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Skin Soothing Bar Soap

Skin Soothing Bar Soap

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Soap is incredibly important for people with sensitive skin. We formulated this soap to be gentle and much less drying than standard soaps. It was meant to pair with our salves. This skin soothing soap contains shea butter, saponified olive, avocado, and coconut oils and is powered by 3 Chinese herbs (the same herbs as in our Baby and Adult Skin Soother). NO colors, fragrances or anything else added. It has a gentle, pleasant scent from the natural ingredients but no scents or fragrances were added. It is also one of very few bar soaps that is Palm Oil Free and Orangutan Friendly. To learn about why we divested from all palm oil use please check out this LINK 



Saponified olive, avocado and coconut oils, shea butter, angelica sinensis (Dang Gui), Potentillae Chinensis Herb (Bei Zi Cao) and Mentha Haplocalyx Herb (Bo He / Mint)

What It Is For

This skin soothing soap was formulated to be gentle and less drying for any type of dry and sensitive skin condition. It is much less drying than most and it is powered by skin soothing herbs. Think of it for baby eczema, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, sensitive skin, rosacea and much more.

Special Notes / How to Use:

Lather up and enjoy!! 

For people with sensitive skin conditions we recommend you wash in warm rather than hot water and for a shorter duration. Longer, hot showers are wonderful but they will strip your natural oils and make your skin even drier. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sara McNulty

I purchased this soap originally because my doctor recommended it to help with my humidity induced eczema on my arms. I now use it as my only face and body soap. My kids use it as well. It is gentle, smells great and doesn't leave a weird film like so many soaps do. I love it.

Leigh Rollins

I'm on my third bar of soap! I bought the first bar at my acupuncturist's office when I was having a flare-up of roscecea because my normal cleanser made my skin feel like it was on fire. What a pleasure it was to feel so soothed! As a bonus, the excema on my hands also calmed down.

Madeline Yee

As someone who has suffered from eczema and psoriasis for 10+ years, this is the best soap ever. I use it for everything (body, face, hands), I even replaced my shampoo with it! You don't even have to compensate, because it smells pretty neutral and has no after wash fragrance. If you don't like the bar, just use the liquid version! So grateful for this product <3

Tracy Welch

I recently bought this soap at our local natural food store. I have perioral dermatitis and recently had a bad flare up on my face. I could only use water on my face and I just did not feel clean. I was so happy to find your soap! It has really helped calm down the redness and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. Thank you for this product!

Natasha Murphy

My son has extremely bad eczema. I ordered my first bar of soap last week and my son hasn't cried or complained about bath time since using this soap. He usually cries and screams during his bath but his usually red skin even lightened right up after i got him out of the tub. I think it's worth the money! Made his skin look and feel better along with the skin soothers i use after every bath. It lathered nicely and he even admitted he felt better. This is unusual for him. I seriously suggest using all the emilys products. I have went through many brands and products trying to help my son and this stuff is amazing!!