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Sage Your Space Candles - Sage and Blue Spruce

Sage Your Space Candles - Sage and Blue Spruce

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Light our winter edition candle to experience the scent of walking in a snow covered, winter forest. Smell the crisp, clean, evergreen scented air. Your mind is sharp and clear and you feel present in nature. Blue Spruce has hints of cypress, cedar, mint and eucalyptus for a complex, bright and refreshing scent. We add our Sage base to make it slightly sweet and even more relaxing. Want to enjoy the smell of Winter? Burn this candle.

Our Sage Your Space candles are made with environmentally friendly sox wax which burns more slowly and with less soot than typical parrafin candles. We also use a slow burning wick, so our big 7.5 oz candles should burn between 50-60 hours!



Soy wax, sage and blue spruce fragrances, cotton wick

How to Use

Light, relax, enjoy. Never burn a candle unattended. We want you alive to burn more candles. Check with a vet before using scented products around pets. Pets have sensitive sniffers.

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