it on myself, especially my hands! I've told our pediatrician about the product and she wants me to bring it in so she can recommend it to other patients. Thanks again!”

–Heather P.

Emily Skin Soother really works

“My baby developed a skin rash at 3 months old. Dr. said it was baby eczema. She gave a prescription. It seemed to work but just temporarliy. Before I knew the dryness returned. Her skin started cracking and bleeding and always getting these dry patches; the poor baby is constantly scratching her skin even after I have applied 6x per day every type of baby skin care cream, vaseline, etc. So after 2 months of torture, I read on a discussion board that a mom used Emily Skin Soother on her baby and it worked for her baby. I went to their site and read all of the testimonials and at this point I already spent over $100 on baby skin care products including organic ones, I figure another $30 more was not going to kill me. I bought the soap and the skin soother and followed the enclosed directions. After one application, you can instantly feel the difference. After a few days of use you can see the difference. The cracked bleeding areas are really starting to heal themselves with the use of this product. I used it on myself and I love the way it makes my skin feel. It's a miracle. Thank you to the creators of this product. I will continue to purchase and use nothing else.”

–Found online at the review site SustainLane.

Wow! 5 Year Old's Skin Clear in Just 2 Days

“Wow! My 5 yr old son has had itchy red rashes all winter and we've already spent a fortune on drug store sensitive skin creams, anti-itch lotions, oatmeal baths, etc. - but nothing helped much. And he'd scream and run when we tried to put anything on because a lot of it stings. FINALLY, we read about Emily's in the Parent's Paper and after just 2 days his skin is clear! We are so happy with your product. Thank you, thank you!”

Becky S.
Newton, MA

'Scarred-For-Life' to Beautiful Skin

“Thanks Mike,

I wish that I had taken a picture of my grand-daughter's face before we used your product. It looked as though it was scarred for life, but after Emily skin soother, it is so beautiful. I thank God for blessing you, Mike, to make this blessed discovery.

Jada Simone's body showed signs of skin irritation around 4 months. First there were fine scaly patches on her arms, legs, and face. As she grew in months, these patches got worse and would bleed. This caused my daughter and I to take baby Jada to her pediatrician which yield very little positive results, and later a visit to the dermatologist, which yielded little to no results. We were told that Jada would have this condition for the rest of her life and that there was no cure for it. (I have a cousin who's married to a lady which has a severe case of eczema that left her entire body covered with skin like an alligator.) I became determined to research and find something that could keep Jada Simone's skin from getting to this type of condition. Ananiah Grace, Jada's older sister, showed signs of eczema early on but we just thought that she'd have to live with it. Moisturizing her skin seemed to help some. But when we discovered you, Mike and your Emily Skin Soothers, there was a skin altering result for her. Now, moisturizing her skin with the Emily skin soothers keeps it looking beautiful.

Little Jada now has an elbow and lower right leg with a patch of skin irritation. I have confidence that your skin soother will help this. You know, the doctor's tried several different ointments which did absolutely nothing; and they even told us that Jada would have this for the rest of her life. But, I say again, "Thanks be to God for you!"”

Clara Hall, Alternative School Instructor, Grandmother, and Emily Skin Believer

Emily's Soap for the "Itchies" and Shaving Too

“I have been using Emily's soap for only a week and already I am feeling a difference in the itchy condition of my latest episode with eczema. Sometimes at night the "itchies" wake me out of a sound sleep and none of my prescribed medications seem to bring relief when that happens. What I discovered, however, is getting relief by wetting a bar of Emily's soap and rubbing it against my skin to work up a thick lather and then rinsing it with a damp soft cloth. Even though my experience using the soap is limited, I have used it enough to recognize it as a quality product.

By the way, I've also discovered that Emily's soap makes an excellent shaving "cream" !”

Dick Babb

Nurse Reports Emily Helps Soothe a Burn Too

“I recently burned my forearm on a very hot iron. After the first 24 hours I tried using aloe on my burned skin. It became very dry and flaky. I had some Emily cream in my medicine cabinet for my grandsons eczema. I thought I would try it on my burn. To my surprise my skin improved overnight. It was moist, no flakiness, and the redness almost gone. Not only did it feel good, but it looked wonderful with minimal scarring. It is now over 1 & 1/2 weeks since the burn and I do not believe there will be any scarring. I thought aloe was a miracle cream but now I am convinced that “Emily” Skin Soothers' cream is the best!!!!”

Ruth Elio, RN

Raised, Red, Itchy Rash Gone in 1 Week-Very Much Pleased

“Generalized, raised, red itchy rash–scattered over general area-no results with cortisone or (...big brand name allergy) creams-After about 1 week using Emily rash either almost or completely gone-very much pleased. Highly recommend it. ”

Sally Woodward, Retired

Super-Dry Prevents Chapped Nose After Nasty Cold

“Emily and I had a bad cold a few weeks ago and it seemed we were blowing our noses every two minutes. Usually when that happens my nose ends up raw and chapped for days afterwords. This time I applied the new Super-Dry Soother a few times a day around my nose. It smelled great and felt good and the chapped nose never occurred. What a huge relief. Hope it helps you with your winter skin issues too.”

Mike Arsenault, Founder and Dad
Emily Skin Soothers, Inc

Exactly What My Elbows Needed

   (a review of the new Super-Dry Soother)

“This is a truly fantastic product. Just like Mike's daughter, I too had terrible eczema as a baby, and dry skin ever since. This product is a god-send. While other organic moisturizers work for most of my body, my elbows and the back of my arms (just below the triceps) are always red and itchy. I can honestly say that this is the first product I have ever tried that shuts off that itch almost immediately. Not to mention it smells like a spring garden. :) Oh — did I mention it is organic and vegan-friendly? Keep up the great work Mike!”

Adam W.

Emily Helps Nurse Avoid Steroids for Her Baby

“My daughter was diagnosed with "baby eczema" when she was six months old. The doctor recommended an over-the-counter cream to start with and said the next step would be a steroid. Being a Registered Nurse, it was my goal to avoid steroids for as long as possible! I tried the OTC cream but wasn't really seeing much improvement. My grandma saw a segment on the national news about your product and suggested it to me. I was a bit reluctant at first, because you can't always tell when ordering a product from the internet, but I decided to give it a try anyway. I was FLOORED! The Emily Skin Soother made a difference after about a week of application. And I loved the way it absorbed quickly and wasn't greasy, like the OTC cream I had tried. Her eczema cleared up quickly. I was having trouble getting rid of her cradle cap however, and decided to try the soap also. Once again, I was not disappointed! Using the cream and the soap together have kept her skin clear, soft, and smooth. I tested this theory recently as well. We ran out of the soap and cream and were using regular baby soap/lotion. It took less than a week to notice her skin is getting dry and patchy in places again. Time to re-order! And thanks for creating a product like this that I feel good about using and know that it really does work for our little girl.”

Alana A., R.N.

Life Changing Improvements in Severe, Oozing, Itchy Eczema

“My 6 1/2 year old has been suffering from severe, oozing, itchy eczema since the day he was born. We have tried may other creams, ointments and many, many prescription medications with little to no relief. We have now been using your products, both the salve and soap, for about a year and have seen such incredible improvements! Thanks so much for sharing this with us - it has been life changing for my son and I am so appreciative!”

Rebecca W.

Mystery Rash on Neck Cured After 5 Months of Itching

“Mr. Arsenault,
First of all, I want to thank you. I'm extremely amazed and happy to experience how fast Emily Skin Soother worked. I honestly started thinking that the Rash would never go away....I'm for ever grateful. Around March I begin experiencing a rash in my neck (right and left) At first I thought it was a regular rash and that it would go away. Two, three, four months went by and it wasn't just still there but getting worse. It was itching and the small rash kept getting bigger. I tried Cortizone prescribe by my doctor and even though the itch would stop for a few minutes it would then begin again and the redness would not go away. Another month went by and nothing. I was getting really worried to the point I stopped using necklaces, perfume around my neck, change Shampoo & conditioners, soaps, etc... as I did not know what was causing it and still nothing. After 5 months I was introduced to the Emily skin soother. I have to say that it stopped the itching immediately and after using it for just a couple of days you can being seeing the rash and redness fade away. In matter of a week (if not less) Emily Skin Soother worked wonders, worked what other products promise to do and didn't. It was just wonderful — I couldn't believe how fast it worked and that it actually cured it. I'm still surprise by it. Thank you again” -

Bethzy Sanders, Director of Customer Care

Itching Quiet After 7 Years and Many Failed Treatments

“I am thrilled to tell you how very pleased we are with Emily Skin Soother! Our 7-year-old son, Aidan, has had eczema since birth. We have tried every (and I do mean EVERY) pharmaceutical, homeopathic, herbal and anecdotal remedy on the planet. Some would help a bit, but none would completely clear up the itchy, scaly, inflamed and red skin he has suffered with for so long. Even the heavy-duty steroidal crèmes and $200-per-tube ‘new’ drugs prescribed by his dermatologist had little effect. Aidan (and the rest of our family of 5) has endured many a sleepless night due to being awakened by all the scratching. As a result, he has been treated for numerous skin infections.

When I heard about Emily Skin Soothers during the health segment of our local news broadcast, I placed an order. When it arrived, Aidan said “Oh, great…another cream that won’t work.” I’m happy to report that after three days of using Emily, we saw a distinct improvement in his skin. Two weeks later, he has NOT A TRACE of eczema symptoms. His skin is clear, soft and (best of all) not itchy!!!

We’re so grateful to have found your product, and are glad to support a family-run business. We’re aware that there is no “cure” for eczema, but, as long as there is Emily Skin Soother, Aidan is as good as cured. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!”

-- Cheri Faso-Olf

P.S. Emily clears up the stubborn dry skin on elbows in a FLASH!

...Still Doing Well 1 Year Later

“Hi Mike!

I just wanted to send along a quick update and let you know that Aidan is now 8, and still doing GREAT using Emily! We actually had an unplanned 'test' of its effectiveness this summer. We went away for a week, and forgot our jars of Emily at home. Within 4 days, the itchy, red, scaly patches started to appear on Aidan's inner elbows and thighs again. Once home, we resumed the daily application of Emily, and the patches were gone in 3 days... Any doubts that it was the Emily which kept his eczema at bay were quickly gone from our minds!

Since we first tried Emily over a year ago, I have sent dozens of people to buy it. Not a single one has been disappointed. In fact, all have reported tremendous success. (This comes as no surprise to me, of course, Emily's biggest fan! :)

Great to see your www.myskinbetter.com website. We'll be sure to tell our friends and family.

Warm regards, Cheri Olf”

Eczema on My Hands–Emily's Worked Overnight!

“I've been using your Emily's Skin Smoothing cream ever since my associate offered it to me a couple of months ago for my eczema on my hands. I was nervous to put oil on my eczema and expected to be disappointed since I've tried everything for 14 years. I did have a great result for 5 years with acupuncture but never a cream, lotion, or cortisone product other than itch relief. To my amazement it worked overnight! After a few very light applications it's completely healed the skin on my hands. I haven't had to use it on my hands since! I also have used it on another skin issue I've had literally ALL my life, 46 years on the inside of my legs. I use Emily's cream regularly for this area. It certainly helps to clear up that area as well. I continue to use it and am amazed at how little I have to apply. Thank you so much for this great product!”

Lynne Marchetti, Licensed Massage Therapist & C.M.T, JSJ, RYSE, AP.P

Amanda Does A Happy Dance for Our Soap

“I am a preschool teacher and wash my hands up to 20-30 times a day. When I started using the Emily Soap my hands would not crack open in the winter due to cold weather and hand washing. My almost 9 year old daughter has had baby eczema all her life. We tried many different products, been to many different dermatologist and had only a quick fix. Emilys soap keeps her face clear and smooth. She looked like she had been sucking on a pacificer. Many doctors insisted she was licking her lips. We watched her all the time and she was not. She is so happy to get her Emily soap she did a happy dance. Thank you, ”

Judy Durbin (Teacher) and my daughter Amanda

Atopic Eczema—The Red Sore Blotches Have Disappeared

“My little girl Sophie, 13 months old, suffers from atopic eczema on her whole body but mainly on her hands and face. I have tried all the prescription creams from the doctor, none of which have worked. The last straw for me was when Sophie really suffered with poor skin on her 1st birthday, she was so miserable with her red weeping hands and red lumpy face. It was so bad I could've cried for her. In my frustration I turned to the internet yet again but this time I came across the "Emily's skin range. The cream etc sounded amazing and so natural so I ordered a pot to try. I was so pleased with the results I have now ordered another 5 pots to be shipped to me in England. I want the security of having plenty of cream so I don't run out. My little girl's skin is so much better in just 2 weeks and seems to get better by the day. She always has the dryness on her skin but the fact that the red sore blotches have disappeared is fabulous. At $14 what a small price to pay for beautiful itch free skin. Thank you so much "Emily's" / Mike.”

Emma Hayter, England

Emily and Grandma to the Rescue-Amazing

“My grandson had eczema and was getting worse, nothing before Emily was effective at treating the red dry patches on his skin. After treating him with the Emily products his "patches" were clearing up within 1 week, and within a month are gone, amazing, nothing else worked in such a short time. Emily's has cleared it up.”

Bonnie K.

Extremely Bad Eczema... My Prayers Were Answered

“Emily Skin Soothers is fantastic! Before I used this product, my eczema was extremely bad. My arms & hands were very swollen, red, itchy, and seemed like there was no hope in sight, not even while using the cream the doctor prescribed. After using the Emily Skin Soothers, my skin cleared up very fast and the itching stopped after I applied it. I really feel my prayers were answered. Thank you so much for all the time and work you put into making this product. I am sure it will work for others as it has for me.”

Sharon Smith

Severe Dermatitis – "Before Emily it Hurt to Walk"

“Before using Emily Skin Soothers my hands and feet were so broke out with dermatitis, I was ashamed for anyone to see them. I had been using a steroid for years before finding Emily Skin Soothers. I was using a 50g tube every month to keep my dermatitis under control. It would never clear up and my feet just keep getting worse all the time. My mother introduced me to Emily. I was skeptical at first. By the end of the first month-there was noticeable improvement in my hands. My feet were worse and they took about 4 months for me to see they were healing. I have not used any steroids for either my hands or feet for 5 months now.

Emily Skin Soothers have been the best thing I have ever found. As I said, my feet were so broke out before using Emily that it would hurt to walk on them-but since they have been clearing up-now that I found Emily Skin Soothers-my feet don't hurt at all to walk on anymore. I don't have the breakouts that I used to have. Because of using the steroids for so long, my skin is really thin on my feet and hands. I have noticed my hands are much better and the skin doesn't appear to be so thin anymore. My feet are improving a lot also. The skin is still thin but is much better than they were. Thank you so much for Emily Skin Soothers.”

B.P. , Certified Registered Dental Assistant

A Case of Eczema Gone Bad

“My problem began with poison ivy. I've had several severe cases in the past couple of years but in November 2006 things changed. After ridding myself of the poison ivy and undergoing tests for allergies, I was diagnosed with what my dermatologist calls "a case of eczema gone bad". Nothing seemed to clear it up or heal it. My brother had heard the story of Emily and told me I should check into it. In September 2007 I ordered both the skin soother and soap and have been using it ever since. After trying several other things I am finally seeing great results. My legs are showing signs of clearing up and healing. I'm very happy with both products and will continue to use them. I would recommend anyone with these severe skin problems to try Emily's.”

Tina /Ypsilanti, MI

A Product Worthy of Blessings

“Your product is the BEST! I use this on my 3 year old and her skin have cleared up. I am going to use Emily Skin Soothers on myself as well. I suffer with eczema and have since I was a child. I am 40 years old now. Thanks for making such a natural product that really works.
May Yahweh bless you and your business.”

Shalom, Monica D. Person

Baby Acne and Eczema Soothed in 2 Brothers

“We had been to the doctor many many many times with our baby who had "baby acne." After his 1st birthday, we went to a dermatologist that tried 4 or 5 different creams to put on his face and nothing seemed to help-one even had a "Black Box" warning on it!! My mother saw a story on Emily Skin Soothers on the local news and told me about it. My husband and I both decided that nothing else had worked so let's try it. Within 2 days, his "Baby Acne" was completely gone on his face and has not returned!
Our five year old also has eczema. We've tried the over the counter creams for eczema and nothing seems to work. The only thing they do for him is burn!! We've tried just regular lotions and he screams and says they burn. We didn't know what to do for him until we found Emily Skin Soothers!! Now when we put it on him, he doesn't scream or cry. If he's been in the bathtub too long and his eczema is burning when he gets out, once we put Emily Skin Soothers on, he tells us it feels much better!! We are forever a Emily Skin Soothers loyal customer!!!”

-- Jana Kazmierczak, Travel Agent / Mother of 2

Toddler Says, "I Like This."

“My two year old daughter has been suffering from dry eczema since she was three months old. She would scratch day and night, and the itchiness seemed to make her so irritable. People would look at her and say "poor thing.” It broke my heart. I sought help from various alternative medicine practitioners, and there was some improvement , but I needed help to keep her skin moisturized and reduce the redness and itchiness. I tried many, many products with limited success. Some products were good for itching, but not good as a moisturizer. Others were good moisturizers but not effective for itching. I was about to give up until someone recommended Emily Skin Soothers to me. When I put the cream on her body for the first time, she said “I like this!!” I almost fainted since she would always scream when I put other creams on her. It has been approximately one month since I started using it, and I would say that her eczema has improved about 75%, which is huge!! Her skin is not perfect, but she is calmer and sleeping better. When she wakes up, she now screams for me to put on the cream. If she’s impressed, I’m impressed. Thank you so much for your product and also your kind, prompt responses to my questions.”

--B.Y., Therapist

Able to Quit Expensive Medications with Emily

“Just wanted to let you know that my husband's doctor and home health nurse told him Monday how much better his skin was looking. He has psoriasis (severe case) since 2006 from so many MRI's. I spoke to you several months ago and you suggested using the soap on his skin - this we have done and the results has been EXCELLENT. I stopped using the two types of medications prescribed to him (the cost was $300 for the ...Ointment and $129 for the .......Ointment) used these meds for over 6 months with NO RESULTS. We have used the Skin Smoothers and Soap for over 9 months and are so thankful for finding your Website. Just ordered another (6) Skin Smoothers and (2) bars of Soap yesterday. We have recommended your Skin Smoothers and Soap to several people. Thanks for your suggestions and the wonderful newsletter.”


Child with History of Eczema & Folliculitis

“Our son Anthony struggled with eczema and folliculitis since the age of about 3 months. We have taken him to doctors for years, including pediatricians and dermatologists. None of the options they gave us worked… steroid creams, various ointments, etc. The only thing that has not only helped, but cured Anthony’s skin conditions is the Emily ointment and Emily soap. We noticed an immediate improvement and after only a couple of applications, his skin was smooth and free of any irritation. I am also now using it on my elbows as a moisturizer. I would recommend these products for anyone who has a skin condition of the same or similar type as Anthony’s.”

--Kerri Floramo

Relief from Psoriasis and Eczema

“I have been living with psoriasis and eczema for the past 10 years or so. In this time I have been under the care of several dermatologists, all who have prescribed a topical steroid solution. To date, no steroid prescription has aided or helped my condition. The most active area of irritation on my body would be my scalp, face and elbows (raised red bumps with white flaking scales).

I have been using Michael Arsenault’s product for a little over a month now. I have had immediate results after just seven days of consistent use of his product. The once most common areas of irritation are now close to being unnoticeable. I virtually have no raised bumps or white flaking scales on my scalp at all. The affected areas on my face have improved dramatically to where the redness is not noticeable and the raised bumps on my elbows are almost gone.

I am truly amazed with my results and could not be happier with this product. I think what I am most happy about is the fact that this product is all natural and contains no steroids.”

-- Sincerely, Michael G.

Itchy, Cracked, Painful Hands from Overuse

“I am a professional cleaner and my hands are constantly abused by harsh rubber gloves. As a result, I come home and experience pain, dryness and itching. It hurt to shake hands. I tried at least a dozen other skin care products and while some were OK, not a single one worked as well as this. It’s magnificent. It puts a nice coating on the hands and there is no more flaking, scaling or cracking. I use it once in the morning and once at night and the problem is solved. I have no discomfort. I suggest to one and all: Stop messing around and start using this. Your hands will thank you.”

-- Michael James Ryan II, Owner, Lucky Clean

Bye Bye Drool Rash

“After trying many, many products to heal the drool rash on my daughter's chin and cheeks, your skin soother cleared it up overnight! For the first time in many months her chin and cheeks are free from the little red bumps!”

-- MMG

Dishydrotic Eczema, New Onset

“Recently I was diagnosed with dishydrotic eczema. I’ve never had anything like it-itching, blistering, cracking, peeling. NOTHING seemed to work-not even the steroid cream prescribed for me. Emily’s cream was recommended-it was soothing on both hands and feet-I loved it! Thank you and thank Emily!”

-- Susan R., Writer and Television Producer

Incredible Improvement after 5 Years of Symptoms

“My son Daniel just turned five years old and he has had skin problems since he was born. Recently on a vacation to Florida, we were watching the news and an interview came on. It was about people with Eczema. My son has battled this since day one and recently it's been horrible. There is a professional term for it, but, it's about 50 letters long. His fingers and toes start to blister and peel kind of like athletes foot and then water blisters form on his hands and feet they itch and bother him so much. Every dermatoligist we see says the same thing, "It can't be cured, but possibly treated". I hate to hear "possibly". So we thought we'd try the Emily. Hey, at this point, I'd try anything! Afer a few weeks of use, the blisters started going away. As long as we continuously apply the Emily, his problem is almost gone. Not 100% but much more bearable! Besides the smell of the orignal, It's incredible! Thank You from a Mother who cares so deeply about her son!”

-- Amber Blackwell

Itchy, Scaly, Red, Peeling Eyelids--No More!

“I recently ordered a jar of your Emily Skin Soother. I had tried several remedies for the itchy, scaly, red, peeling skin on my eyelids which seems to be a problem whenever the weather changes. Though my doctor has given me a prescription for something he claims "will work overnight," I have no need to fill the prescription as your salve worked in about four days. I used the product twice a day, and my eyelids are completely clear and my skin is smooth. Now I use it for everything, from chapped cheeked children to cracked fingertips. Thanks for a great (natural) product!”

-- Kim T.

Aesthetician Recommendation

“As a practicing aesthetician since 1987, I have encountered many clients with moderate to severe dermatitis and eczema. Since Emily’s Skin Soother was introduced I have been referring many clients to the products. The salve leaves the skin well hydrated while also leaving a thin protective barrier from water and chemicals. It is a wonderful alternative to steroid creams commonly prescribed by dermatologists. I am also getting great feedback for common dry skin (eczema) behind the ears and around the eye area. In combination with the soap, many clients are seeing wonderful relief from the dry itchy skin they find is irritated by most bar soaps. I use the salve myself after working all day and constantly disinfecting my hands. It is a great healing product.”

-- Anne Marie Cerundolo, Aesthetician, Annabelle’s Skin Care

Toddler Enjoys Applying Skin Soother

“After seeing a short news segment about Emily Skin Soother, I ordered both the Skin Soother and Soap and sent them to my daughter to use with her son (18 months) who is plagued with Atopic Eczema--apparently an inherited condition as I have fought this off and on for years. Whenever my daughter applied any of the numerous ointments, creams, lotions, etc., prescribed by a pediatric dermatologist, he would kick, scream, cry, and resist in anyway he could to avoid have the product rubbed onto his face. Needless to say, none of the products were very effective in dealing with the recurring eczema. Now, with Emily Skin Soother, not only has there been a remarkable improvement in his skin but my daughter has to hide the container because he is constantly trying to get it himself and rub it on his face by the fistful!! Thank you for going public with this product.”

-- Joyce R.

Dry Patches in Winter

“I have eczema along with extremely dry skin during the winter. I always seem to have very dry patches here and there. I’ve tried all sorts of creams, including prescribed ones (that include steroids). Nothing seemed to keep it away for long. The olive oil eczema salve really seems to clear up the dryness. I like the fact that it is an all natural product. The scent is pleasant and the fact the salve worked made it worth the buy. I would recommend this to anyone.”

-- Alison, Loan Servicer

Feedback from a Skin Care Professional

“I am using the Emily Soap and have noticed that my skin is noticeably less dry than when I have used mass marketed brands ….The tight dry feeling in my skin has been relieved from using the Emily soap with every shower.

I also gave the Emily Skin Soother to my grandson and it cleared up the abrasions on his hands and took away the redness in a couple of days.

The products are wonderful for clearing up redness and irritated sensitive skin and I really like that they are fragrance free.”

-- Ellen McMillan, Aesthetician and Spa Therapist, Beautiful You Organic Skin Care

Scaly, Cracked, Dry Hands

“Working and treating patients in a transitional care unit is part of my job. As a result I am constantly washing my hands. Both hands are very dry and scaly, especially the palms-fingertips. Three were cracked and open. After using this product for one week I was delighted with the results. They were absolutely smooth-no peeling skin-no cracks, and I certainly have tried many skin lotions in the past. But none equaled the excellent results I received from this product.”

-- Jane Meehan, Registered Nurse

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