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Chai Your Space Candles - Cinnamon Vanilla Chai Latte

Chai Your Space Candles - Cinnamon Vanilla Chai Latte

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Cinnamon Vanilla Chai Latte: Chai Your Space to experience the warm, delicious scents of cinnamon, vanilla and chai. Burn it on cold days or weekends when you want to relax with the comfy and warm scents of a delicious chai latte. We made it as a gift for our teen daughter who loves chai. Everyone who smells it falls in love with this candle. The cinnamon has gives off a warming lift, the vanilla yummy comfort and the chai makes everyone say "yum"! Want to warm up and relax? Chai Your Space.

Our Sage Your Space candles are made with environmentally friendly sox wax which burns more slowly and with less soot than typical parrafin candles. We also use a slow burning wick, so our big 7.5oz candles should burn between 50-60 hours!



Soy wax, chai latte fragrance, cotton wick

How to Use

Light, relax, enjoy. Never burn a candle unattended. We want you alive to burn more candles. Check with a vet before using scented products around pets. Pets have sensitive sniffers.

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