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(Empty) Lip Balm or Travel-Size Jar (.5 oz.)

(Empty) Lip Balm or Travel-Size Jar (.5 oz.)

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Now you can enjoy your favorite Emily product as a lip balm and/or anywhere you go. We are making these empty .5 oz. jars available to you to make carrying the Emily products with you more convenient. This .5 oz. jar is one quarter the size of our normal 2 oz. jars and very easy to carry. Scoop a little of your favorite Emily product in and you are now ready to go.

Your favorite skin soother is already better than any lip balm. Why? Because they are all simple, clean and most importantly, powered by herbs. Like all good lip balms, our soothers are made with beeswax, which is healing, antiseptic and creates a lovely protective coat. Then we use olive oil (in Unscented and Lavender) or sunflower oil (in Super Dry and Diaper Plus) which are great for skin. Finally, we cook in pounds and pounds of skin soothing herbs.

All of the herbs in our products are ones that are used in internal formulas and you already know how they work externally. With the herbs cooked in, you'll find our products are simpler than and more effective than most any lip balm on the market.

These jars are small and easy to carry but also good for the environment. They are heat resistant and dishwasher safe so you can use them over and over. When you are done with them, they are recyclable.
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